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Item #: SCP-3498

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: It must be in a type of gooey substance and must be kept in frost bite temperatures and must be kept in a type of obsidian iron titanium containment.Must have a diamond gemstone with it so it can be neutral

Description: If the test subject attacks this creature it will attack right back ripping up its victim and destroying it leaving just a puddle of blood. After consuming its victim it will become in a cocoon and will start to glow. After a few Hours it will look different. We found out that it is can change it's DNA. It will kill anything in it sight that does not have human tissue. IT CANNOT BE NEAR ANY TYPE OF SCP OR IT WILL ABSORB ITS DNA. It reacts weirdly with reptile type creatures. If the creature isn't harmed by anything it will play with it then eat it. It can eat materials that isn't iron obsidian and titanium. It seems to like precious gemstones. Certain Gemstones change its mood. Certain SCPs stay away from this. It like lava and water.

More Info: It Evolves, Adapts, Changes, and Devours. As an experiment we put SCP-049 with it to see if it would adsorb it but instead it just played with SCP-049. SCP-049 Gladly played with SCP-3498. The Zombie plague or as known SCP-008 did not affect this creature.

SCP Cross Experiments : This creature inhaled SCP-008 but did not become a type of Zombie. A couple of days later it was in a cocoon. Few days later it evolved into a type of spiky shelled life form that was emitting dangerous gases related to SCP-008 that got out and infected the Scientist and guards. We had to wait for it to change it's DNA. It changed its DNA a month later. Then we were able to cure them

Interviewed: SCP-3498

Interviewer: Dr.████████

Foreword: This creature may have the power to speak since it has a visible mouth


Interviewer: Dr.████████ : "Hello?"

Person: SCP-3498 : "Rawr" [SCP-3498 sits down looking at Dr.████████]

Person: SCP-3498 : [Moves to look at inmate and starts walking and studying the Inmate]

<End Log, [██/██/████]>

Closing Statement: [The experiment went wrong]


Types We discovered that it has many different types of strains

  • Toxic: This type will be able to survive in Radioactive and Toxic areas. It can breath in carbon dioxide | Neutral | It releases Plagues and poisonous gases and it has a concentrated acid barf | It has Spiky Armored Scales with a deep green / Evolution: can become able to release SCP-008 gases Veins of Blood show | Weakness Explosives |
  • Light: This type is if the area is to dark it will illuminate for its friends | Peaceful | It glows like a lamp and like a fire it will attack if forced too. It barfs some-type of fire-liquid that is as strong as acid/ Evolution was found but not seen. Later it will be able to easily live in regions that is as hot as a sun | Weakness Water and Ice|
  • Chaos: This one was a one of it's discover strains we found in its DNA it is Unpredictable. We are trying to get better equipment | Unpredictable | Unknown /Evolved from its aggressive form |
  • Manipulator: This one can manipulate elements and Living Organisms | Territorial | This one manipulate elements and will kill its target with teeth and power / No known evolution so far because none will approach it | It's Threatening body gives off a type of cyan color | [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Armored: This Strain makes its body as strong as a tank| It has lots of stone and metal spikes covering its skin. Like a Rhino it charges at its target|Unpredictable/ [DATA EXPUNGED]|
  • Neutral: Its basic strain and its usual [DATA EXPUNGED] |Neutral | [DATA EXPUNGED]\[DATA EXPUNGED]

- Unfortunately This is all the data we found
-More info will be updated soon

We found over 6 of these SCPs so far.
Dr.████████ and Dr.Wilbert found how to communicate with them

Interviewed: SCP-3498-1

Interviewed: SCP-3498-2
Interviewed: SCP-3498-3
Interviewed: SCP-3498-4
Interviewed: SCP-3498-5
Interviewed: SCP-3498-6
Interviewed: SCP-3498s
Interviewer: Dr.████████
Interviewer: Dr.Wilbert

Foreword: Testing a Experimental translator


Interviewer: Dr.████████ :"Hopefully this works"
Interviewer: Dr.Wilbert: "Yes, Hopefully it does"

Person: SCP-3498-1 : *Questioning* "Rawr"

Person: SCP-3498s : [DATA CORRUPTED]

<End Log, [ 3:00]>

Closing Statement: [The test was a success but it will need to be fixed to understand input]

