SCP-3929 - Temple of Depression

Item #: SCP-3929

Object Class: Euclid (Pending Keter reclassification. See Addendum 2 through 4 for details.)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3929 is to be monitored at all times and patrolled regularly by security staff on-site. Cameras feeds from around the fence surrounding SCP-3929 are viewed from a remote outpost disguised as a farm, located 4 kilometers from its containment site. SCP-3929-1 is self-contained by SCP-3929, but due to it the potential danger its anomaly poses to the public, it is fenced with a fortified wall of a 1 kilometer radius around it, and the land within is to be considered the Foundation's private property. Unauthorized personnel, and members of the public trespassing within the property must be detained, debriefed, and administered Class A amnestics.

Due to the fire risk posed by Transitional Event-3929 that may inhibit containment efforts, damage on-site equipment or personnel, or otherwise lead to damage to the environment, materials of a flammable nature are not to be permitted within a 1 kilometer radius of SCP-3929. Personnel researching the effects of Transitional Event-3929 must be equipped with fire retardant equipment in the case of an unexpected execution of Transitional Event-3929, and a means of extinguishing stray flames that may occur as a result of Transitional Event-3929. Invitation into the home of SCP-3929-1 is to be declined in any case that it occurs, outside of testing and experiments, in which D-Class personnel must be used exclusively.

In the case of unsolicited execution of Transitional Event 3929 due to the accidental or unexpected introduction of SCP-3929-2, personnel are advised to allow the event to run its course. In such a situation, and should it be possible, a radio must be provided to SCP-3929-2 and an experiment must be carried out in order to maximize the Foundation's understanding of the house's properties.

Interviews with SCP-3929-1 are to be carried out as follows: The interviewer must be advised where necessary not to enter SCP-3929 unless stated otherwise. Due to SCP 3929-1's communicative limitations, the interviewer must be willing to speak on behalf of it and recount what it communicates with accuracy and integrity.

Research into the anomalous properties of SCP-3929, 3929-1, 3929-3 and the contents of SCP-3929's attic are pending approval underway. See Addendum 1 through 5 for details.

Description: SCP-3929 is currently a 2-story house similar in construct to a middle class suburban household, as well as the immediate 55 yard radius surrounding it. It is located in █████, Scotland, northwest of █████, in a remote forest. Despite its changing appearance with each iteration of SCP-3929-1, the house will always be stocked and equipped with the essential needs of a human, along with any additional needs that the current instance requires. Recreational facilities also exist within SCP-3929, corresponding to the interests and wants of its current resident, leading researchers to believe that holds a degree of sentience.

SCP-3929-1 is currently D-1688 (Previously known as J█████ M████), a Caucasian male who is biologically 27 years of age, previously a self-published writer from [DATA EXPUNGED], England, and was convicted of multiple accounts of manslaughter. Due to SCP-3929's anomalous qualities, SCP-3929-1 has not visibly aged in the three years it has been trapped, leading researchers to believe it is biologically immortal.

Descriptions and pictures received from the current iteration of SCP-3929-1 depict its current environment as a pleasant, clean home, almost completely free from clutter. SCP-3929-1 reports that this is a "feature" of SCP-3929, and that he is not aware of how it occurs or what it entails. While questions pertaining to SCP-3929's attic remain unanswered in almost all cases, and while its current iteration does not appear aware of the existence of an attic, SCP-3929-1 will answer most questions it is asked, and unless angered is generally talkative and personable.

The only information any instance of SCP-3929-1 has given about the aforementioned attic is the seemingly paranoid belief of a non-descript entity (believed to be a manifestation of SCP-3929-3 - See Addendum 1) in the attic. It's been shown that while SCP-3929-1 is unable to enter or communicate knowledge or details regarding it, instances of SCP-3929-2 are able to locate and communicate information about the attic competently.

SCP-3929-1 appears to express a distinctive aversion to leaving the 55 yard radius around the house which constitutes SCP-3929 and is unable to express why. Current hypothesis suggests that although SCP-3929-1 wishes to "escape" and has communicated such, they are subject to a cognitohazard that triggers a fight or flight instinct when faced with the choice, the subject expressing a seemingly genuine fear. SCP-3929-1 often expresses a level of obsession and attachment to SCP-3929 on a level similar to that of a grieving parent when offered the choice to leave, and attempts to forcefully remove it from the area have resulted in the subject's expiration. Autopsies suggest that the cause for this is a spontaneous myocardial infraction, also known as a heart attack.

