Item #: 7777

Object Class: Thaumiel



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7777 is to be kept in a reserve containment in the Light containment zone for use in case of SCP-4444 breaching. Although physical contact with the skin is not advised, it can be done if absolutely necessary. When attempting to ram 7777 with 4444, it is advised to mount it in front of a large vehicle.

Description: SCP-7777 is a humanoid figure shaped like an X in the BFB series, similar to X. Although generally harmless, it can throw cakes at people that SCP-7777 deem as "safe." SCP-7777 has a usually friendly reaction to people and thus, have minimum security. When combined with SCP-4444 and an object the shape of a 0, SCP-4444 will temporarily disappear following a very bright flash of light. After Approximately 15 minutes, SCP-4444 will appear back in any location of the base.