"It Begins"
Alert This creatures started to rebel against us and not allowing us near them. SCP-3498-3 was found somehow out of containment. It seems like they evolved enough times to start learning. They started to create some resinous slime on the ground covering the cameras and the glass. We don't know what they are doing. We may have to change it to Keter.
Object Class: Keter
The creatures are seen only by a camera. They have been rapidly evolving.
We moved SCP-3498s all into a new containment area
Special Containment Procedures: A large open area with different biomes in it. The temperatures are based on the biomes. under the biomes there is the obsidian iron titanium mixed wall on the floor. The walls are the same like the floor. We have a cave area for putting in the creatures and the cave area is 10 miles into the floor with man-made caverns.
Danger They have seemed to have remade the resinous slime in the cave. We investigated the resinous slime and it seems to be the homes of them. We checked back at the SCP-3498s again and it seems that they will only kill what they need to eat. They would now not kill anything in its sight but it will kill enough that it would not extinct the creatures. When we were releasing a group of animals like pigs, boars, sheep, deer, and cows one of our members were attacked in the old containment area. He became a humanoid reptile lizard that rapidly attacked. His jaw changed and dislocated and relocated into a different position. His teeth became sharp as knives and his skin became scaly with black, red, and blue veins that showed.
It seems that it was in stage 1. We renamed it SCP-3498-1b. Later it changed into stage 2. It had a long, muscular tail and large, curved, oblong head with spikes on its back and on its shoulders. We sent in a class-D inside and it took no hesitation to kill him. It stabbed the Class-D straight in the head with is tail. We fed it daily with animals. As soon as it ate the 50th meal it changed into some-type of cocoon. Then from the cocoon a wurm busted out. It ate its host and devoured it completely. The creature looked like an Xenomorph and a hybrid of [REDACTED]. It seems to then become a type of crawling creature that was single minded diligent and were able to change their genetic code but require biomass to change their code. we found many strains of evolution this wurm was able to evolve to different evolution paths. When ran as much testes as we could.
"We let 6 Class-D get infected for testing then we will release them in the pit"

  1. Test 1: 'Separating the DNA' We separated the DNA in one of them. It became a different evolution path. The Warrior type, We nicknamed this class The Soldier. It was able to spit the resinous slime at its target. The resinous slime was different. It was evolved to trap and quickly harden. Its hide changed and bullets bounced harmlessly off of it. The hide was not made for sharp knives though. It had a Black scales and had dangerous spikes coming out of its back. It also had black
  2. Test 2: 'Chemical Reaction' Upon touching the chemicals the creature gained a special ability. It was still a wurm before it happened. It turned into a cocoon, then the cocoon exploded before it took its usual 15 minutes evolution. Instead of the black scaled like the Warrior class it had a dark blue scales. The creature was very fast and was able to climb walls. Its tail was dangerously sharp and it moved on its four legs. Its tail was like a scorpions tail but instead of stinging it shot slime that burned anything that it touched.
  3. Test 3: 'Temperatures and Environments' Each one adapted to its environment (Next Tab will have more info about this experiment.
  4. Test 4: ´Radiation and Toxic' The Test subject drank the liquid and then became a cocoon. It hatched later and became a type of Guardian and The one that drank the toxic became a type of spitter. The Guardian had a strong armored scales. The spitter was like the warrior but had green acid filled sacs near its face. The guardian is nearly indestructible.
  5. Test 5 'Fire' The Test Subject was killed.

The Weakness Fire can easily kill any infested.

"Genetic Adaptation"
This creature has the ability to adapt to its habitat. But anyway the DNA was taken and we found many creature DNA (Vulture, Spider, Shark, Lion, Wolf Rest is Thaumiel) [DATA EXPUNGED] Considering this creature a bug.

A Queen

Unofficially it seems that the Orginal SCP-3498s were just royals. There is a queen with the royals. The Queen is laying eggs all around the cave. We must destroy it.We failed to exterminate the queen. All the people we sent in the extermination mission became infected. We started to make a type of gas that would stabilizes and stun these creatures.We made the gas and named it SCP-3498-Z. It for some strange reason the creature hate [REDACTED]. The creatures are very dangerous now. They have clogged up the vents with the slime. Some of the infected has changed. We have found out and tested to what they have changed into.

