Boanerges - Unknown SCP Catagorization

Unknown Classification of Inter-Temporal Control Exhibited from RH Negative Human

An individual wishing to remain anonymous exhibited an influence upon material reality and was the conduit by which the "Winter of the Century" took place in 2014. This kinetic energy was the result of this individual being confronted by an extremely hostile individual against them and resulted in this person suffering terribly through that particular winter, and suffered the death of beloved animals living with them. No winter like that for 100 years before it, and nothing even coming close since is a matter of meteorological history and fact. It was this exact thing that was being focused upon, to CAUSE this exact particular condition, so this was a DIRECTED end of the chain of mental energies focused upon this. This demonstration alone could fill a volume if thoroughly explored in great detail but for the sake of being succinct, let it simply be known that this individual has been openly demonstrating many, many numerous remarkable set of energetic capabilities over nearly the last 4 decades, with many direct witnesses on a great number of multiple occasions.

During one particular period of seclusion for instance, during three straight years in the early 1980's he unknowingly broke the world record for sleep deprivation, adding the element of a total fast from solid food NOT undertaken by the "official" record holder to boot! As this was, once again, a protracted focusing of kinetic energy against one who sought to do them great harm, it turned out the subject did not realize this for many years afterward. That current record is shy of 11 days. The first year, this subject went with no food or sleep for 13 days, the second year 17 days and finally the third year 19 days, again with no food or sleep. This particular chain of events resulted in the utter destruction of the individual who sought to harm this person. That person got gravely ill on a very significant day of their life, went into a horrific and tormented decline and subsequently died on the very NEXT significant date in their life.

In yet ANOTHER easily proven DOCUMENTED manifestation demonstrates this subjects ability to direct this mental kinetic energy in the completely OPPOSITE direction as well. Of the SEVERAL documented occurrances of these manifestations, probably the MOST remarkable is when this person went to a RENOWNED mental hospital requesting admission. After presented writings the Doctors could not understand, he was admitted and given his request to be housed directly with the most hopeless individual in the facility. That happened to be a person adjudicated to be "criminally insane" and had been locked away for 27 years. No medical nor psychiatric protocol had any effect on this particular patient, yet when THIS individual was placed in his room after signing a waiver that if injury occurred, the hospital would not be liable for such injuries, up to and including the DEATH of them. In just two short weeks of being in the same "room/cell" with this person, he was re-evaluated and found to have improved to the point where he had his first pass OUT of the facility in that ENTIRE 27 YEAR period to spend an entire WEEKEND with family! He was subsequently released not too long after! This hospital flew in some of the finest minds in the US to determine what had "worked" on this patient! When the individual met with this entire group of Doctors, they were mystified and asked what he had done. The answer was one sentence. "God has done for this person, that which you could never have done." This is a direct quote from the documented record!

Another documented manifestation, with medical records substantiating is the complete knitting together of a broken leg the day after it happened. THAT person wasn't able to get back to the Dr. office for a couple of days due to it being a weekend, but on the following Monday morning, went and had X-ray verification the leg WAS healed, and the cast was CUT OFF!

Another documented case involved a patient diagnosed with Scarletina, a close relative of Scarlet Fever. This individual merely SENT an item to this patient and the fever broke on the third day! This disease typically takes 6-10 weeks before complete recovery is claimed, yet this patient needed only 3 DAYS after contact with the item sent.

There are MANY more such instances, too many, in fact to delineate here…..

Due to the incredible uniqueness of this individual, this subject is not to be confronted with ANY hostile intent as many who have sought to do this individual harm or duress or stress of any kind have ended up in many cases dying strangely, or having members of their families suffer terrible consequences which play out in a seemingly natural order of things and cannot be explained by any direct involvement with this subject to them short of only the mental processes directed at these individuals for what they have done, or attempted to do to this person, times when this was not even being focused upon directly by this individual and still yet having the same end result against those who have wished to do harm make this subject uniquely terrifying and dangerous as if there is some kind of energetic "protection" that has a complete set of authorities in this realm all its own.

This individuals SCP protocols do not fall into any openly published parameters with respect and contrasted to the other dangerous or perhaps MORE to the point, LITTLE UNDERSTOOD life forms detailed here and currently held in other facilities. It is tantamount to express that when this individual WAS (WILLINGLY) captured and transported to a remote secure location, ALL personnel at this facility were lost and the entire facility ITSELF was leveled by the focused mental abilities of this individual who then vanished and teleported back into the life that this individual was plucked out of.

