SCP-3431 "The Raven"
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SCP-3431 in its containment chamber.

Item #: SCP-3431

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3431 is to be contained in a 10 X 10 meters concrete room with 20-meter high ceiling. At least 2/3 of SCP-3431’s containment chamber must be in complete darkness, the rest of it can be lit with dim light so personnel that are entering the chamber are able to navigate across. If SCP-3431 is showing any signs of being weak or irritated by light or asks to eliminate the light from its containment chamber, any light sources must be completely removed from the chamber and any entering personnel must be provided with night vision cameras. SCP-3431 does not require food or water, but its chamber must be cleaned and checked for structural damage at least once a week. During the chamber cleaning and checking procedure, SCP-3431 is to be placed in additional chamber of a smaller size, but for no longer than 24 hours, otherwise irritation or anger with resulting acts of violence towards personnel may occur. At least two people must enter SCP-3431’s chamber. The Foundation warns any personnel working with SCP-3431 that entering alone and/or without special equipment may result in death.
Due to SCP-3431’s elusive nature and aggressive reaction with fatal results whenever approached for tissue sampling and physiological examination, it is currently impossible to have regular health checks of the entity. As such, corresponding Doctor C. █████ must make contact with SCP-3431 biweekly, ask it about any physical trauma, psychological inconveniences, etc., and provide necessary care to SCP-3431 if allowed by the creature itself.
SCP-3431 did not made any request for entertainment yet and remains dormant approximately 50% of the time.
Due to extremely violent reaction with resulting deaths of personnel and massive structural damage, SCP-3431 should not be allowed into contact with SCP-017, SCP-280 or SCP-023 at any times.
SCP-3431 should be allowed into contact with SCP-049 whenever it request the private meeting with the Doctor and if SCP-049 is available for the interview at that moment.
Due to SCP-3431’s unpredictable and possibly extremely dangerous nature, it cannot not be contained if object status changes into Keter. If such situation appears, SCP-3431 is to be brought to the containment site of SCP-001 and destroyed.

Description: SCP-3431 is an entity of unknown origin that resembles a large bird-like creature which stands on four thin bird-like legs, has a pair of massive heavy wings and has its skull is completely fleshless. SCP-3431 does not seem to have any eyes, brain or other vital organs that are usually located in bird’s skull. The creature’s body is completely covered in a mass of very thin and long feathers that from afar look like fur or hair. Its head is quite small in proportion to the rest of its body, it has long slim beak and seem to lack the lower jaw. SCP-3431’s body size tends to vary from time to time – usually it is about 5 meters tall and 7 meters in length though sometimes its size can increase by 100% or more. Why or how SCP-3431 changes its size is currently unknown but it has been noticed that SCP-3431 tends to grow in size more often whenever placed in dark rooms or at very dark nights if placed under the open sky. SCP-3431 might eat or enter a slumber state somewhat close to sleeping, usually whenever it has nothing else to do. Also, it would seem like the creature does not require food, water, sleep or oxygen to sustain its life, does not get sick, has immunity to radiation and any kind of virus or bacteria that would usually damage any other living organism on Earth, and it has been theorized that SCP-3431 may be immortal. However, few experiments that were conducted on SCP-3431 had shown that the entity has a number of weaknesses, which are listed below.

