Facility Profile - Sector-25

Jurisdiction: The United Kingdom, Eire, Iceland and Greenland

Sector-25: Facility located in ███████, Salisbury, England. During World War Two direct control of ███████ was turned over to the SCP Foundation by the British Armed Forces; unlike its sister town Imber and nearby hamlet Par Hinton, which served as bases for American military assets, it remained occupied by Foundation personnel and following the war an extensive effort was made by the Foundation to locate and destroy all public records pertaining to the town. In 19██ it was declared a secure site and is today the primary Foundation facility for the United Kingdom.

Facility specialism: Safe and Euclid SCPs found in Britain, Ireland, Iceland and Greenland.

SCPs at Sector-25:

SCP-032 - Cluster of flowers containing fairy-like beings which die if released from the seed pods (SAFE)
SCP-272 - Iron nail that when dropped on a shadow embeds itself in the surface and pins the owner of the shadow; used in a termination attempt on SCP-682 (SAFE)
SCP-287 - Corroded Viking longsword that projects spectral manifestations when electricity is passed through it and is also an overunity conductor (EUCLID)
SCP-325 - Detergent which induces extreme levels of mysophobia and obsession with cleanliness (SAFE)
SCP-432 - Cabinet containing an extra-dimensional maze (SAFE)
SCP-481 - A transferrable pattern of scars which corresponds to a 'town/city' in India; violence in the city causes self-harm attempts on the host (EUCLID)
SCP-507 - Wooden sauna that produces steam containing numerous mind-altering substances (SAFE)
SCP-512 - Umbrella that nullifies gravity above it when opened; unfortunately has the effect of rendering the user a lightning rod (SAFE)
SCP-538 - Species of animate spider shadows whose bites are lethal and dissolve the victim's shadow into more instances of SCP-538 (EUCLID)
SCP-670 - The 'Cotton family', humanoid SCPs whose nervous systems are made out of thread (SAFE)
SCP-708 - Toyota forklift with memetic effects that infantilise the user and remove inhibitions (EUCLID)
SCP-1062 - Copy of New Scientist that that induces perceptual shift, causing the reader to think they have entered another dimension (SAFE)
SCP-1199 - Unending paint tin whose contents dries into living human skin (SAFE)
SCP-1213 - An animate predatory catapult of possible extradimensional origin (SAFE)
SCP-1236 - An early 20th century atlas which when left open diverges from known history and is operating a macrocosmic 'space programme' to try and prevent its closure (EUCLID)
SCP-1388 - Brief-style underwear which cause the wearer to believe they are a superhero (SAFE)
SCP-1416 - A 16th century Native American teapot which lets you experience the life of a person whose flesh was used to prepare the tea (SAFE)
SCP-1418 - An ornate liturgical comb which rapidly transforms whoever wears it into an animated corpse of its former owner; MC&D connection (SAFE)
SCP-1477 - A child's oven capable of causing nuclear transmutation; instrumentation no longer reliable (SAFE)
SCP-1552 - Dog whose reflection is persistent and transforms reflective surfaces into live close-ups of itself - (SAFE - was EUCLID for a time)
SCP-1729 - Driverless taxis which will attempt to pick up and dismember victims (EUCLID)
SCP-1808 - Six children's wristwatches which cause accelerated bone growth when worn - used by MC&D as torture devices prior to containment (SAFE)

SCP-075 - Large snail whose secretions are highly corrosive (EUCLID)
SCP-077 - Skull covered in runes that emits a degenerative gas if the runes (which change once a month) are not read aloud each day (EUCLID)
SCP-266 - 'Will-o'-the-Wisps' who feed on warmth (causing hypothermia) and can imitate certain English words (EUCLID)
SCP-278 - Giant semi-autonomous spider-robot (SAFE) - appeared publicly but presented as a theatrical group
SCP-294 - Coffee vending machine able to vend seemingly impossible liquids (EUCLID)
SCP-367 - Single-celled organism superficially resembling a dog that increases in density as it consumes biomass and reproduces asexually (EUCLID)
SCP-733 - A pair of scissors which when used to excise a person from a photo removes them from reality (SAFE)
SCP-773 - A dartboard with a possible MC&D connection; a person whose name is written on the dart experiences harm when it's thrown (SAFE)
SCP-841 - A wooden puppet which imprints onto its user and causes dangerous feedback loops when manipulated; MC&D connection (SAFE)
SCP-982 - A window (with MC&D connection) leading to 1875 Chicago; the world beyond the window 'resets' every 26 hours
SCP-989 - A salver found in Wales which generates a sucrose powder that suspends itself in the air when thrown; MC&D connection (SAFE)
SCP-1140 - A chest of drawers containing an 'imaginary friend' called Mr Gurgles who attacks people who reach into the drawer (SAFE)
SCP-1194 - Broken toy whose electronic component produces the creation of a living, full-sized horse (SAFE)
SCP-1408 - A Victorian memory-altering machine, missing several key parts and non-operational since 1851 (SAFE)
SCP-1847 - A serial killer who supernaturally manifests on flights to the UK, uses an ornate dagger to kill women and turn them into jewellery - MC&D connection (EUCLID)
SCP-1875 - A chess-playing automaton seemingly capable of transmitting wireless signals and demonstrating signs of sentience (EUCLID)