  • Titan Class: This class is much more bigger and stronger and much more dangerous. It has both abilities. It is a combination of the Warrior class and the Spitter class.
  • Charger Class: This class charges at its enemies. This creature charges with electricity and it charges you down. This creature also shots shocks of electricity. It has tough scales and cannot barf acidic saliva at a long range.
  • Brute Class: This class can use its brute strength. This one also covers itself its saliva and bashes anything in its way. Advanced Charger. It has shield-like arms and armoured scales
  • Devourer Class: This class is like the digger class with a large jaw with sharp teeth strong enough to cut steel and stone. Unlike the titan class this one has a dangerous slime that leaks out of its mouth constantly.
  • Prehistoric Class: This one has Velociraptor speed and T-rex Strength. It swarms in numbers and it may be small but it is deadly. It has Dilophosaurus poison spit. The other facts are unknown. [We are going to dissect this creature to harvest its DNA to try to recreate a dinosaur]
  • Exterminator Class: This is the Advanced Devourer. It has a dangerous blue acid that can dissolve many substances under a minute. It spit this substance at anything hostile. This class only lives to protect and dig.
  • Genesis Class: Unlike the others this one is like demigorgdon {Stranger Things.} This one is like an Evolution Master type of class. It leads certain infected into certain evolutions. If the infected goes to the wrong one it will destroy it.
  • Matriarch Class: Is like the queen in training like a princess. If you destroy it one of the other higher ranks will turn into this. If the Queen does get killed. This one will replace it. There can only be one Matriarch.
  • The Queen Class: This one is like the Titan but it has an egg sac type of thing on its tail that produces 45 eggs each hour at onces. If it does have to go to battle it will lose its egg sac.
  • Morpher Class: It will morph into any target it has eaten. It will also gain the abilities but if it devours a human it will not have the ability to speak. It at first looks like a regular Warrior but it has the spitter spots but it is not the yellow-greenish color instead it is Light-purple and it has a purple eye on its forehead.
  • Mind Class: This one can control the mind just like SCP-061. It cannot control your mind if you have a type of object on top of your head. It looks just like a regular warrior but it has the spitter spots but it is not the yellow-greenish color instead it is Light-orange and has a orange eye on its forehead. This one is the advance morpher without the morpher abilities.
  • Predator Class: This one hunts for the Royals, Matriarch, and the queen including the digger types. It is like a worker ant. It does not need to eat until the 50th day.
  • Xenogenesis Class: Advanced Genesis Class. Whatever it eats it gains abilities from it. Rabbit; Higher Jump and Sprint. Cheetah; Faster Sprint and Sprint. Snake; Poisonous bite and can wrap its tail to squeeze its victim.
  • Aquatic Class: has the ability to ONLY breath under water. Basic Warrior.
  • Aquatic Spitter : Same as Aquatic Class but it has spitter abilities. The Acidic Spit burns through anything except water.
  • Runner Class: Has the Ability to Sprint and run very fast.
  • Poltergeist Class: Half Evolved until it eats enough animals. This creature is made by any of the other evolution if it doesn't have enough Biomass. Very quick and can become invisible.
  • Overseerer Class: Advanced Xenogenesis. It looses the Xenogenesis ability. It has 6 eyes all over its body. The color is a Light-Bluish color with Yellow Pupils. t looks just like a regular warrior but it has the spitter spots but it is not the yellow-greenish color instead it is Light-Bluish. It can see your weakness. It can also predict your next move if your near it.
  • Boiler Class: This one is the Advanced Spitter and it can explode upon death and has a red acid which lasts longer than regular acid. It has minium armor
  • Pyro Class: This one has experienced the hot hellish temperatures in the desert and adapted to its climate. It has also learned about fire and has a weird advancement inside it where it can produce fire. Its weakness to [REDACTED]
  • Arctic Class: This one adapted to the cold. The counter part of the Pyro Class and it has survived temperatures below 0 degrees. This one has ice spikes protruding out of its scales. It can stop its bleeding by breathing its icy breath upon its wounds. The ice however can stay there for 5 days.
