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Note: Only personnel with a Cognitive Resistance Score (CRS) of 7.5 or higher may review SCP-3216 documentation.

Item #: SCP-3216

Object Class: Euclid Safe (Reclassified 2/23/19██)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3216 documentation is stored in a secure research suite (SRS) at Site-33. The suite is a windowless enclosure equipped sound cancelling electronics and a rail equipped harness seat for moving personnel between the airlock and the research suite. At T+90 minutes after entry, the SRS will flood with halothane vapour, incapacitating the researcher, the harness will withdraw to the airlock, and the airlock will flood with Class-D amnestics. After removal, personnel should be immediately quarantined and administered a blind polygraph to determine the retention of any knowledge of SCP-3216-1. Personnel retaining such memories must be terminated.

Containment procedures must be composed on the terminal present within the SRS, with connection protocols routed exclusively to the foundation server ███.███.██.███. Foundation AI DarkWinter will assess commands issued to Site-33 personnel for cognitohazardous properties.

As of 2/23/19██, SCP-3216-1 is stationary and thus self contained at [REDACTED]. A 3km radius exclusion zone, designated Site-███ has been established around the anomaly and is to be monitored by infrared satellite imaging and analyzed by Foundation AI DarkWinter. Once per month, autonomous drones present at Site-███ will measure the physical boundary of the anomaly using site localized doppler imaging and record any significant deviation. Individuals attempting to enter the exclusion zone are subject to the procedures outlined above.

Instances of SCP-3216-2 are monitored by on-site drones via infrared imaging. Should an instance of SCP-3216-2 approach the boundary of SCP-3216-1, Site-███ drones are to immediately terminate the instance using lethal force.

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