Item #: SCP-000

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-000 is to be kept in a temporary containment when not permitted to roam or be used since we don't have a cell for it. No object is permitted to have the item number 000. Any version of SCP-000 is to be terminated without hesitation. A containment breach of a version of SCP-000 will result in a XK-End-of-the-World Class situation or higher.

Description: Okay, let's me be honest, SCP-000 doesn't really exist. It's always a random item that we want to have it titled. What's that other number? 048? Yeah, same situation, except instead of getting lost, it gets hostile. We tested it with a key, a book, an apple, a caterpillar, a printer, and SCP-███. Now, you may be wondering, why did it go from safe, to euclid, to keter? Well, turns out, if you leave it alone for 2 months calling it 000, it gets a little angry. If any human or animal gets near SCP-000, they will die. It has the ability to mimic other SCP's abilities too. If it's a key, it becomes a skeleton key, but anyone in 5 meters who picks up the "effect" wants to stab their eye out with it. If anyone is 10 meters near a sentient object, it snaps and tries to murder them, and the prey wants to cuddle up with it.

Now, another year passes, and whatever it is goes insane. The radius bumps up to 50 meters, and will go through walls. Now, whatever becomes SCP-000 is to be locked up in a giant cell in the middle of ██████████. We discovered this in 19██ because an idiot got the feeling we should, and we noticed nothing happens so we just left it alone for a month. Dr. ███ threw it out because it was "A waste of space." You see, we did it again, 2 months passed, one of the security officers snapped and tried to crush himself with a printer.

That effect lasts for the rest of your life, I'm telling you. We had to put him because he wouldn't shut up. He kept screaming that it wasn't right like a psycho with OCD. It takes about 2 minutes to get the effect, but being around it just gives you that unnerved feeling. Then we discovered its Keter stage. The printer got anyone in a 50 meter radius to try and break it out. When SCP-███ changed names, it managed to breach to the surface and cause [DATA EXPUNGED] injuries and deaths. The trick is, if you don't see it as SCP-000, it doesn't have any anomalous power. If anyone, and they say ANYONE, tries to recreate SCP-000, 05-11 orders them to be terminated.

Addendum 1: Any attempt to create SCP-000 will end up in termination of the creator and project. - 05-11