Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe (Could possibly be used as Thaumiel)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be put in a large, forested area that is to always be kept in the dark. Only light sources allowed are small lights, lanterns, or NVG for Foundation personnel only. It is to be socialized and played with regularly. No weapons are permitted inside containment unless for emergencies only. Subject is to be fed meat from any animal beside human that is not still living. Contaiment is to be well forested with tall tree's, thick brush, and heavy moisture. Containment should be 880 yards in each direction and about 13 yards above SCP-XXXX's largest growth stance.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a very dragon-like creature, taller then that of a average 5 story building and roughly the size of 20 school buses, depending on its morphing ability. SCP-XXXX is entirely black, with large scales and tale with two large spear-like horns protruding from its head in the back, and red eyes. It has a wingspan of it body length and large, 5 fingered claws. It is a suprisingly social and friendly creature. When met with a human or creature it (named Shadow by staff do to it liking dark areas) will try to come up and make contact. If said animal or person were scared of its size and appearance, SCP-XXXX, will then stay still and try to act friendly, as if to not scare them. SCP-XXXX will wait until the person or animal is calm, or not in a paniced matter. It will offer the person to pet it, to try and gain trust. If that person accepts this , SCP-XXXX will bond with this person. In some occasions, SCP-XXXX will do any means neccesary to protect that person, even if it is to cause self harm. SCP-XXXX is to large to rome the facility, even though it can shrink and increase in size. SCP-XXXX is to be kept and maintained in its containment. All Level 2 Class and above personal are authorized to enter SCP-XXXX's containment. It is also willing to save a human from death or injury if possible. It was recorded rescuing a worker trying to repair its containment. SCP-XXXX rushed over as the worker fell to the ground. SCP-XXXX caught the worker, and had brung him to safety before he hit the ground. Experiments with SCP-XXXX have included SCP-999. SCP-999 got along very well with SCP-XXXX, playing tag, Hide and Seek, and having tickle fights. Tests have shown that if SCP-XXXX was in close proximity to anyone, it would calm them of any emotional troubles, such as being paniced, scared, or anxious. Other studies show the saliva from SCP-XXXX can be a healing agent, almost four times stronger than most of any painkillers or medicine that reduces pain.