SCP-3614: No More Secrets

Item #: 3614

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3614 is to be kept in a glass container 5.3 cm thick, contained in a reinforced steel room approximately 5 square meters. SCP-3614 is to have at least 4 guards stationed at entry. Only personnel with a clearance level of 3 or above are to be allowed inside, with a description of the testing procedure. All personnel attempting to access SCP-3614 without clearance or clear description of testing procedure are to be terminated on sight.

Description: SCP-3614 is a forest-green book, approximately 6 in. long, and 9 in. wide, containing 1532 pages of 0.034 widths. SCP-3614 has no known author, nor title. All pages, when inactive, are blank. However, whenever a human opens SCP-3614 while either writing down a question, saying a question aloud, or thinking a question, the pages display the answer to the question, suggesting mild telepathy, although the answer will be displayed in a riddle like manor.

Found during a raid or █████ ███████'s house. Reports of █████ ███████ knowing [REDACTED], such as ██████ and ████████. █████ ███████ was sent to site ██ as a D Class Personel. The population was administered class A amnestics, being told █████ ███████'s house was an old, abandoned house, being torn down soon.

Addendum 3614-A:
On page 5██, there seems to be a ██████, seeming to █████ when [DATA EXPUNGED].