SCP-499-Death Note
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Item #: SCP-499

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-499 Must Be Contained In A Chamber Made Of Solid Steel Metal Any Break Ins To Attempt To Obtain SCP-499 Must Be Reported To As Soon As Possible The Metal Chamber Must Be 5 m x 5 m x 5 m x With 1 Guard Guarding The Keycard Door Level 5 Personnel Can Only Go In The Chamber With SCP-499 And The Feather Must Be Contained In A Metal Box Only Level 5 Personnel Are Allowed To Obtain It Which The Feather Is SCP-499-2

Description: SCP-499 Is A Notebook With Black All Around It There is text on the notebook saying "Death Note" And Any Subject Who Writes A Persons Name In The Death Note Will Die Within 5 Seconds It Looks Like A School Notebook And Contains White Ruled Pages However The Death Note Feels Like A Regular School Notebook And Its Possible To Rip Or Burn The Pages The SCP Science Team Cannot analyze a Death Note

The Purpose Of The Death Note Is To Take Human Life Therby Increasing The Life Span Of The Suject Who Uses It There Are Many Rules Of The Death Note The Most Important Rule Is "The Human Whose Name Is Writen In This Note Shall Die" A Death Note Can Be Used By Humans Although There Life Spans Do Not Increase By Doing So Humans Have Killed Other Humans With The Death Notes Or Ended Up Burning And Therefore Destroying The Death Note For Any Number Of Reasons The Death Note Will Never Effect A Person If Misspelled Four Times When The Same Name Is Written in two or more death notes Within 6 Seconds The Entry Is Regarded As simultaneous The Death Note Will Not Take Effect And The Subject Will Not Die If A Death Note Owner Misspells A Subjects Name The Owner Will Die

The Death Note Will Not Take Effect If The Subjects Name Is Writen In Different Pages If The Cause Of Death Is Not Put The Subject Dies Of A Heart Attack In 40 Seconds However The Rule Can Be Delayed For 23 Days Meaning You Can Write Down "Dies By Heart Attack In [REDACTED] Days" After Writing The Cause Of Death The Details Of The Death Should Be Entered Within The Next 6 Mintiues And 40 Seconds Since The Limitations Applying The The Conditions Of a Death Are Unknown To The Subject The Subjects Must Find Out On Their Own You May Write The Cause Of Death Prior To Filling In The Name Of The Subject Be Sure To Insert The Name In Front Of Cause Of Death The Subject Has About 19 Days To Fill In A Human Name If You Write "Dies Of Accident" For the cause of death The Victim Will Die From A Natural Accident Six Minutes And 40 Seconds Are Provided To Write Down Additional Details The Conditions Do Not Take Effect Until The Time Has Passed.

Addendum: Addendum 499-A: SCP-499 Is Taken Out Of Containment:

1: First Ocurrence: A Subject Writes A Subjects Name Within The Death Note Subjects Dies Within 40 Seconds Of A Heart Attack When The Subjects Name Is Writien Within The Death Note

2: Second Ocurrence: Another Subject Writes A Subjects Name With The Information In The Death Note Subject Dies Of Loss Of Breath And Chocks To Death Trying To Get Air

3: Thrid Ocurrence: A Subject Writes A Subjects Name Within The Death Note The Subject Dies In A Car Crash The Following Day