Since that time, other attempts have been made to track and observe this individual, who seems to have no problem with this, even though it is clear that they KNOW of these activities and made that knowledge KNOWN in various ways to the observers but none of those personnel involved in these operations have ever been hurt or psychically attacked, excepting for a few who had ill intent and hoped a terminate order was forthcoming. THOSE individuals met terrible and painful consequences and resultant deaths, again, seemingly from "natural causes" yet the pattern itself is mathematically impossible to believe this end. The analytical probability of these chains of events being "natural" are many QUADRILLIONS to one just by crunching the KNOWN numbers and patterns surrounding this person.

It is only when this individual feels a threat that they will respond with kinetic energy. It should also be CLEARLY understood MOST CRITICALLY that this individual is a complete telepath and can ascertain at great distances situations and directly cause an effect upon them. Remote viewing for this individual is one of the EASIER things they are capable of so no distance, nor even time seems to be any safe precautions for those with malintent against this individual and the only logical protocol of SCP is for this individual to be entirely left alone save for the observations only, with a known exception listed below. Also, those assigned to observe must ALWAYS be of honorable intent, or dire and unforeseen consequences as outlined above HAVE ALWAYS OCCURRED and should always be EXPECTED to occur.

Therefore, any Special Operations Personnel being considered for such observation be carefully screened for their own safety, and/or the safety of any loved ones. It is also important to note here, that this subject has been the target of multiple assassination attempts already, even to the point of their physical body being dead for 22 minutes on a hospital table and spontaneously revived as the Death Certificate was being filled out and all manner of life support machinery had already been removed. This set of events is documented in a very well known hospital and the evidence is irrefutable.

It is for these and other reasons that NO CONFRONTATION EVER take place against this person and the SCP protocol for this individual be written specifically to fit this unique situation and if that means a completely new protocol, sobeit. In this case, this SCP will be the only one that will work.

Also of note, this individual is quick to impart these abilities upon others who have the capacity to receive, develop and learn how to hone them, so for SOP who fit that profile, or any other non-SOP personnel who have only the pure intent of learning how this person so clearly can manifest changes in the physical reality that is the object of this truly unsettling level of kinetic mental ability, they will find this individual both not only open to such an exchange of information, but extremely willing if the correct subject is placed in their path for such contact to take place.

Who would be a "safe" choice for this is a bit complicated. As this individual is so highly developed and evolved mentally that the only subjects considered "safe" to approach this individual on the very narrow and specific intentions listed in terms of wishing to learn and develop themselves are those who ALREADY have the capacity of willfully being able to transmit brainwave patterns of a very advanced nature. An example would be someone who can at will manifest brain wave activity such as generating a Gamma wave embedded into a Delta wave carrier. While this person finds "teachable" those who can only attain to a High-Beta/Low Gamma embedded into the Theta waveset, the preference for the higher ability is desired. The IDEAL candidate, would be if any individual known who can embed a Lamda waveform into an Epsilon carrier, that individual would be received most openly. ANY SUBJECT being considered for this activity with regard to this individual should first undergo enhanced EEGs verifying these wavesets before even ANY consideration is given to allowing them to proceed ANYWHERE past simple NON-CONFRONTATIONAL observation. ANYONE falling short of the MINIMUM criteria to cross this persons path and send signals showing their openness WILL BE KNOWN BY THEM! Not only can this person generate all the above waveforms and carrier sets, but can distinctly and ACCURATELY discern them as well. A seemingly "chance" encounter is the avenue of choice, albeit this individual will INSTINCTIVELY know, it is anything BUT chance, yet that is the best and most viable option, for this person is quite secretive of these abilities and only exhibits them when provoked, or otherwise necessary.

There is absolutely no doubt that tremendous levels of knowledge both ancient and arcane and modern and deeply convoluted are currently locked safely away in this individual. While as yet no proper candidate has been found to be able to comprehend the deeper levels this individual has to share, close observation as well as direct intercepted energies transmitted from this person over the last 20 years of this individuals life shows beyond question, a search is on to find one and it is hoped a candidate may be found from the interconnected network represented here, which is the SOLE reason this recount is being made in this manner, in this place. No other posts of any kind are present ANYWHERE but here. As with all other aspects of this persons life, no doubt there WILL be one who can emerge and it is hoped they do…..

Best Regards,