Expiration of SCP-3929-1 appears to result in the reappearance of SCP-3929-1 24 hours following, with it describing this experience as a strange, uneasy bout of dreamless sleep. Despite showing enjoyment of the provided recreational facilities and food, the current iteration of SCP-3929-1 has attempted suicide at least ██ times due to reported feelings of isolation and helplessness.

SCP-3929-1 is known to have access to the internet, but shows an inability to use this to contact the outside world. Any attempt made by SCP-3929-1 to contact the outside world through social media, forums and telephone has resulted in failure. Due to this, SCP-3929-1 is able to keep up with current events and express opinions and views, but appears and reports being unable to cope with its lack of connection to the outside world. For it's mental well being, it has been assigned a psychiatrist and is allowed to converse with Foundation personnel should they choose to visit, due to lack of sufficient threat, malicious intent or threat of containment breach.

Despite SCP-3929-1's inabilility to leave SCP-3929, the current iteration appears to contain an anomalously large and potentially self-replenishing quantity of food which has kept SCP-3929-1 alive for the last 3 years, with previous iterations of SCP-3929-1 purporting to haved survived up to 100 years. Foundation analysis of SCP-3929's food deducts that despite tasting exactly the way it should in each instance, the food is composed entirely of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Once an individual has stepped into SCP-3929, they become an instance of SCP-3929-2. Instances of SCP-3929-2 show a similar inability to leave the boundaries around the house to SCP-3929-1, with forced removal resulting in spontaneous expiration. However, it is able to contact the outside world using most recorded means that do not originate from within SCP-3929. Instances of SCP-3929-2 are able to communicate important, non-superficial about the anomalous qualities of SCP-3929, with the last recorded instance of SCP-3929-2 having been able to locate and enter the attic without incident. See Addendum 1 for details.

If an instance of SCP-3929-1 and SCP 3929-2 are within the building at 01:00 GMT, Transitional Event-3929 will execute. SCP 3929 begins to emit smoke from its windows, blocking view from the outside, before at approximately 01:30 GMT, a house fire starts that lasts approximately one and a half hours to two hours.

It has been noted that at 00:00 GMT, an hour prior to the majority of Transitional Event 3929 occurrences, SCP 3929-3 instances have viewed leaving the attic and roaming the yard around the house by SCP 3929-2. Despite taking the form of homosapiens, SCP 3929-3 are entities consisting of smoke, often of average stature and of varying age.

Of note, figures resembling pre-pubescent children, pubescent teenagers and elderly people have been recorded amongst gatherings of SCP-3929-3. The reason for this, and the purpose and nature of SCP 3929-3's nature is unknown, but it is hypothesized that SCP 3929-3 instances are either the cause of Transitional Event 3929, a biproduct of Transitional Event 3929, or representations of previous instances of SCP 3929-1. Attempts to wake SCP-3929-1 during this phase of the Transitional Event have shown to be fruitless, with it seeming to ignore any prompt by SCP-3929-2.

As 03:00 o’clock local time, the Transitional Event-3929 ceases without a trace of SCP-3929, and at approximately 06:00 o’clock local time, a new instance of SCP-3929 will appear. SCP-3929 will generally be tailored to a form which is viewed as suitable, ideal, or pleasurable living by SCP-3929-2, in either interior or exterior design, with any recreational means provided. At 08:00, SCP-3929-2 appears within the house, now designated as SCP-3929-1.

Discovery - SCP-3929

SCP-3929 was first brought to Foundation attention after a number of forest fires in the █████ area of Scotland were reported on by local news stations on the 13th of November, 2005. Agent Parker was sent in to investigate, but did not return or attempt to make contact for a month. Sending in Agent Wolhan provided the same result. On the 26th of January, 2006, a task force located SCP-3929, with Agent Wolhan having become an instance of SCP 3929-1.

Agent Wolhan claims to have located Agent Parker taking residence within SCP-3929, yet was unable to convince him to leave. Agent Wolhan then fell victim to the anomaly, which she described as "not so bad". Agent Wolhan described her understanding of the anomaly and how she believed it to function, theorizing that SCP-3929 was potentially used to contain other, more dangerous entities or anomalies.

The task force reported their findings to the Foundation and requested aid in containment of SCP-3929. They then attempted to persuade Agent Wolhan to leave, but after several staunch efforts to talk her into leaving, they attempted to simply carry her away, which resulted in Wolhan's spontaneous expiration. A few hours after initial containment and research began, Agent Wolhan re-emerged from SCP-3929.

