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Item #: SCP-3332


SCP-3332 inside containment

Object Class: Euclid Keter, decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3332 must be kept in a room no smaller than 20m x 20m x 20m constructed of any high quality acid resistant material. The room is to completely sterilized before introducing the SCP to the cell and must be inspected weekly to ensure sterilization. If any form of life is found inside of the cell appropriate eradication methods are to be used.

Personnel are not allowed inside SCP-3332's cell without level 3 or higher clearance. Those who enter cannot have eaten within 2 hours before entering cell and no more then 5 people are allowed writhing SCP-3332's cell at any given time. Personnel who are below a level 3 clearance (likely janitorial crew/ D-Class subjects) must be accompanied by at least 3 security personnel.

Any signs of acid erosion in SCP-3332's containment cell should be told to Foundation staff immediately. If the damage is to severe then the SCP must be relocated to a new cell fitting the above requirements. If damage is within manageable requirements then SCP-3332's cell is to be cooled to below -400 degrees via liquid nitrogen and personnel wearing proper attire may enter to repair the damage. (Above specifications are no longer in use, as of currently see Addendum 3332-E and below)

Currently SCP-3332 and the abandoned sector it resides in should be completely locked off from the rest of the facility. Due to current circumstances no personnel are allowed inside the abandoned sector, and only personnel of level 4 clearance or higher can authorize any action involving SCP-3332.

Description: SCP-3332 is an anomalous creature consisting of a as of her unidentifiable slime like substance, as well as traces of chlorine, radon, and mercury. The SCP typically stands at about 6.2 feet and 174-180lbs, typically light blue in color and semi transparent. SCP maintains the shape of a female humanoid but has no specific features such as eyes, mouth, ears, or any organs at all. SCP-3332 is capable to altering its form to certain extents such as changing its color, splitting itself into multiple copies of itself, and changing the density of its body. If SCP-3332 remains in one place long enough, the surface it is in contact with will begin to erode, due to its extremely high pH level (above that of battery acid). Range of degradation varies on substance. SCP-3332 is capable of expelling the various hazardous materials in a gaseous form.

SCP-3332 was created by Dr. Zobrist (level 4 clearance) (currently in custody) (released) during a research experiment funded by [REDACTED] which aimed to prove that life started spontaneously by creati new life from scratch. Dr. Zobrists stored 160lbs worth of slime mixed with a certain ratio of elements, gases, liquids etc that would have been present during earth about 4.5-3 billion years ago. The 'prototype earth' over time was set to change environmental conditions to see when exactly life might have started. About [REDACTED] years into the experiment which would simulate roughly 1.5 billions years in earths history, the slime showed signs of life and was dubbed SCP-3332.

Dr. Zobrist proceeded with the experiment until the 'prototype earth' exhibit reached a to the current geology of earth, complete with increased smog and radiation levels over time. Once the industrial revolution began SCP-3332 changed again. Going from a pH of 6.2 to a pH of -1 (since battery acid is 0 but SCP-3332 has a even lower pH) and the SCP soon began destroying its habitat. SCP-3332 was relocated to a containment cell of above specifications where it first began showing signs of intelligent thought. SCP-3332 was able to pinpoint structural flaws in its initial containment, given SCP learned to expect certain human behaviors. SCP-3332 eventually changed its base form into that of the human female listed above.

at this time SCP-3332 is not listed as sentient SCP-3332 is sentient. When the SCP was exposed to various stimuli such a puzzles or presented with a problem that needed solving such as mouse trapped in a jar, SCP-3332 very easily solved these problems. When tested with an IQ test SCP-3332 scored 210. It is currently unknown how the SCP 'learns' without any organs whatsoever. SCP-3332 has also proven to be capable of feeling 'hunger' as has shown complex ways of luring prey. 25 D-Class subjects one at a time where placed in the SCP's cell. Each time the SCP would change color to blend into the background, after a period of time the SCP would transform into an item, generally food and tends to appear where D-Class hadn't looked previously. When the D-Class came within close distance to the SCP it would revert to base form and grab the subject and attempt to surround the prey in its slime. Once the prey is trapped, it seems impossible to escape and the victim will begin to 'digest' inside of the slime. SCP-3332 during this period will not move even when exposed to another D-Class. Additional tests are needed to understand the SPC's true intelligence.

Addendum 3332-A: SCP-3332 has become less willing to cooperate in experiments, purposely attacking anyone or thing that gets to close, it also seems to know when it is being watched, when subjects were placed behind 1 sided glass, so that the SCP shouldn't be able to see them, SCP-3332's 'head' would follow the movements of the human subjects as they walked.

Addendum 3332-B: SCP-3332 had breached containment further demonstrating its intelligence. The SCP split itself into 3 smaller copies and roamed the facility unnoticed for [REDACTED] hours. SCP-3332 did not seem to know its way around the facility, the SCP's various selves each visited other SCP containment cells, and according to video footage, attempted to to injest SCP [REDACTED]. All 3 where captured by freezing them with liquid hydrogen and returned to their cell. Cause of breach discovered to be a large hole in the door to the cell melted when coming into contact with the SCP.

