Item #: SCP-3173

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3173 is to be contained in its cell through out the day and is to have its actions constantly monitored by two or more members of staff at all times along with multiple security cameras and if any unnatural activity is observed security is to be immediately alerted. When SCP-3173 is being transported across the site SCP-3173 is to be gagged and blindfold at all times and a total of four armed guards are too surround the entity in a prisoner diamond until it has reached its destination minor use of brute force is allowed as SCP-3173 is known for its aggressive nature when it is forced to do something it does not wish to do. SCP-3173 is never to be listened to with intent as this can cause the influence therefore two members of staff are to constantly observe and keep a close eye on one another when working near SCP-3173.

Description: SCP-3173 is a humanoid entity with the appearance of the average man standing at 6,6 feet tall and weighing 83 kg although it appears human in appearance SCP-3173 does not function like the normal human male. SCP-3173 has never been shown to need food,water or sleep and seems to spend most of its day sitting at its desk staring at the wall in a dormant state of mind but due to its sometimes aggressive manner we have not be able to preform any mental test on SCP-3173

SCP-3173 is extremely intelligent and is capable of speaking and understanding every known language and has superior knowledge of nearly all things even other SCPs but its main item of focus is the book of revelations which he has displayed full knowledge of in some cases reciting the book on multiple occasion it also has superior knowledge of Satan and forms of worship even claiming he has the tongue of Satan himself. The manipulation skills of SCP-3173 can be extremely lethal to anyone who is left unattended with SCP-3172 current incidents involve the suicide of a Dr ████ ███ during and interview after he was convinced to deactivate the audio of the security camera and override the door lock and was soon manipulated into suicide the remaining audio and video was removed and concealed for future study. SCP-3172 is also known to be talented in chemistry, this was discovered during the discovery and capture of SCP-3173 at its lair in █████████, Israel where is was found to own a tremendous amount of chemicals and toxins which were immediately confiscated and examined.

SCP-3173 is to always be approached calmly and no sudden movement is permitted as this can lead to aggressive backlash from SCP-3173 who has an extremely volatile nature and is known to attack if provoked or forced to do something it does not want to do. But SCP-3173 is also known to have a docile manner to it too mainly during interviews or attempts of manipulation and mainly speaks in a very formal manor but mainly is quiet through out the day.

Addendum A-1: SCP-3173's first interaction with a researcher since its transport to the facility on the 12/4/14

Interviewed: SCP-3173
Interviewer: Dr ███
Foreword: SCP-3173 during a small amount of questioning as it is sealed in a observed and contained environment Dr ███ sits one side of the table and SCP-3173 is handcuffed on the other side

Dr ███:"We are just going to ask some basic questions and we just ask for a simple answer"
SCP-3173:"Be done with it"