Item #: 4444

Object Class: Euclid/Keter


SCP-4444 during most of the day when inactive.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4444 must be kept in a 6 x 6 x 7 m soundproofed vault coated with an anti-ink solution agent at Base ██. If SCP-4444 uses any of its "abilities", then it must be quickly taken down by the MTF forces by their means. When interviewing, the interviewer must stand behind a soundproofed ballistic coated glass and be spoken through via microphone & speakers. The microphones at SCP-4444 side must be intentionally filled with static to prevent its screeching to be becoming a hazard.

Description: SCP-4444 is a somewhat humanoid shape resembling the number four in a blue shaded color. SCP-4444 has a listed amount of abilities and potential abilities that are extremely abnormal. In the Internet, SCP-4444 is a lead character from BFB (Battle for BFDI). When squished, SCP-4444 has a texture similar to gelatin or mashed potatoes. A part that makes SCP-4444 Euclid is that it generally has unknown types and amounts of abilities. What makes it Keter is that the abilities pose a threat to objects, humans and even other SCPs.

Current list of Abilities:

Note: These abilities could be useful or inflict harm or destruction to humans, objects, and most SCPs. The abilities below only list the abilities that SCP-4444 has performed, although it can do much more.

Alternating living things, objects, or SCPs' appearance: Changes the living, object, or SCPs into poorly drawn versions of themselves, killings and destroying its properties in the process.

Able to recover living things, objects or SCPs: Can bring back recently killed humans back to life and able to recover destroyed or expunged SCPs and objects.

Produces voice-cracked screeches harmful to others: When provoked or asked to, SCP-4444 will screech at the person directed to, giving it brief effects of fainting, dizziness, or in prolonged exposure to the screech, death. Even though the screech is a volume soundwave, it can be directed to only one person at a time.

Sucking objects or humans into itself in a black hole fashion: SCP-4444 would randomly suck people or objects that are about its size into itself in a spaghettification form. It is unknown what happens although it is said to be eternal algebra class unless recovered.