SCP 682.5-J

Item #: SCP-682.5-J

Object Class: Safe

Status: Contained

Containment Procedures: SCP 682.5-J is to be contained in wherever the hell someone would store a sentient, honest, mostly useful, generally speakinh friendly unless otherwise provoked cooking book. Although the subject did express strong willingness to be placed on a bookshelf with other cooking books that feature sweets and deserts orientated content, testing has shown that it may as well be stored under the hot pot during dinner or anywhere near a toilet stool.

Description: SCP 682.5-J was retrieved by Agent 103 from an antique book store in Orange County, California while he was on a trip to hvisit his relative. The book is 15cm by 10cm by 5cm, with old brownish leather exteriors. The book is titled: The All Around Recipe to Making Good Food With A Highly Adaptive And Infinitely Regenerative Lizard. The book features a vast collection and seemingly increasing recipes using meat tissue samples cut off from several parts of SCP 682. Each recipe details methods of inducing the correct adaptation on 682 to generate the desired meat texture and quantity. Many of which seem to overlap with elimination attempts previously performed on 682. The book was deemed sentient during a research session done on the book when one researcher expressed opinions about the lack of good ham and cheese sandwich in the on-site cafeteria. The book flipped itself to a page detailing how to induce milk gland adaptations on 682 as well as the storage location of a cut off 682 tissue sample which looked liked a piece of ham. Interesting enough however,