  • 1) SCP-3431 is extremely vulnerable to light.
  • a. Artificial light seem to damage SCP-3431 at some point. Whenever exposed to bright artificial light the entity at first will become irritated, but the longer it stays in a lit room the more distressed it becomes. After some time SCP-3431 will seek for a hideout in dark corners or, if there are no shadowy places in the room, will try to break through walls and ceiling by hitting them with its head. If there is no escape, SCP-3431 eventually will become unconscious (no methods seem to help awaken the creature, other than placing it into complete darkness where it can recover from light shock).
  • b. Even short exposure to natural light does a lot more damage than artificial light sources. At dusk or dawn SCP-3431 does not seem to take damage from sunlight. Whenever exposed to sun during the day SCP-3431 rapidly becomes extremely weak and begins to shriek in pain. It has been theorized that prolonged exposure to sunlight may kill SCP-3431 (as such, exposing SCP-3431 to natural light for longer than 1 hour is forbidden by corresponding Doctor C. █████ and will be punished!) Recovery from exposure to sunlight takes twice as much time as recovery from exposure to artificial light and causes SCP-3431 to become secluded and unwilling to communicate with anyone approaching it.
  • 2) SCP-3431 is the most comfortable at temperatures between -20 and +10 Celsius. Exposure to extreme temperatures causes SCP-3431 to seek hideout underground or try to flee the uncomfortable area. If there is no way to escape such temperature SCP-3431 will become highly aggressive and dangerous to its surroundings as well as itself.
  • 3) During some of these experiments SCP-3431 seemingly died a few times. It would seem that SCP-3431’s physical body might be destroyed with the help of extreme temperatures, bright artificial light or physical means such as explosives and gunfire. When enough damage is done to SCP-3431’s physical body it will burst in a cloud of feathers (no samples has been collected yet as feathers disappear the moment they are touched) and leave no other remains. After a certain amount of time, usually during new moon or lunar eclipse, SCP-3431 will reappear again in the darkest corner of the room in which it was killed (it would seem that the entity is unable to resurrect far away from the place of its last death). ‘Reborn’ SCP-3431 will remain weak during first █ days, but recovery can be fast-forwarded by eliminating any light sources anywhere near it. After an interview with SCP-3431 that happened after one of its ‘deaths’ Doctor C. █████ has come to a conclusion that sunlight is the only thing that may permanently destroy SCP-3431’s ability to resurrect. It may still be possible for SCP-3431 to come back to life again, but the process after such damaging destruction may take years or even ages to complete. It was decided that SCP-3431’s physical body will not be destroyed again unless this is completely necessary.

This entity seems to have some sort of connection to darkness and shadows and becomes a lot more active during starless nights or full eclipses. During such dark events or while being placed to very dark rooms or exposed to intense shadows SCP-3431 will become partly invisible, gain ability to teleport between two shadowy points and walk through objects but only if they are not exposed to any light source. SCP-3431 is also able to fly at extreme speeds. While flying SCP-3431 tends to release a high-pitched scream from time to time. If heard, this shriek will cause headaches, extreme paranoia, panic attacks and hallucinations about moving shadows and whispering creatures in the dark. These effects can be easily cured if victim is cut from hearing the sound by any means (considering that any personnel being exposed to SCP-3431 are to use protective gear for their ears).
SCP-3431 is extremely intelligent, curious and is capable of speech. It also possesses telepathic abilities of limited range: SCP-3431 usually will read people’s memories and feelings so it can use this gathered knowledge to communicate but most of the times – to manipulate nearby humans and persuade them into doing something useful for SCP-3431 (refer to ‘SCP-3431 incident #001’ for more details). Because of this, any personnel that are redirected to work at or from SCP-3431’s containment site must go under strict psychological examination.
SCP-3431’s voice seem to consist of many human voices that talk in whisper but because of SCP-3431’s elusive nature the Foundation was not yet able to collect any tissue samples or examine the physiology of SCP-3431 beyond its physical appearance, it is currently unknown which part of the body produces the sound. Now it is believed, that the entity creates the voice in the minds of surrounding victims, creating an illusion of it speaking. The creature also refers to itself as we instead of I, considering this as well as many voices, speaking from within the creature, it is believed that SCP-3431 has multiple consciousness or even may be a cluster of souls that have taken the form of crow-like creature, though this theory is yet to be proven.
SCP-3431’s attitude is calm, curious and usually cooperative, even friendly (unless an experiment has been conducted on SCP-3431 recently, which causes it to become uncooperative and secluded for some time), willing to talk and answer any questions. SCP-3431 must be interrogated very carefully since it has been noticed that if angered SCP-3431 will not hesitate to kill the victim immediately with its razor-sharp claws and beak, and then devour the corpse without leaving any trace of the body. It is not known what happens to devoured bodies since SCP-3431 does not seem to leave any kind of biological waste. Suggestions are, devoured bodies cease to exist and their souls join the collective mind of SCP-3431 (some D-class personnel reported hearing familiar voices in the mass of whispers that are produced by SCP-3431 when it tries to communicate via speech).
In most of the times, SCP-3431 will remain dormant in its chamber, and whenever it is active, it will roam around and sometimes try to fly. Whenever personnel are around, SCP-3431 will try to make contact with them, usually by asking various, casual questions. The one that SCP-3431 talks the most is Doctor C. █████ and it has been described by her as ’extremely chatty when in mood’.