  • NightStrider Class: Like a spider it has 8 legs. It doesn't go out into daylight and keeps well out of deserts and plains. This class however can produce webs and like the jungle. It leaves Sticky webbed Spider Webs around the area to catch a prey. It helps the Predator Class.
  • NightHunter Class: This one has incredibly strong sense like a spider. It creates a type of trail invisible liquid only the Night related classes can see. This one likes to hunt at night and it kills Predator Classes if they enter the territory it rather hunt and gain the queens trust.
  • Gauge Class : No not time. This one creates pools of weird acid that seems to produce eggs that create sometime of creature
  • Ling Class : Produced from the pool {Starcraft II Zerg Spawning POOL} it is like a baby warrior/runner type of thing.
  • Boomer Class: This one can either evolve from the Ling Class or the Boiler Class can advance from it. This one has gunpowder type of explosion but it is not gunpowder mostly like acid. This one leaves red acid in its place.
  • Flamer Class: Advanced Brute with Desert Biome. It was crossed-breed with the pyro and brute. It covers itself with its flaming liquid and it basically a brute playing with fire.
  • Roller Class : This class turns into a ball and rolls instead of walking. Warrior with a tough shell.
  • FlamingRoller Class : This class is a advanced Flamer crossbreed with roller class. Its shell creates the flaming liquid that the Flamer produces. Its can become a roller if you spray it with water. The water counter-acts the flaming liquid.
  • Screecher Class: This lazy bat-like creature is totally blind and only relies on sound and smell. It is a sentry for the queens lair. It will sleep. If you wake it up it will produce super sonic sound waves at the target that woke it up. If it hears an infected hiss it will stop and sleep.
  • Screamer Class: Advanced Screecher. This bat now has eyes and will keep them open. These will Scream at the target. This one will also shot acid at the target. It can also sense target that are invisible and if it has at least infected blood on it, it will not scream at it.
  • Juniper Class: This creature barricades areas and slime up areas where it needs to strengthen and support the area. This creature makes a type of wood-like slime. The slime is like carpenter-ants and termites. Not aggressive.
  • Rouge Class: This Class can become invisible and can sense other creature that are invisible. This one is like the Guardian.
  • Guardian Class: Immune to chemicals. This one adapts to radiation and nuclear waste. This one has strong armored scales. This one also is nearly indestructible.
  • Magnum Class : very fast and was able to climb walls. Its tail was dangerously sharp and it moved on its four legs. Its tail was like a scorpions tail but instead of stinging it shot slime that burned anything that it touched. It loves anything that has acid and toxic.
  • Warrior Class : Basic Warrior class. Looks like infested but instead none of its veins show and it has black scales. This one is more about close range
  • Spitter Class: had green acid filled sacs near its face and its like a Warrior but it focuses on far range.
  • Crust Wurm : This creature is a bigger wurm that burrows into the ground and it spits barages of acid from far away. It swims in the earth.
  • Molten Wurm : Advanced Crust Wurm has same abilities but instead of acid it is molten lava.
  • RedIce Class : This one must have found SCP-009 and then ate some of it. If you touch it you will slowly die from frostbite of blood. Basically a Warrior. Advanced Arctic Class. It has a red icy fog comes off its skin
  • Engraver Class: It burrows into the land and leaving its arms and head out and will use its shield like the brute. Advanced Brute. Brute ate to much earth. The arms are the shield. very tough like an armadillo's hide.
  • Frostbite Class: Like the Arctic Class it can withstand below 0 temperatures. It has a icy fog that comes off it's skin. Like the the Arctic Class. This one has the ability to freeze water as soon it touches it.
  • Crimson Class: This one is the color of blood. This one uses its blood to burn its enemies. This one is unpredictable and for one thing it will leave splatters of blood where ever it killed a animal.
