Officer Serial # Item #: O5-EX

Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-O5-EX must be contained within a normal O5 officer office, though it must be heavily guarded at all periods of time. SCP-O5-EX is allowed to join O5 officers in special containment missions and containment breaches. However, the object must be monitored.

Description: SCP-O5-EX has the appearance of a normal female O5 officer. However, object is perpetually alive. The object creates a fear reflex in other humanoids. However, officer [DATA EXPUNGED] is friendly, with a skill for chess and poker. Dr. Rights' experiments show that her anomalous immortality is the result of SCP-963. Though it is unknown how she stopped being Dr. Bright is unknown, but she describes the process as "painful".

Addendum: "SCP-O5-EX should probably be released sometime. Like me, she's near normal."-Unknown