Discovery: SCP-3431 has been recovered from the small village of [DATA EXPUNGED] in northern Poland in 20██ on October 7th when the Foundation agents who were trespassing nearby with their mission overheard locals telling stories about a giant crow which brings death on it wings. The legend dates all way back to 15th century when pandemic of bubonic plague or Black Death was present in Europe. The agents investigated and found traces of unknown bird-like creature in the nearby swamps. The local Foundation administrator was contacted and massive hunt for the creature begun. It was captured ██ days later when it flew over the main agents’ camp and landed nearby (further interrogation lead to the assumption that the creature gave itself up to the Foundation by its own will).
Later the entity was given its SCP code number, object class and dislocated to [DATA EXPUNGED] containment site. Because of unprofessional mistakes made by some agents SCP-3431 broke the containment and escaped (refer to ‘SCP-3431 incident #001’ for more detail) in 20██ on November ██th. Its trace was hopelessly lost but then it made an unexpected reappearance and came into contact with Doctor C. █████ after which she, accompanied with a squad of special agents, recovered the creature in [DATA EXPUNGED] at the ruined catholic monastery’s cemetery. Doctor C. █████ was successful at establishing a connection with SCP-3431 and bringing it to the [DATA EXPUNGED] containment site without any accidents, where it resides to this day.

Addendum #1 - SCP-3431 another SCP objects: It seems that SCP-3431 possesses deep hatred towards certain SCPs and attacks them immediately if in at least 100-meter radius from them. These SCPs are: SCP-017, SCP-023 and SCP-280. It is theorized that this must be due to the entity’s deep connection with shadows and darkness so it is possible that SCP-3431 does not tolerate any other entity that exist in what is known as shadow plane. More research must be done to gather more knowledge on the subject but these SCPs must be contained as far away from SCP-3431 as possible at any times. If SCP-3431 makes contact with SCP-017, SCP-023 and SCP-280 personnel must secure the hazardous area and separate conflicting SCPs at any cost (personnel casualties do not matter, loss of any other SCP must be avoided at any cost).
On the other hand, SCP-3431 and SCP-049 seem to like one another. At 20██ March 28th 10:34 PM both SCPs were placed into one containment chamber by number ██████ and has not been separated for over █ hours.

Addendum #2 - Registered events with SCP-3431: SCP-3431 occasionally makes contact with whomever is in at least 100-meter radius around its containment chamber but most frequently it talks to corresponding Doctor C. █████. When asked why it prefers to make contact with her more than with anyone else SCP-3431’s response was simply we like her the most. Doctor C. █████ records all of the interviews with SCP-3431 at all times so that they can be examined later and the Foundation may deepen its understanding of what SCP-3431 is, why it exists, what is its purpose in the world and what kind of connection it shares with SCP-017, SCP-280 , SCP-023 and especially with SCP-049. It is also crucial to know for sure whether SCP-3431 is the only of its kind or are there more like it in the wild.

Addendum #3 - SCP-3431 and possible references in culture: Is not available at the moment. Please contact Doctor C. █████ for more information on the subject.

Addendum #4 - Doctor C. █████'s personal documents on SCP-3431: