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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP –x-1 is to be maintained magnetically suspended at least 25 cm from any other solid object at all times, in a 10m x10m x 5m evacuated chamber composed of a single contiguous block of impermeable material with a mass no less than ten metric tons, with a single entrance point consisting of a movable block of the same impermeable material that is itself no less than ten metric tons in mass. The equipment for magnetic suspension shall be placed on either side of SCP-X-1 so that in the event of a failure of the suspension system, SCP-x-1 will fall to the floor of the chamber without coming into contact with any part of the mechanism. In such event, access through the chamber by trained personnel in sterilized vacuum suits is permitted if necessary to return SCP-x-1 to magnetic suspension. At such time, a fully armed containment team shall be standing by on high alert.

No physical contact between anything massing less than ten metric tons and SCP-x-1 is permitted, during this process or at any other time. Any physical object coming into contact with SCP-x-1, and anything that has come into contact with such object and so on, is to be isolated in a similar chamber for observation to determine whether he, she, or it now hosts SCP-x. Once SCP-x’s new host has been positively determined, release or destruction of suspected hosts shall be within the discretion of the level 5 personnel in charge of the incident.

In the event SCP-x escapes containment, SCP-x will attempt to obtain materials listed and more fully described in file SCP-x-B and assemble them as described in the same file. While this makes SCP-x’s movements predictable and will aid in containment efforts – particularly considering the rarity of some of the required materials – it must be emphasized that final assembly of this apparatus is to be prevented at all costs, up to and including the deployment of weapons of mass destruction. File SCP-x-C contains proposed cover stories for such deployment.


SCP-x has no physical qualities by which it can be detected or described. Its present host is a common office paper clip, designated SCP-x-1, into which it was forced with much difficulty by Task Force ██████ during its initial recovery. The paper clip is indistinguishable from any other typical object of its type when at rest, but is animate and capable of independent motion. During its years of suspension, after initial attempts at escape, it has remained at rest for months at a time, but occasionally attempts to communicate by forming letters in the English language. Though it lacks sensory apparatus, it is aware of objects, movement, and sound, including communication made to it verbally or in writing, within approximately 50m of its location, even through the walls of its containment chamber.

SCP-x can migrate into solid physical objects that come into contact with the object serving as its host, animate them if they are inanimate objects, and control them. Either this capability has a lower mass limit or SCP-x finds no utility in entering motes of dust; SCP-x has also never been observed entering gas or liquid. SCP-x may have an upper mass limit as well, though it is not well understood whether it is impossible for it to animate objects over five to seven metric tons or whether it simply takes longer to assume control over such mass. Because of the doubt that exists over the limit of its capabilities, SCP-x’s current host is kept out of contact with air, liquids, and any solid object as much as possible. It is possible to convert SCP-x-1 directly to vapor by applying sufficient heat, but it is unknown whether that will destroy SCP-x or simply unmoor it from its physical host, leaving it to drift until it finds another.


In the event SCP-x attempts to communicate, such efforts should be recorded but not reciprocated. Typically, SCP-x will express that it has only a desire to return to its home and that it finds its present existence indescribably painful. Particularly when it inhabits a human host, its mastery of body language and tone of voice give it a powerful superficial credibility. Personnel should bear in mind that the device SCP-x intends to assemble has the potential to be used to import a theoretically unlimited number of instances of SCP-x to the location of the device in much the same way that a similar device introduced SCP-x itself to the world. In such an event, it is difficult to envision how human life would retain its privileged status on Earth.