Interview Log: SCP-3929-1

D-1688 was assigned to SCP-3929 for experimentation, under pretenses that this was a reward for good behavior and compliance. During the initiatory stages of experiment 76, D-1688 met with SCP-3929-1, formerly D-7728, and exchanged conversation, before D-1688 entered the house and became an instance of SCP-3929-2. D-1688 was given a radio prior, which was intended for communication purposes between Researcher Jacobs and D-1688. However, D-1688 decided to broadcast his conversation with SCP-3929-1 over the radio, which revealed previously unknown information about SCP-3929. Faint static is heard in the recording, similarly to any previous attempts made by SCP-3929-1 instances to contact the outside world through telephone.

16:00 GMT - D-1688 has been invited into SCP-3929 by SCP-3929-1. He has become an instance of SCP-3929-2 and has been informed on the mandatory information regarding SCP-3929 and communication regarding its anomaly.

D-1688: "Nice digs, mate. Spic and span too - Do the labcoats clean it for you?"

"Oh, really? That's weird. So you mean it cleans itself?"

"Riiight… That must save a lot of time. How does it work?"

"You say you don't know? Okay. So-Oh, you mean it's a feature? Guess that makes sense. 'Cause, y'know, uh, most people don't know how features and stuff, work, and… Uh…"

Awkward, long pause.

"Anyway! So, haha, uh… You live here, then? What's it like?"

"Nice? That's good to hear, mate. It definitely seems nice… And you say you have everything you want?"

"Mhm. Uhuh."

D-1688 appears to be listening to SCP-3929-1 talk at length.

"So you feel like you have everything you want and, but you feel… Isolated, you mean?"

"I can sort of get how you feel in that regard, mate. Mean, of course, I haven't shared your experiences. But I've felt similar. Y'know what I mean? You feel overstimulated and your mind is just full of intrusive thoughts, and the days start to bleed into one another. And it all just becomes grey after a while, is that what you feel?"

"Yeah. Well, I don't think you should feel that way, you're a nice enough bloke. If you feel isolated, why don't you try and talk with folks more often, get out a little?"

"You can't? Why not, are they not letting you?"

"Well, they might seem bad, but I can talk to them if you want. The labcoats listen to me, I'm their top sycophant-"

"… It's not them? Then what is it?"

"So… You see basicly a haze, or a smoke out there?"

There's a short pause without static or D-1688 speaking.

"… Uh… Sorry for digging a little too deep, mate. Let's wack on a cuppa or something?"


Addendum 1: Experiment 76 Log

During the last experiment with SCP 3929, D-1688 went into SCP 3929 and became an instance of SCP 3929-2. The current instance of SCP 3929-1 at the time, a former D-class referred to as B███, was informed that an experiment was taking place. D-1688 was carrying a radio with which he reported all findings as he perceived them. A transcript has been provided below.

16:00 GMT - D-1688 has been invited into SCP 3929 by SCP 3929-1. D-1688, after his transition into an instance of SCP 3929-1, described B███'s house as smelling of incense, looking colorful and pleasant bearing a pleasant atmosphere. D-1688 entered the house at 16:00 GMT.

D-1688: "Wow, this place is really nice and cozy."

SCP-3929-1: "Uhuh. Hey, I got something cooking, go familiarize yourself with the couch or something?"

SCP-3929-1 leaves to prepare the mentioned food, while D-1688 fishes his radio out of his pocket and speaks into it.

D-1688: "Phew, you guys have some wierd ways of thanking me for my hard work. This place is kind of nice - But anyway! I'm in position, or whatever."

Researcher █████: "Good. Just a moment - Could you try opening the front door?"

D-1688 appears to opens the front door.

Researcher █████: "Alright. Take the bag we provided, and put it on the doorstep. We'll be retrieving it after you've done what's needed of you."

D-1688 does as requested, then shuts the door.

D-1688: "What now?"

Researcher █████: "Socialize with Mr. B███ until further notice."

D-1688: "'kay."

At around 17:52 local time, Researcher █████ made contact to D-1688 through his radio again. D-1688 had been 'partying' with SCP 3929-1.

Researcher █████: "Come on, D-1688."

D-1688: "Yeah, mate, what's up?"

Researcher █████: "We're going to need you to slip away from whatever you're doing with Mr. B███ right now. We need you to find the attic - Don't let him know you're going up there, and don't ask him where it is."

D-1688: "Oh yeah. Sneak-like…! Mate, where's the bathroom again?"

Researcher █████: "Ugh…"

D-1688 seems to find his way rather deftly to the attic of SCP 3929, and contacts Researcher █████.

