SCP - Living noise
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a soundproof cell. Outside the cell is a vacuum chamber, the soundproof cell is to be levitate by a magnetic field to be surrounded by a vacuum, preventing any sound to leave the cell. ny personnel entering the cell must wear specially made ear pieces, a soundproof outfit and soundproof helmet for protection and communication before entering the SCP-XXXX containment area. The ear pieces has a sound detecting system, should the device completely nullify outside noise if it detect the noise that is harmful to human, the device can also be use to communicate. Any other wireless sound device is forbidden. SCP-XXXX is to be observe through real-time sound recording device, SCP-XXXX need to be observed by at least two security personnel at all time. The containment area is to be guard by one security personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX was discovered near the England city of ██████, after several reports of loud, strange noises, happening on a near daily basis. People in the area that was affected by the sound has been reported to have a symptom of insomnia, nausea, chronic headache and chronic back pain. Some was reported to have a symptom of paranoid and seizures. When agents were sent to investigate, a loud, sudden burst of noise occured, killing 3 agents, deafening 10. The SCP-XXXX was captured by ██████████ and being contained in a soundproof capsule, before being transferred to the SCP foundation.

SCP-XXXX is a sentient wave of sound, able to imitate any noise in any frequency and volume. When encountering a lifeforms, SCP-XXXX will emit a loud noise in above 190 dB creating a sound wave that is capable of causing the subject's internal organ to burst. However SCP-XXXX claimed that it was singing to the subject. When not making any sound, SCP-XXXX is presence as a stationary noise in low frequency that can only be heard by enhanced audio. The sound is described as a very low pitch white noise. SCP-XXXX sometimes make a sound of random ambient, animals noise or music. SCP-XXXX is able to travel in anyway a sound could.

SCP-XXXX was shown to be able to understand and communicate through any language, it has a tendency to consistently change it's pitch, tone, accent and frequency in every 2-14 seconds in human voice when communicating, thus make it difficult to interview the subject smoothly. SCP-XXXX talks in an informal manner and always going off topic to display its ability to imitate sound. However it also has a tendency to suddenly change it's sound frequency and volume as high as possible as an intend to "sing for" the interviewer. When playing sounds or musics, SCP-XXXX will memorize that sound, and later make the exact sound in the exact playtime.

The following interview is dated 09:10, ██/██/2018

Dr. ██████: Good morning XXXX
SCP-XXXX: Oh! Morning? There is nothing here to tell time. (In Officer ████'s voice) Doctor. Is this what you are call?
Dr. ██████: Yes, I am.
SCP-XXXX: Where am I? I can't get through this… thing. Wall! Yes.
Dr. ██████: You are in the containment cell, under control of the SCP Foundation.
SCP-XXXX Why contain doctor? I thought (display a 217 dB white noise)
Dr. ██████: It's not gonna work XXXX. We have a protection.
SCP-XXXX: Protection from what? My song? Trust me you will love my song doctor.
Dr. ██████ What song? Your song kills people.
SCP-XXXX: Kill? It's just a lullaby. Everything loves to hear my lullaby doctor. It can put everything to sleep. (Starting to make a sound of music box lullaby)
Dr. ██████: No, It kills. Your song is dangerous.
SCP-XXXX Doctor doctor doctor. You don't understand! My song is too powerful! Yes! Someday, something will appreciate my song. Music, it is use to ease the pain, to bring joy doctor! I just wanted to help those poor creatures.
Dr. ██████: (Deep breath) What are you?
SCP-XXXX: (Lullaby stop) Me? Doctor, I'm a noise. Just think of me as an invisible musician.
Dr. ██████: Right. Do you have any name?
SCP-XXXX: Noise! Doctor.