Addendum 3332-C: SCP-3332's behavior changed. SCP-3332 will actively attempt to lure male subjects by performing lewd behaviors, cause of change isn't known. SCP-3332 has also displayed the ability to speak, usually in its attempts to lure prey. It is unknown if the SCP simply mimics speech it hears from others or if it understand what it is saying. SCP-3332 also seems to be able to distinguish between different individuals, when any Foundation scientist comes into contact with it, the SCP reacts violently. When in contact with D-Class personnel and not when it is 'hungry' the SCP makes no attempt to scare of the intruder.

Dr. Zobrist: their is potential for an interview here.

Addendum 3332-D: With Dr. Zobrist's approval, SCP-3332 was interviewed on [DATA EXPUNGED] after confirming SCP-3332 was capable of free thinking speech.

Addendum 3332-D: SCP-3332 has ceased cooperating with the foundation, going as far to outright attack anything that enters threw the door, with no bias. Attempts to terminate SCP-3332 now priority.

Addendum 3332-E: SCP-3332 has put a halt on all attempt to terminate it. The SCP, continuously pumps out the deadly chemicals and radiation stored in its body, and re supplies itself by absorbing the chemicals use daily to s containment cell. Even personnel equipped with proper hazmat attire are unable to help. The suits don't offer bodily protection from SCP-3332's attacks meaning once the acid breaches the suit, the subject inside is doomed to die. The suits also lower accuracy of security personnel firearms, (which have no effect on the SCP anyway). Updates to the situation will be made as they occur

Addendum 3332-F: SCP-3332's cell, due to week sof disrepair, is below sterilization standards, microorganisms able to tolerate th radiation fuel the SCP's efforts to keep intruders out. The cell itself suffers from extreme acid erosion to the point the sector SCP-3332 is in has been evacuated due to fears of a radiation leak. SCP-3332's intelligence seems to have boosted again as it has realized that its own cell is uninhabitable to humans and now easily breachable and has subsequently split into smaller versions of itself and spread threw the rest of the sector.

Dr. Zobrist: radiation means heat and it's not an easy thing to freeze over. Liquid Hydrogen on the scale that we need it at this point is extremely expensive with only a moderate potential for success. The nuclear option is likely to make matters worse, and it's enter the sector without being attacked. Proposing that we completely seal off and abandon the sector.

Addendum 3332-G: The entire sector where SCP-3332 currently resides has been completely evacuated including of other SCP's. The sector has been sealed off until further notice. SCP-3332 has ceased pumping out harmful substances but the sector is far to contaminated, especially with the lack of ventilation in the sector to cycle out the bad air. Current situation has limited SCP-3332's potential as a glabal threat as it is now isolated but the Foundation does not expect this to last. Eventually the acid of SCP-3332 will wear down the sector.

Addendum 3332-H: Other sentient SCP's seem to be aware to a certain extant of the incident involving 3332. The Foundation worries that 3332 might inspire other SCP's to resist containment. Additionally we are considering using 3332's sector as a termination option to other keter class SCP's. Below is a list of arguments for the approval of such an idea.

1) Radiation levels within the sector are so high that it is speculated that if exposed to it, SCP's with high regenerative properties might develop cancer and eventually die.

2) SCP-3332 as of right now, has no allies among other SCP's and has been noted to have attempted to injest a few. It is possible SCP-3332 could be used to terminate other SCP's.

3) SCP-3332 can be used as a bargaining chip to persuade other SCP's to cooperate with the Foundatiom.

4) Would save millions of dollars

However many staff members listed multiple reasons why using SCP-3332 as a Thaumiel would be to dangerous to consider. Reasons listed below.

1) Most other Keter class SCP's are non sentient and would not be effected when placed with SCP-3332.

2) Most Keter class objects would be to dangerous to move to SCP-3332's sector.

3) The microorganisms existing in SCP-3332's sector from SCP-3332's sector, dubbed SCP-3337 are unknown in their nature and exposing them to other SCP's is to unpredictable

4) Other SCP's that are sentient could potentially use SCP-3332 as a means to further breach containment. SCP-3332 has so far neither confirmed whether it likes or dislikes other SCP's.

Addendum 3332-I: SCP-3332 seems to have figured out how to operate the leftover technology left behind in the sector. Regularly started messaging Foundation staff as well as gaining access to low level documents.

Addendum 3332-J: pieces of SCP-[REDACTED] and SCP-[REDACTED] where placed into the abandoned sector. Monitors placed on the samples to monitor vitals confirmed their termination took place 3 hours after initially being placed in the sector. In roughly the same time span SCP-3332 ceased communications. Likely tech that came into physical contact with the SCP eroded from the acid.

Dr. Zobrist: I think this might be a record for most Addendums in a document. I will go double check that.

Addendum 3332-K: It has been 3 years since SCP-3332 forced the foundation to abandon the sector. Since then, SCP-3332 has not made further communication with the foundation, nor has it attempted to leave the sector it resides in. As such SCP-3332 has been classified as neutralized for the time being, as it presents no threat to the Foundation or the world as a whole. Remaining video and audio equipment in he abandoned sector have failed. With no way to monitor SCP-3332 it has been ruled that no further funding is needed regarding SCP-3332.