Item #: SCP-Mortality

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-Mortality is to be contained within a small plastic container, 3x3x1 ft. A Level 2 security clearance or higher is required to gain access to SCP-Mortality.

Description: SCP-Mortality is a collection of small vials containing a serum that, according to testing, restricts all supernatural or special powers or affects. There are fifteen (15) vials of SCP-Mortality (Known respectively as SCP-Mortality-1 to SCP-Mortality-15). SCP-Mortality has been used on multiple SCPs and has had no long term effects (See Interviews SCP-Mortality/1 through SCP-Mortality/3, done on [[[SCP-173|SCP-0CP-073, and SCP-076 respectively.)


Interviewed: SCP-031

Interviewer: Dr. Morris ████

Foreword: SCP-031 is to be injected with SCP-Mortality and interviewed.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: Hello there.

SCP-031: (As Female that Dr. ████ is attracted to) Hey there, how've you been.

Dr. ████: Sorry SCP-031, that isn't going to work.

SCP-031: (Still as Female) Aw, come on, you're no fun.

Dr. ████: Well my job isn't usually fun. Now SCP-031, I'm going to inject you with a small amount of serum, SCP-Mortality. We suspect that it will take your powers momentarily.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [All who see SCP-031 say that they see the true form of SCP-031 Post-Injection of SCP-Mortality]


Interviewed: SCP-073

Interviewer: Dr. Harper

Foreword: SCP-073 is to be injected with SCP-Mortality

<Begin Log>

Dr. Harper: Hello SCP-073.

SCP-073: Hello doctor. How have you been?