Secret Section For Special Activities And Arcane Affairs


Come in.

Sit down.

The Catholics are almost always the first to do anything. It's true. Did you know that the Church beat Columbus to North America? The first bishop of GarĂ°ar, Arnaldur, was ordained by the Archbishop of Lund in 1124. Almost a whole 300 years before Columbus was even born.

In the sciences, the Catholics were among the first to seriously consider the idea of heliocentrism. Copernicus's De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium was greatly accepted within the Vatican. And the schools teach the children about Gallileo. The irony.

Even in the paranormal world, the Catholics are ahead. We were the first to say "This is not magic! It is nearly misunderstood." The first command God gave to man was to multiply and subdue the universe, and to the Catholic Church, this call is sacred. Knowlege is control, and control is power, that is the nature of things.

But we cannot let our secrets ring in the eares of everyone.

Some, but not all, of the most siginificant advancementsmade by the church can be attributed to the Disciplinia Arcani. The Disciplinia Arcani is actualy a measure applied to highly sensitive information, relating to technology. Now, contrary to poular belief, the information protected by the Disciplinia Arcani did not start as a set of scientific and paranormal theories given to us by supernatural powers. It was a small piece of priceless information through which the early churched viewed the world, and began to reconcile the paranormal world with natural world. We later expanded it, and protected the information related to it.

The Church has been secretly spiltting the nuclie of atoms several centuries before great-great-great grandparents of J. J. Thompson were even born. The world questions how it will meet its energy demands, while we have learned to make powerplants with an output of seven times the annual energy production rate, and fit them in our pockets. While people were questioning how the balance of 4 fluids affected health, we were growing Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in labs by the thousands. We have modified the human genome. We were also the first to construct a basic theory of thuamaturgy, and built our own little parallel to the SCP Foundation's Scanrton Reality Anchors 30 years in advance.

If we were to somehow release these technologies to the public, or even other esoteric organsiations, the results would be cataclysmic. How do I know? because it happend once.

In the summer of 64, Anno Domini, Rome suffered a massive fire, that consumed 3 4ths of the city. But that's a small portion of the story. A pagan cult had come across a scrap of information protected by the Disciplinia Arcani. As a result, Nero tried to do something. What exactly he did, only the High Inquisitor knows. But we were able to organise a task force, and stop his efforts before they came into full effect. The full extent of the damage was hidden. But it wasn't just a fire that ravaged Rome.

The event was one of the greatest successes and failures of the early Church. We were able to locate the threat quickly enough. But if we hadn't had managed to contain the threat as fast as we did… that would be something close to hell on Earth.

We use the scenario as a baseline for the worst situation the Secret Section for Special Activites and Arcane Affairs could find itself in.

I can't tell you the exact details of the simulations. but I can tell you some of the results. In approximately 18% of all simulations, a reality failure/restructuring event would have occured. in 20% of all simulations, a premature or false eschatological event occured. in 30% of all situations, an end-of-the-world scenario occured, and in 40% of all situations, an imminent demonic presence established itself. In 100% of all situations, the paranormal world was revealed to the public. In the best-case-scenario, technological advancement would reach 3% capacity until 700 AD, and by 2040, the general population would have access to technology availble during the 1940s or 50s. The technology availble to the church would be set back several centuries, and only 5% of the human populace would be left remaining.

That is why we must protect our technology. To perserve the Church.

Like Christ before us, we must die in the dark, so others can live in the light.


Organisation Summary

The Vatican Secret Section for Special Activities and Arcane Affairs is a small but efficient organisation that studies and utilizes anomalies and other paranormal phenomena for the purposes of protecting and preserving the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The primary operatives in this organisation are referred to as "inquisitors." These inquisitors are clergy or laymen who are extremely proficient in certain areas of Knowlege and/or skill sets.

fields like exorcists, demonologists, thaumaturgists aren't the only things inquisitors may specialise in. They can be engineers, business or public administrators, or even accountants. Someone's got to get all those massive donation checks straight.

Life XP to whoever can write a tale about an inquisitor who's a computer technician.

Every dioscese has one inquisitor, and a few more which are embedded in other organisations. However, the Secret Section For Speical Activities and Arcane Affairs more than compensates for this lack of numbers with technology.

It is neccesary to note that comparing an inquisitor to a field agent is like comparing a firework to a Inter Continental Ballistic Missle, equipped with a thermonuclear warhead. Inquisitors are highly competent, and equipped with technology beyond that of most other organisations. Also, some inquisitors are mages/reality benders/some other type of anomalous person.


Like the Foundation in the sense that they prefer to study anomalies objectively, hoping to understand them, and eventually utilize them for the benefit of Humanity. They believe in preserving normalcy, and that humanity must learn to understand the paranormal world.

Like the GOC in the sense that thy utilize paratechnology, and employ a number of thaumaturges and otherwise paranormal operatives. They are also willing to destroy anomalies if they pose a threat to the Holy Church and Christendom.

Like Nobody in the sense that Knowlege about them is heavily obscured to the point that most people don't even know they exist. Inquisitors tend to show up out of the blue to help, hinder, or simply observe the operations of other groups/people.

Like the Horizon Containement Initiative in the sense that they find organisations that 'worship' anomalies disgraceful, and attempt to fight them.