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Note: Any personnel who reviews SCP-3216 documentation must do so in a level 2 humanoid containment cell fitted with sound cancelling electronics under the supervision of the director of Site-57 or any level 4 or higher personnel assigned to SCP-3216. Upon completion of review of > documentation, commands related to the containment of the anomaly should be delivered via written text, composed on a terminal present within the containment suite. Content of this communique must be scanned by Foundation AI darkWinter for cognitohazardous properties, prior to being relayed to embedded teams. Following review, the reviewing personnel are to be administered Class-B amnestics via remote injection within the containment cell and monitored for signs of exposure to SCP-3216. Personnel should complete all review and communication activities within 90 minutes.

Item #: SCP-3216

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of 2/23/19██, SCP-3216-1 is stationary and thus self contained at █████ ████, OR. A 3km exclusion zone, designated Site-███ has been established around the anomaly and is to be monitored by infrared satellite imaging as well as no less than ██ foundation personnel. Once per month, personal are to measure the physical boundary of SCP-3216-1 using on site localized doppler imaging and record any significant deviation which should be reported to Site-19 personnel immediately. Should any civilians or personnel attempt to enter the exclusion zone and approach SCP-3216 they should be restrained and administered Class-A amnestics. Individuals who continue to display this behavior should be terminated immediately.

Instances of SCP-3216-2 which approach the boundary of SCP-3216-1 should be monitored by D-class personnel through CCTV monitors. D-class personnel which demonstrate a desire to approach an instance of SCP-3216-2 should be issued Class-B amnestics or terminated at the discretion of the director of Site-███. Should any instances of SCP-3216-2 attempt to exit SCP-3216-1, security personnel are authorized to use lethal force.

Foundation personnel assigned to Site-███ should be administered a blind polygraph to determine any knowledge of the town present within SCP-3216-1. prior to assignment rotated at two week intervals with no less than ██ personnel stationed at the Site-███ exclusion zone and a total of ███ aggregate personnel assigned to SCP-3216. Any personnel demonstrating interest in SCP-3216-1 or a desire to enter the anomaly should be administered Class-B amnestics and monitored for retention of memories related to SCP-3216. Personnel displaying these memories should be terminated.

Description: SCP-3216 refers to the collection of cognitohazardous effects related to the former Pacific northwest town of █████ ████, OR. Exposure to written or verbal references of █████ ████ will result in the exposed individual developing a desire to visit █████ ████. Amnestic treatment of these symptoms has been met with mixed results, with best results observed when amnestic treatment is administered within the first 4 hours after exposure. Efficacy drops exponentially over the following 16 hours, with rates of successful treatment dropping below 1 percent after 24 hours. Individuals for whom amnestic treatment has failed will invariably attempt to escape foundation custody, obtain transport to █████ ████, and enter SCP-3216-1[See Incident Report IR-3216-01A].

SCP-3216-1 is an anomalous weather pattern which totally envelops the town of █████ ████. The weather pattern is characterized by temperatures ranging from 11.7ºC to 2.2ºC and thick fog. Despite these conditions, precipitation in the form of snowfall is often observed within SCP-3216-1 when the temperature reaches approximately 8.5ºC, although this figure varies ±0.22ºC. Infrared and thermal imaging of SCP-3216-1 indicates temperatures are warmest at the outer perimeter of the anomaly and become colder approaching the center. Likewise, snowfall is more commonly observed closer to the center of the anomaly.

SCP-3216-1 is centered at ██º ██' ██"N ███º ██' ██"W corresponding to a private residence at ████ ████████ Rd. Town records indicate the residence is a two story, single-family house, built in traditional early 20th century bungalow style. Infrared imaging of SCP-3216-1 suggest that this residence is the only in tact building left within the town, and (to the extent possible) eyewitness accounts confirm this. See Exploratory Logs for further information.

SCP-3216-2 are anomalous bipedal organisms. Individuals who visually observe SCP-3216-2 describe conflicting physical forms, although generally, all individuals describe SCP-3216-2 instances as being generally human, diminutive in stature, and usually displaying outward signs of distress or helplessness. Foundation researchers conjecture that this behavior is a predatory mechanism designed to lure prey into SCP-3216-1. Individuals who visually observe SCP-3216, either directly, or through audiovisual or photographic media, will display similar cognitohazardous symptoms as those who learn of █████ ████, OR. Indirect observation carries an indeterminate chance of development of symptoms.