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SCP-XXXX Prior To Containment

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained and have all limbs chained to the chamber floor in a secure research holding cell at Site 19 for further in-depth behavioural examination. Approval from a level 3 supervisor is required to remove SCP-XXXX from its cell prior to transportation all 10 limbs must be securely chained to a mobile transport platform by Class-D's. Under no circumstance must SCP-XXXX's limbs be uncontained anywhere around the facility as that SCP-XXXX is very unpredictable and containment breach could result in needless fatalities.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 1.8 m tall large humanoid creature with ten limbs and a Canid head (for more information on anatomical analysations see Addendum-XXXX-1). At first the Canid head was suggested to be a misleading false rubber mask in early stages of containment, however after further examinations held whilst holding the creature under sedation for 2 hours, doctors and level 3 personnel concluded that the Canid face was in fact a real head and functions like a mix between a Canid and a Human head. The creature is considered to be lethal predator killing anything that it finds to be alive and sentient apart from Human children below the age of 10 years old in which the creature enters a phase of depression and starts to whine. It is unknown how SCP-XXXX calculates age boundary between victims however they vary from Humans and animals but It's dietary needs are mostly satisfied with Human consumption, SCP-XXXX has been found wearing a black long cloak suspected to be made of rough a cotton material covering it's limbs thought to surprise the victims of its anatomical advantage but somehow the top of the cloak is attached to the skin proving a difficult task to remove.

Addendum XXXX-1 (Anatomical Observations)
SCP-XXXX has 6 limbs attached to the torso which act as scythe-like claws that impale victims giving them no chance of escaping whilst bleeding to death. The creature has large human/dog like arms that have proved functional when attacking victims and suggest significant strength through observation of the way the creature tears limbs off Humans. The creature has two short legs with black claws and in comparison to a Human it can run as fast as the average: 8 mph.


SCP-XXXX Analysation

Addendum XXXX-2/O
SCP-XXXX was found in an abandoned harbor administrations office on the coast of ███████ (███████ ██████). The containment teams recovered a very important document relating to the creation of the creature (see council log/S-3) . The containment teams came across 17 corpses laying around the building and many had reached advanced levels of decomposition however all corpses have been identified with the police disappearance records and the data has recently been wiped by data control team 7F.

Council Log/S-3 (Relevant Extract)

███████: "Session is now underway."

█████: "We have obtained an important document relating to how SCP-XXXX was created."

█ ███: "I suspect that it was a mere freak of nature."

████: "That is incorrect █ ███, it seems the Insurgency wants to create more problems for us to clear up."

█████: "Are you suggesting the found document is related to the Chaos Insurgency!?"

██████: "It seems so, the document says about breeding a Human and Canid via genetic and embryonic fusion."

█████: "I'll talk to ██████ about this, until which this conversation is closed. We have other things to discuss…"

Recovered Insurgency Document 01-A (Reduced Classification)