D-1688: "You there?"

Researcher █████: "Yeah. Have you found the attic, by any chance?"

D-1688: "Yeah. I'm there right now - It's dark, and there's a door."

Researcher █████: "… Huh?"

D-1688: "Want me to say it louder so my friend downstairs can hear us?"

Researcher █████: "Wait, how? I thought…"

D-1688: "Listen, if you don't think I can get into a fucking attic on my own, then you're just anomalously stupid, mate."

Researcher █████: "… Nevermind. Right, you say you see a door inside? Can you try and open it?"

D-1688 carefully opens the door, a soft creak being heard over the radio crackle.

Researcher █████: "What do you see?"

D-1688: "I can't see too clearly, but… It looks like a study of some kind."

Researcher █████: "Is there anyone inside? Anything unnatural or surreal?"

There's a brief pause as D-1688 keeps looking in the room.

D-1688: "Two things."

Researcher █████: "Okay?"

D-1688: "One, there's a bunch of smoke things wandering around. They don't seem to notice me, or if they do then they're not trying to kill me, unlike you people. And second of all, this place is less of a study and more of a library."

Researcher █████: "A library? But you said-"

D-1688: "And it is -huge-. You look at one of the shelves and it just keeps going up and up and up. It's really dark up there, but I don't think there's a top. And they're chock full of books, and there's ladders that seem to just keep going and going. Is this even physically possible?"

** Brief pause. In the background, researcher █████ can be heard conversing with a colleague on this situation. **

** Researcher █████:** "… Alright, uh. One of the books, try and read one."

D-1688 grabs one of the books and can be heard flicking through the book, before taking a more deliberate read of the book.

D-1688: "It's a biography of someone from the Victorian era. Leatherbound and expensive looking. It sounds like this guy had a pretty tough life. He wanted to escape… And he found this house. But he felt trapped there. And he stopped aging. This is just flicking through it."

Researcher █████: "Try another?"

D-1688: "Okay. This one looks way shittier. The cover is just the chick's face photo shopped onto a supermodel. It's similar in its read to the leatherbound one. Same chapter list too, and same ending."

Researcher █████: "Alright. Try something from a different side of the room."

D-1688: "Again. This is a biography of someone's life, this time a… A D-class? What the hell is going on here? Something I'm noticing as a trend here is that they're all published by the same book company, but I've never heard about it in my life. Soulprint Books."

Researcher █████: "Soulprint? Does that imply that-"

D-1688: "That must mean that the people that end up in this place have their lives printed into a book and stored here. And there's absolutely tons of them, absolute -tons-. Is that what these dark figures are that keep wandering around in this room? An imprint of people's… souls?"

Another pause occurs.

Researcher █████: "Right… You've done some amazing work today, D-1688. Could you take a selection of books to the bag you left outside for retrieval?"

D-1688: "Y-… Yeah. Alright."

[End Log]

D-1688 placed a selection of books within the bag on the doorstep of SCP 3929, which was collected promptly. Details on the contents of the recovered books is provided from within the attic of SCP 3929 is provided within Addendum 2.

Addendum 2: Analysis of Books Recovered During Experiment 76.

Provided below is a table containing the titles of the books D-1688 provided after Experiment 76 concluded. After the resulting Transitional Event 3929, D-1688 refused to speak to Foundation Personnel for more than a month, and in any instance that D-1688 was required to speak with Personnel during that timeframe used language that was described as colorful, creative, and highly derogatory and insulting.

Book Title Author/Subject Plot Summary Date/Subject Expiration Date
Bartholomew the Broken Bartholomew Terand A young victorian man whose son ran away from home and died in the snow. In grief, Bartholomew left for the forests of Scotland, only to find SCP 3929. The hospitality of SCP 3929-1 led him into SCP 3929. 9th of June, 1877
Denise the Droll Denise Freilla Denise, an egotistical woman with a penchant for self-aggrandizement, eventually finds herself isolated and alone. Wandering the forest at night, she happened upon SCP 3929 just an hour prior to the potential activation moment for Transitional Event 3929 and petitioned SCP 3929-1 to let her stay. 13th of November, 2005
Mark the Morose Mark Nolhan (D-7236) Documents every moment of D-7236's life, including his crimes and moments wiped from memory through amnestics, and including his assignment to SCP 3929. 29th of August, [DATA EXPUNGED]
How the Foundation Got Everything They Wanted1 Agents Parker and Wolhan A word for word copy of the discovery document of SCP-3929. [DATA EXPUNGED]