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Item #: SCP-3475

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3475 is to be guarded by no fewer than three (3) security officers with level two (2) access. SCP-3475 is to be contained in a six (6) by eight (8) feet (in size) room. SCP -3475 is to be locked bullet-resistant glass cube with two (2) key holes. If for any reason SCP-3475 breaches two (2) security officers are to pick it up and bring it back to its container using the keys to unlock the box. Personnel are advised not to take a picture of another person under any circumstances unless it is approved by a Level four (4) researcher.

Description: SCP-3475 is a camera of unknown era and with no company brand. SCP-3475 was found on the date of ██/██/████ in the house of ██████ ████, the owner of the house has been reported missing for 3 months; after police investigation the SCP Foundation was alerted and MTF