Item #: SCP-3347

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3347 is to be contained within a specially outfitted humanoid-containment cell, measuring six (6) meters by eight (8) meters. The walls, floor, and ceiling are vaulted by two (2) inches and the space inbetween is filled with road salt. The cell is offited one cot and rest is left bare. Entering SCP-3347 is prohibited unless authorisation form a level 4-3347 researcher. Interview requests will be approved by no less than two O5 Level foundation member and at least one O5 council member. SCP-3347 is kept at Site-03 in Sector-███

Description: SCP-3347 most often takes the form of a shapeless black cloud of smoke that moves on its own accord. It has been determined to seitent and have a morbid personality with no regard for human life. If able to come into physical contact with a human SCP-3347 will proceed to enter the person via the mouth and assume the role of a parasite. After which the person will assume the personality of SCP-3347. SCP-3347 will take all physical control of the of the body of the person who now will be referred to as SCP-3347-1 and so on even after SCP-3347 has left the body. SCP-3347 is capable of leave the host body if SPC-3347 desires. SCP-3347 has been sighted to kidnap, kill, ████, and torture victims. SPC-3347 has shown to have an aversion to salt and religious pearphilnia of the any christian religion. SCP-3347 seemingly cannot pass through barriers made of salt. In interviews SCP-3347 has stated that it considers itself as male and even stating its name is ██████. SCP-3347-1 keeps the same appearance as before its encounter with SCP-3347 apart from the coloration of the eyes. SCP-3347-1’s eyes are completely void of coloration and are completely black and in . When in a host body or not SCP-3347 has some form of telekinesis but when in a host body SCP-3347 has enhanced strength. SCP-3347 itself cannot be destroyed but the host body will die when SCP-3347 leaves it. The host body can survive extreme damage short beheading or total destruction of the body.

Recovery Log: SCP-3347 was first sighted in Paris, France in a security camera entering a host body in a alley. Was later tailed by Agent ██████ “Orphan” Quinn. The agent tailed SCP-3347 for 2 weeks before discovering its weakness. The agent called in into their superiors. A Dr. Asher oversaw the operation led by Agent ██████ “Orphan” Quinn and Agent ████████ “Grim” Sykes overseeing MTF Sigma-6 Storytellers. The containment team led SCP-3347 into a abandon house and incapacitated it by 3 tranq darts filled with ████████ and a shot from a ██████ taser. SCP-3347 was then transferred to newly built Site-03.

Addendum-01:Interview 1 with SCP-3347 by Dr. Asher, Dated ██/██/████

D-███████ was sedated and carted into SCP-3347 by drone. SCP-3347 was allowed to enter D-███████’s body.
Dr. Asher: So is that you D-███████ or is it SCP-3347?

SCP-3347: (Grables to itself in Latin)
As it is reclining back in its chair.
Dr. Asher: What was that? I can’t hear you.

SCP-3347: (Sighs Heavily) Neither.

Dr. Asher:I’m sorry what was that?

SCP-3347: Ita velut An tu quoque intellege quae dico
(Yeah Like You Would Even Understand What I Am Saying)
Dr. Asher: Utinam me
(Actually I would)

SCP_3347 Is taken back by this and sits upright and smiles.

SCP-3347: I got to say I’m impressed, the only latin I have heard is when people try to exorcise me.

Dr. Asher: Now when you say exorcise you do you mean…

SCP-3347: Oh you know religious fanatics throwing around silly words

Dr. Asher: Does it work?

SCP-3347: What?

Dr. Asher: The exorcism, does it work.

SCP-3347: Well what do you think?

Dr. Asher: Ummm… Yes?

SCP-3347: Of course it does.

Dr. Asher: Is it that easy?

SCP-3347: To bore me Sure.

Dr. Asher: I don’t understand.

SCP-3347: Well if I started yelling at you in a language no one actually speaks wouldn't you get bored?

Dr. Asher: So it doesn’t force you out of your host body?

SCP-3347: What! Hell no bores me out of it, maybe but forces me out? Ha! No.

Dr. Asher: So there is no way to force you out of the host body?

SCP-3347: Bar one you see and you found that one out already.

Dr. Asher: I see…

The interview was cut short by order of 05 command. All further research and interviews must be approved by at least one 05 council member.