SCP-3515 "Pen15 Club"

Item #: SCP-3515

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3515-1 is to be kept in a standard Safe class safe. SCP-3515 is only to be handled by D-Class, and testing is only to be conducted with Level 3 clearance. As soon as an individual becomes an instance of SCP-3515-2, their level of commitment to the "Pen 15 Club" is to be assessed, and if necessary they are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-3515-1 is an otherwise non-anomalous pen with a memetic effect of implanting new memories in individuals, which are classified as instances of SCP-3515-2. Instances of SCP-3515-2 believe they are members of an alleged secret organization which they call the Pen 15 Club. Any possible information about the alleged "Pen 15 Club" is impossible to attain improbable to hear from most instances of SCP-3515-2, because as soon as an individual is told, they become an instance of SCP-3515-2. All SCP-3515-2 have refused to give any information about the "Pen 15 Club", even after threat of termination. D-7134 has revealed that SCP-3515-1 was made by the Gamers Against Weed. How D-7134 resisted the memetic effect of SCP-3515-1 is currently under investigation, and is being kept as SCP-████. Many D-Class who have been convinced that they are members attempt to escape their containment and enact their as of yet unknown goals. Due to the nature of instances of SCP-3515-1, all instances thus far have been terminated or moved to Keter class projects.