First Draft Ever

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Measures: Subject must be fed at least one (1) pint of blood (from any source) everyday to prevent escalation to Keter class. Room is made of one (1) foot of a steel-tungsten alloy. Every week the cell must be checked for any compromising damage to the cell. If damage is found, it must be reported immediately (See Incident 117-343) Room is to made of 10 feet of steel-titanium-tungsten alloy mix suspended over a 152 m shaft in case of escape. Any researchers entering the cell must be accompanied by at least seven (7) armed guards armed with Tesla guns. Armor is pointless as subject can shred through even the toughest armor easily.

Description: Subject is 1.82 meters in height. Appears to be a Caucasian female in their mid twenties. Can speak American English, but has astonishing linguistic abilities as it can learn a language in a few weeks. Constantly requests to be let free. When hungry, subject becomes extremely violent screaming that if we do not free her she will [REDACTED]. This tends to lead to the cell being heavily damaged.

Recovery: Subject was found in [DATA EXPUNGED]. After reports of vanishing's in the area started appearing, the police got involved. Victims were found suffering from Class 2 hemorrhaging and puncture wounds on their throats. In every case, the victims claimed a woman had led them away and the subject can't remember what happen after(See Test-1). After being found, the subject looked to suffering from slight starvation. When approached, subject suddenly lunged forward and started to [REDACTED]. Almost ██ Foundation agents were lost and another █ are permanently handicapped. █ are clinically insane from the experience they saw that day. A small case of needles now called SCP-XXXX-1)

Addendum: Subject claims that they are trying to get back to their universe after a failed teleportation attempt there caused its arrival in our universe.

Addendum 2: On █/██/████ subject looks slightly sick even though it has been properly fed. Requests that its case of needles be returned quickly before [DATA EXPUNGED]. Request temporarily denied to see consequences of actions (See Test-2). Subject given needles the next day. Tests are in progress on effect of needles on human subjects.

Incident 117-343: Before it was documented that blood is required to keep subject calm, a group of researchers went in while subject appeared to be sleep. The subject ran forward [DATA EXPUNGED] and made it through the door before any agents could make it to the area. Subject managed to escape the facility and rampage through a small nearby city. When recaptured, all survivors were given Class B amnesics and relocated. Subject given Keter classification following escape.

Test-1 : Tests were done to determine if the subject (who now requests to be called "Siscoi" which has been granted) has any memetic effects on targets or any other anomalous features. The following are the results.

{{Date: 7/20/████
Test: Memetic Abilities
Subjects: SCP-XXXX and D-7483
Orders: Siscoi is told to bite D-7483 but not drain any blood.
Result: D-7483 panicked and tried to attack Siscoi was [DATA EXPUNGED]. Clean up of [REDACTED] is in progress. Strength is an anomalous ability memetic abilities unconfirmed.

Date: 7/24/████
Test: Superior Physiology
Subjects: SCP-XXXX
Orders: Siscoi is told to sit still.
Result: 200 amps are fired through Siscoi. Subject falls unconscious. 2 hours pass and target regains consciousness. Temperature is decreased to -25°C. Subject shivers for 1 minute, then drops to the ground. Temperature returns to normal and Siscoi gets back up. Poison is placed in the air. Subject breaks through door and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Physiological tests indefinitely ceases.

Date: 7/30/████
Test: Interaction with Human Life
Subjects: Siscoi and Dr.███████
Orders: Siscoi is told to communicate with the researcher.
Result: Read following audio log.}}

Audio Log 21300

Test-2: Tests on human target involving the needles found on Siscoi.

Date: 10/8/████
Test: Effect of SCP-XXXX-1
Subjects: Siscoi and D-3960
Orders: Inject needles in arms at the same time.
Results: D-3960 instantly dies and quickly starts to disintegrate. Siscoi looks extremely hyperactive and shreds the walls of her cell followed by escaping again. Makes it to another country wreaking havoc by the time of apprehension. All tests ceased indefinitely. Needle is only given is subject is on the verge of death. According to multiple blood test, XXXX-1 destroys blood cells rapidly along with diseases. This seems to keep subject alive.

This subject is NEVER to be trusted. Any attempt to tamper or interact with subject without O5 clearance will result in immediate termination and [REDACTED].