Item #: SCP-aaaa

Object Classification: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-aaaa is to be kept in a 1m X 1m. containment locker, sealed with a six (6) number combination padlock, kept in storage room No. ██. The current locker is No. ██.
SCP-aaaa is only to be interacted with by Level 3 personnel or higher, along with D-classes during testing.

Description: SCP-aaaa appears to be a severed human foot that belonged to a deceased italian man living in the outskirts of Romania. Separated from the body at the ankle, the foot was seemingly cut unevenly from the left side of the tibia to the lower right part of the fibula, creating the theory that it was sliced off in a rushed and imprecise way, or in an accident.

The anomalous effects appear when the underside of SCP-aaaa Is licked for a period longer than thirty-two (32) seconds. The holder begins to vomit uncontrollably, then proceeds to have a sudden bowel movement, resulting in ███ ██████ █ █████████ organs and various intestines onto the floor, causing the eventual death of the applicant.

SCP-aaaa was originally discovered stuck inside a hiking boot floating on S███ Lake by a group of young campers. It was reported to an undercover foundation agent after a local resident attempted to [DATA EXPUNGED FOR SANITARY REASONS] and became [DATA EXPUNGED FOR INNAPROPRIATE CONTENT]