Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-9999 must be contained in a file cabinet, and stored off in a file labeled "[CLASSIFIED]" to ensure that SCP-9999 understands it is in a proper home. SCP-9999 is only partially sentient, meaning that it will attempt to wreak havoc if not treated the way it wants to be. Shall any infected files of SCP-9999 leave it's filing cabinet, a pocket and storage device check will be in order. If any infected files appear in said filing cabinet, a cleansing of the cabinet will commence. Personnel are ordered to check the filing cabinet on a daily basis to check for any infected files. If said files appear, personnel are ordered to immediately put them into an incinerator to ensure that SCP-9999's disease does not spread to any important documents personnel have on hand. In the event of a containment breach, SCP-9999's chamber is to be swept and all loose papers held with paperweights. This is to prevent SCP-9999 from being able to copy itself from one paper to another.

SCP-9999 is two objects: an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, lined, with 4 paragraphs of writing in blue ink. The letter's text will change with each session of reading it. Refer to Addendum-1a for testing sessions with SCP-9999.

SCP-9999, when close to any documents with text or pictures on it, will overwrite any previous text to the same text, but in a different tone. This ranges from regular, simplified sentences a 5-year old could read, to that of William Shakespeare's form of writing. Refer to Addendum-1b for the results of testing.

Addendum-1a: In a timespawn of 1 hour, SCP-9999 slowly turned a small work of fiction for Dr. █████ into an epic novel consisting of a mysterious power held together by the balance of humanity. However, by the single touch by a corrupt human being, the power was turned into millions of fragments, forcing everyone in the universe to collect all the fragments and return balance to the universe. Dr. █████ was amazed by this and begged for this novel to be put into a separate containment chamber. Request pending Request Accepted, SCP-9999-1 resides in a separate filing cabinet owned by Dr. █████, away from any loose papers.

Addendum-1b: Dr. ████'s son's school science project essay was put next to SCP-9999. Within a 5-minute time frame, SCP-9999 turned the essay into a 5-page report on the properties of itself.

I am simply amazed that SCP-9999 actually wanted to tell us about all these amazing facts about itself. I wonder if we could have a conversation with it at some point.
-Dr. ████

Due to SCP-9999 ruining many documents of Dr. ███'s collection, there is specified containment breach orders. Refer to Document 189.

Document 189: Around █:██, a small containment breach was underway. SCPs █, ███ and 9999 breached containment. Two shutdown systems initiated, blocking SCP-███ from access to the outside world. However, due to SCP-█'s sentient nature, it was able to destroy the door, giving SCP-███ the chance to escape. Using it's infective powers, SCP-9999 was able to get to the door via random papers scattered everywhere by SCP-███. It is to be noted during this time that this was very early in the morning, and even though personnel knew how to keep SCPs █ and ███ in the facility, they only knew to keep SCP-9999 in it's filing cabinet. The new containment breach procedures are in the Special Containment Procedures above.

Addendum-1c: From Dr. ███-I know that SCP-9999 can produce these epic stories and improve the crappiest of essays, but I would just like to remind everyone that SCP-9999 is an SCP, not a toy.