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Item #: SCP-8975

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Creature kept in a Marsh-like swamp area. It has 6.5 feet tall. It is also contained in a doubled sound-proof area. It dwells in dark areas

Description: This creature makes a screeching sound that still can be heard and will be attended to soon. We sent a class-D inside and he did not survive. Upon scanning the class-D we found that his ear-drums were destroyed completely from its howl. It savaged his whole body. It ate the nothing on the class-D but it was drinking something in the body. Our scans showed that it was drinking some type of blue liquid. It seems it was drinking some-type of life force from him. One of our Scientist says it was drinking the source that powers the body and this was not the blood. A crazed Scientist said that it was drinking his soul. Of course we did not believe him.

The Crazed Scientist named Martin said that our bodies relies on something called the soul. He said the man will never reach the underworld nor the heavens. His soul will be in something the shadows. The man will be in SCP-8663 trapped and undamaged. Unless he finds the portal exit.

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