  • FrostTrap Class: This one creates clever traps in the cold region. It WILL however die in frostbite temperatures. Advanced Arctic Class.
  • Scavenger Class: This class collects any material that can be used for the queen's lair. It only eats whatever it finds if it is not being eaten.
  • Molten Class: The MoltenWurm Class cross-bred with the warrior. It walks and it dives into the earth. It deep tunnels to areas so it can reach its destination. This creature is very patient and will burrow into the the earth and wait in the ground for something to kill.
  • PyroEngraver Class: Pyro and Engraver cross-bred. They has the same abilities except that it can breath fire upon close-ranged enemies.
  • Mauler Class : This class in a close-ranged melee. It is a advanced Warrior Class. It has powerful jaws and a dangerous tails [has 5.] This also has a dangerous anger flowing through its blood.
  • Boxer Class: Mauler Classes evolution. This one has all abilities by the warrior and the mauler. The boxer has 5 tentacles that entangles its enemies.
  • Kilo Class: Advanced Scavenger Class. Ever thought something weak could be strong.This one is like the Praetorian Class. It guards the queen. {The Praetorian Class and Guardian Class Protects the Queen}
  • Praetorian Class: The Praetorian is a advanced guardian. It weakness is not fire but [REDACTED] It guards and guards.
  • Flaming Queen: The Queen can adapt to the fire. The strains in the Matriarch proves that it could become a fire and ice type.
  • FrostBite Queen: The Queen adapts to Ice. The strains in the Matriarch proves it could adapt to the cold.
  • Beetle Queen: This Queen adapts to the pressure in deep ground areas. The strains in the Matriarch Proves this.
  • Beetle Class: This class handles deep pressure easily. This one has a shell like a armadillo's shell. This barfs acid and can dig through deep areas
  • Super Beetle Class: Advanced Beetle Class This one has more endurance.It deep tunnels to areas and barfs acid at long range.
  • Ascended Beetle: Very Advanced Beetle Class Is able to barf radioactive acid. It also has spider like legs.
  • Rusher Class: The Beetles alternative route the Rusher rushes its enemy but it has weak armor. Upon death it explodes like the Boiler. Very fast.
  • Banger Class: The banger is evolved from the Boiler Class. Its 4 scorpion-like tails shot explosive acid balls. upon death it rushes at enemies and explodes.
  • Shade Class: Rare Leaders of the hive. These ones create special Lings. Ascended Overseerer. Whatever it eats it gains abilities from it. Rabbit; Higher Jump and Sprint. Cheetah; Faster Sprint and Sprint. Snake; Poisonous bite and can wrap its tail to squeeze its victim.It looks just like a regular warrior but it has the spitter spots but it is not the yellow-greenish color instead it is Light-red and has a Deep-Red eye on its forehead. It organizes the Rejectelings. It has the abilities of the devourer, Overseerer, Beetle, and the Kilo Class.
  • RejecteLing Class: These ones only serve the Shade class. They can dig, make, mold, defend, and become a defense. It has the abilities of the devourer, Overseerer, Beetle, and the Kilo Class.
  • BleedingStone Class: This is a living-turret. This is made from the Rejectelings. It lobes dangerous spines at enemies and the spines has a dangerous bacteria that makes the target bleed dangerously fast. It camouflages into a stone with a red symbol of blood.
  • Male-gore Class : This living-turret leaves its target in a puddle of blood. It does not camouflage. It reaches 4 inches. This is made from the Rejectelings
  • Hunter-ling Class: This one is like the Mech-Reaper. Its fast and can easily jump up areas that can't be climbed.This is evolved from the Rejectelings
  • WarpMind : This is created by the Rejectelings. This will act as the mainframe of the hive. It will send its mission to the queen.
  • Barracuda Class: The Barracuda remains the heavy assault beast for Hive. It can survive in water for around an hour but after that it dies. It has tough scales and moves very fast. Made from the
  • Megalo Class: A flying living ship created by many Rejectelings. It is very dangerous but most of the information about thus creature is not known.
  • King Class: If a shade class continues to be independent it will change into the King class. It can mutate any of its own into any of the classes above. It cannot mutate any-type of queens or matriarch. It has all abilities of a queen except it does not lay eggs.

