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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX shows signs of heavy gamma radiation, as such, the object is to be kept within a radiation-proofed containment cell alongside other radiation-proofed containment cells. Even more importantly, staff who experience the object's radioactive affects are compelled to imbibe the substance inside of the object and must be shot instantly upon taking interest in the bottle. The threshold for 'interest' is yet to be determined.

This is to be avoided at all costs, as when a staff member drinks the unknown, mercurial substance, the object also materializes into a different cell within it's own cell block. This is why it is necessary for the cell block to comprise entirely of radiation-proofed and heavily locked doors for the safety of the staff and so that the object doesn't affect research of other SCP's. Those who ingest the substance are to be left in their respective cells after death. Do not try to destroy the bottle, as it materializes in another location moments after destruction fully refilled.

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the form of a simple white bottle of Russian vodka, unmarked except for a single piece of numbering; the numbers [REDACTED] on the neck of the bottle; these numbers seemingly have a relation to it's unknown manufacturer, therefore the numbers are not to be viewed by those other than Class A personnel. As stated above, the bottle disappears from it's cell upon being consumed, refilling itself automatically over time. Researchers timed the bottle's refilling time to be five minutes, twenty-five seconds.

The liquid is unable to be processed in the laboratory as of ██/██/████. Upon ingestion, the body rapidly experiences a type of flash liquefaction and later vaporization the speed of which is unparalleled by anything seen in an SCP facility thus far. An unconfirmed theory by researchers claims that the object materializes in places that would likely draw the most attention from staff. This suggests that the bottle contains a hypothetical 'mind of its own', another yet unproven theorem. The radiation effect noticeably takes an extended period of time on smaller lifeforms, with humans being affected within 13.5 seconds of exposure and a calf taking 20 seconds to take interest with the bottle.

Perhaps the most deadly aspect is the great lengths that those affected will go to imbibe the substance. One such incident happened involving a staff member horrifically ██████████ their co-worker. Another had a staff member █████████████ a researcher who tried to intervene. The first deadly incident that took place is detailed below in a text recreation of a two minute, thirteen seconds long audio log.

Addendum: Known staff deaths credited to SCP-XXXX and it's radioactive effects: Eighteen as of ██/██/████.
Animal tests on SCP-XXXX: Twenty as of ██/██/████.

(The name of the deceased staff member in question is no longer available for public viewing, as their body is currently undergoing thorough study from the same researchers who witnessed their death.)

Protocol states that the body be left in that specific empty cell to decompose. There was no funeral, and there was no mention of their death ever again.