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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard air-tight containment chamber. Level C Hazmat suits are to be worn at all times. Guards are to be armed with flamethrowers and are to stand guard near SCP-XXXX chamber.
SCP-XXXX must be watered every two days via water sprinklers placed on the ceiling of the chamber. Samples of SCP-XXXX spores have been placed in a storage unit for research. In the event of a breach, personnel are to detain SCP-XXXX fungi, with the use of fire. Fungi are to be completely incinerate to prevent SCP-XXXX from spreading.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a species of mushroom that has been classified as Laetiporus sulphureus. SCP-XXXX can emit spores when it reaches maturity every 17 to 25 days. Samples are to be taken during SCP-XXXX maturity period. Testing as concluded that SCP-XXXX’s spores are infectious to humans. There is no cure for SCP-XXXX spores.
The dangers of SCP-XXXX is inhalation or being exposed to SCP-XXXX for long periods of a time. If the spores are either inhaled or exposed to skin, the spores will latch on to any part of the body inside or outside. These spores will begin to grow and reproduce, mushrooms can be seen growing around the infected spot.

Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX was found growing in Professor ██████’s backyard after fungi started to grow on his house.

Addendum XXXX-2:

< Test 1, Subject is exposed to SCP-XXXX for 14m 21s.>
00:12- Subject reports his throat is scratchy, and also reports that his arms are starting to itch.
00:30- Subject begins coughing up blood, subject reports that he can’t breathe and feels like something is growing inside him.
00:35- Subject starts to vomit out blood and begins to shake. Subject reports that his insides feel like their burning.
00:40- Subject’s arms begin to swell up. Bumps can be seen growing from subject’s back.
00:45- Subject falls to the ground and ceases to move. Small Fungi can be seen growing from subject’s back.
00:54- Fungi begins to grow from subject’s arms and legs. Fungi can also be seen growing out from the subject’s head.
01:12- Subject appears to be completely covered in fungi becoming unrecognizable.