Tier 1

We have created combat units to destroy them if they escape
{Right now I am thinkin of battle robots game}

  • Gunner: This Combat unit has 3 machine guns and 1 rocket launcher. The machine guns are considered light and they also pierce through armor. The rocket launcher is considered medium. This robot is a lightweight type.
  • Electron-Cutter: This combat unit has prototype electrotype sword and it has a sub-machine gun. This also has the ability to jump to high places. The prototype electrotype sword is light and the sub-machine gun is also light. Lightweight type of robot
  • Crusher: This has a hammer that can light on quandfire and it has dual machine-guns. These guns has armor piercing. The hammer is heavy and the dual machine guns is medium. The robot is considered medium-weight.
  • Mech-Marine: This human sized robot handles the smaller type of bugs. It has a prototype laser rifle. It was a very light robot. {STARCRAFT II}
  • Mech-Marauder: This human sized robot handles the more medium type of bugs. It has a concussion rocket-launcher and a prototype laser mini-gun.This robot is considered medium. {STARCRAFT II}
  • Mech-Reaper: This human sized robot handles with the heavy bugs. It is considered a light robot. It has dual combat shot-guns. It is very fast and can easily jump up onto high places. {STARCRAFT II}
  • Mech-Fire-bat: This human sized robot plays with fire and burns the bugs if they are in a group. Useless against tanky enemies{STARCRAFT II}
  • Hog: This vehicle seats 5. The trunk has a heavy quadruple laser-mini-gun. The vehicle is armored with light armor plates. This is considered light.{HALO REACH}
  • Cannon: This vehicle seats 7 in its armored base. There are holes so that 4 of the people can shoot and the tank has a heavy armor piercing rocket launcher. It is considered medium-weighted.
  • Impulser Turret: This mechanical turret has 2 Anti-air Rockets and 2 Machine gun. Considered heavy.
  • Medi-bot: This bot repairs and treats wounds. This is considered light

Tier 2

  • PatrolHellion: This car can transform into a hell-bat. It use its inferno turret on the car. Considered light.
  • PatrolHell-Bat: This combat unit can become a Hellion. It use its close-range dual inferno turrets. Considered medium.
  • Phantom: This Light-Classed tanky robot can cloak and with the new discovered alien technology it is able to teleport to short distances. It has four weapons. 1 homing missile launcher (Light) 2 Mini-gun Destroyers (Medium) and 1 Prototype phase rifle (Light)
  • Spelunker: This drone watches and spies at the target. It can cloak and it can't be detected by satellites. It has non heat signature. It can latch onto a wall or roof with its spider-like legs. (LIGHT)
  • Recon: Human-sized robots that have Prototype Phase Rifles and a pulse grenade (Prototype)
The Field Testes

We let some of the infected into a new separate chamber. We picked out a certain biome and took a matriarch and released it into the biome.

  • Desert: The Matriarch turned into the Flaming Queen Egg.
  • Ocean: The Matriarch turned into a Aquatic Queen Egg.
  • Deep Underground: The Matriarch turned into the Beetle Queen Egg.
  • Arctic : The Matriarch turned into the FrostBite Queen Egg.

Open Air Tests
We released a Predator and let it free roam at a isolated island. Before this island was completely empty. So we released many carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores type of animals. The Predator was given the name Ragnarok [This means doomsday in Norse] We have a special tracker and a camera on his collar it is wearing. We saw that he started to hunt animals and it dragged the bodies into a cave. We also had to refill the island with more animals.
Ragnarok started inhale the cache of food. Then he went out and killed more animals and recreated the cache of food. Instead he changed into a digger class and started creating a area for its stash. Then he changed into the warrior class and spitted the resin onto the opening of the food stash. Then he stayed as the warrior class. It seems that when they are far away from the queen they are different. They act independently and if they know there is a queen then they don't become a queen. Ragnarok also made acid pools in its cave.
Ragnarok changed into Shade class. It created Rejectelings from a type of biological agent that was produced from the acid pools and they instantly started to create the hive. The Warpmind was built quickly with many Rejectelings. The Spelunker was finally sent to watch the hive. After Months we decided to find another isolated island and put a Matriarch on it. The Matriarch was named 1. 1 started its transformation into a queen. 1 became a FlamingQueen towards her environment. 1 was only able to produce flaming and non-flaming and can't produce beetles, aquatic, and Ice.

Something that is small can become big - Anonymous

The Extermination Process
{Time Skip: Months later…} We sent a extermination squad to 1's island. The extermination was a success. We lost many recons and gunners. The amount of Barracudas were terrifying. 1 was exterminated. We then needed to stop Ragnarok but we found no evidence of Ragnarok except resin. We believe that Ragnarok escaped the planet in a type of living Ship. We also found that one of the satellite were damaged. We believe it went to the moon.

Many of the hive disappeared from our chamber. The Spelunker also sneaked onto the living ship.

An image shows the Megalo Class going out of the atmosphere. The megalo Slowly goes towards the moon. It reaches the moon
The image show the huge amount of the creatures moving onto the moon.
The Image starts to lose connection. Ragnarok goes up toward the Spelunker and destroys it.
The recording stops

The rest of the hive on earth started to kill each other until one was left. It stopped eating but started to eat itself. The last one dies. No evidence was left.
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The End