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Agents Eskstsentrichny and Eskstsentrichny Personnel File


M. Eskstsentrichny cosplaying as notable scientist and activist Marie Stopes.


1 of 3 known photos of A. Eskstsentrichny smiling, taken at the 20██ Site-172 Christmas party..

Names: Marika Eskstsentrichny and Artur Eskstsentrichny

Security Clearances: Level 3

Positions: Senior Field Agents, clearance 3/800

Center of Operations: Eastern European, Russian Foundation branches.

Profile: Agents Eskstsentrichny and Eskstsentrichny caught the attention of Foundation recruiters while they studied for their masters degrees in intelligence at the University of ████████, ██████.

Shortly after being recruited, the agents were discovered to be under the effects of a mild, incurable psychoanomaly researchers have bewilderingly resorted to calling "true love". Agents Eskstsentrichny and Eskstsentrichny have seen a decrease in productivity of 500% and an increase in homicidal tenancies of 700% when separated, so, for the sake of their quality work and all our lives Agents Eskstsentrichny and Eskstsentrichny are always assigned to work together.

It is unclear wither Agents Eskstsentrichny and Eskstsentrichny have independent personalities. In 20██, the possibility of the two being a uniminded anomaly was briefly investigated, but all leads were found to be inconclusive. Agents and researchers working with Agents Eskstsentrichny and Eskstsentrichny regularly have difficulty determining weather the agents' relationship is "cute" or "disturbing"; either way, discussion of this with Agents Eskstsentrichny and Eskstsentrichny is prohibited. Agents Eskstsentrichny's and Eskstsentrichny's "dry" senses of humor and "defiantly unique" personalites are often described and handled the same way as their relationship.

Official Documentation by Agents Eskstsentrichny and Eskstsentrichny:

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Documentation Regarding Site-187-D

Former Site Designation: Site-187

Decommissioned: ██/██/1999

Description—At Present: Since ██/██/1999, Site-187-D has been demolished and the land around the former location of Site-187-D has been restored to it's pre-site status by Protocol Whitewash. Site number 187 has been reassigned to the current Site-187. The nearby historical site of Delphi, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, prevents development of the land once occupied by Site-187-D.

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