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Item #: SCP-1422

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
The seven specimens forming artifact SCP-1422 are to be locked in a 30x20x10cm steel storage crate, fully padded internally with high-density polyurethane foam. The specimens shall be forcefully inserted within the foam in such a manner that no movement, rotational, translational or vibrational is possible, individually or relative to each other, the crate locked with at least two (2) different locking mechanisms and bolted to the floor of a secure containment cell at Site-19.
To minimize accidental activation or theft risks, in the necessity of relocation the specimens shall not be transported together, at least one (1) specimen shall be relocated after all the others have been contained following the stated procedure at the new location.
UPDATE 11/12/2011

Access to artifact SCP-1422 is prohibited to all personnel unless granted by at least four (4) members of the O5-Command.

SCP-1422 is a collection of seven regular icosahedrons, each having twenty (20) equilateral triangular faces, thirty (30) edges and twelve (12) vertices. The specimens are black (when stationary) and highly polished, with a coefficient of friction of only 0.003 0.00305. Each edge is 4.7 mm long and the size of a specimen is roughly the same as a big hazelnut, however each unit weighs 1.2358 kilograms. Slight variations in weight appear after the 9th decimal, presumably due to different wear patterns in the edges and vertices of each specimen.
The edges and vertices are slightly beveled, recent analysis by Transmission Electron Microscopy revealing slight variations in bevel size and wear patterns consistent with rotational friction. This is remarkable considering the extreme hardness, strength and density of the material the "dice" are made of and the fact that no sampling was possible using conventional methods.
When all seven specimens are in simultaneous rotational motion (i.e. the "dice" are cast) each facet displays slight variations in color, hue and intensity through all the visible spectrum, in a seemingly random manner, until the motion ends and the specimens regain their initial black color. When stationary or cast separately no emissions occur. > UPDATE: Subsequent tests showed that when simultaneously cast, the specimens emit radiation through all the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays.
Due to the extremely low friction coefficient of the specimens, a forceful throw on a fairly smooth surface leads to intricate rotations up to 1 minute long.

Addendum SCP-1422-1:
Initial testing has been conducted using D-Class personnel, by casting the dice with different intensities and on several surfaces. No effect has been noticed by the testing staff other then EM emissions during 190 throws, by different D-Class test subjects.
For throw number 191, test subject D-[unknown] 43863 was presumably brought to the testing chamber, cast the dice for the first time, and when the motions stopped, promptly disappeared. This is highly speculative since camera footage shows no one entering the testing chamber after test subject D-45897 completed throw number 190 and left the room.
The only indication that throw number 191 took place is a sudden spike in the gamma rays readout on the sensors, originating from within the testing chamber, precisely 86 seconds after test subject D-45897 left the room. Testing of artifact SCP-1422 was programmed to take place on 10 test subjects daily for 10 throws each. Test subject D-45897 was the ninth that day and no other D-class personnel was programmed for testing afterwards. This is either an inconceivable administrative blunder or a confirmation that throw number 191 took place with the stated result. …clever!…

Addendum SCP-1422-2:
Subsequent investigation found the following correlations:

Test 1422-45-11/12/2011

At 14:23:57 throw number 45 was initiated. At 14:24:43 rotation of the dice ended. At the same moment, Coddenham Astronomical Observatory in Suffolk, England, observed a new supernova located at R.A. = 14h15m39s.19, Decl. = +46o22'46.2" (equinox 2000.0)

Test 1422-86-11/12/2011

At 16:45:08 throw number 86 was initiated. At 16:45:59 rotation of the dice ended.
At the same moment, cosmic microwave background (CMB) observed by ESA's Planck Surveyor changed temperature from 2.72548K to 2.72097K for 3.5 seconds before returning to normal.

Camera footage from SCP-343's room at Minimal Security Site 17 showed the subject raising Its head in surprise, getting up from Its armchair and clapping Its hands once at 16:46:02, before giving a hearty laugh. Subject was alone at the time. ….Oh, you saw that…well, things were getting a bit hairy, you know…SOMEONE had to step in…

Test 1422-118-11/13/2011

At 08:54:25 throw number 118 was initiated. At 08:55:23 rotation of the dice enBlimey, look at the Time, come on now O-5s, you've had your fun…I'll have my dice back, please.

Oh, and the answer to "What is the purpose of existence?" is: ████████… do you like that? Ha ha…