Sites under Sector-25's authority:

Site-33: Based in Birmingham, focusing on Keter-class memetic threats. Decommissioned for a time but now back in service with a wider remit
SCP-419 - Pane of glass serving as a window on a seemingly non-Euclidian world, now in a post-apocalyptic state (SAFE)
SCP-554 - Mechanical structure which causes the last person but one to see the corpse underneath it to disappear. (EUCLID)
SCP-638 - A severely burned man with powers of mental suggestion, especially over women (KETER)
SCP-1043 - Bags of concrete with the ability to self-construct into a number of designs (EUCLID)
SCP-1060 - Unaware Penanggalan that eats in situ fetuses and shrinks itself with vinegar to re-enter its body (EUCLID)
SCP-1314 - Copy stored in Site-33's computers. Mathematical equations with compulsive and memory-wiping effects (SAFE)

Site-60: High-security facility near Sheffield; holds Euclid and Keter SCPs.
SCP-1447 - Deranged Tibetan monk - a tulpa - which moves impossibly fast; obsessed with killing its creator (KETER)
SCP-625 - Species of rat whose saliva contains a local anaesthetic and who feed from living livestock (EUCLID)
SCP-1790 - A reincarnating serial killer, currently a 33-year-old Hispanic female, obsessed with resurrecting Qays ibn al-Mulawwah (KETER)

Site-67: Small facility for high-risk SCPs. Abandoned after 3-digit SCP broke containment. Psychiatric Evaluation Log 47721.
Note: Site 67 now refers to a facility 'southwest of Chernhiv, Ukraine'. 'Dr Coleman' was involved in the incident that led to the closure of the original site.

Site-916: Containment facility located in a forest preserve with primary responsibility for preventing public access to SCP-1181.
SCP-1181 - An area in a game preserve which when activated creates symmetrical clones of whatever is inside the area (SAFE)

LOCATION UNCONFIRMED: Bio-Research Area-12: Biological and especially human-type SCPs housed for test purposes.

SCP-002 - A 'living room' discovered in Portugal of possible alien origin (EUCLID)
SCP-007 - Caucasian male with a microplanet replacing part of his torso (SAFE/EUCLID)
SCP-010 - Six mind-control collars and a controller (SAFE)
SCP-016 - Blood-borne pathogen causing mutation (KETER)
SCP-017 - Humanoid shadow-being that engulfs and disappears any object that casts a shadow on it (KETER)
SCP-021 - Living tattoo that eats pigment, conferring some benefits (SAFE)
SCP-040 - Young girl wearing an organic garment with powerful matter restructuring and telepathic abilities (EUCLID)
SCP-041 - Vegetative male human with powerful telepathic receiving and emitting powers (SAFE)
SCP-053 - Young girl whose presence causes irrational, paranoid and homicidal thoughts - attempting to kill her causes a heart attack/seizure (EUCLID)
SCP-054 - Sentient humanoid water entity (SAFE)
SCP-135 - Young girl who causes carcinogenic cell immortality in all surrounding material including her own body (EUCLID)
SCP-143 - Sakura trees with razor-sharp petals and extremely strong wood (EUCLID)
SCP-150 - A tongue louse adapted to homo sapiens and capable of attaching to any organ. The host is eventually compelled to sever the limb (EUCLID)
SCP-153 - Nematode worms able to impersonate the mouths of sink drains and toilets to lure prey (EUCLID)
SCP-158 - Mechanical surgical arm that can seemingly extract the 'soul' from a living organism (EUCLID)
SCP-171 - Foam-like colony of microscopic organisms capable of integrating human beings (EUCLID)
SCP-202 - Asian-British man whose bodily functions operate in reverse and feels compelled to speak and move in reverse (SAFE)
SCP-214 - Ex-Agent of the Foundation; bodily fluids are now a contagious biohazard and objects disappear in his vicinity (EUCLID)
SCP-542 - 'Frankenstein's monster' made up of various body parts who patches himself with new organs as they fail (EUCLID)
SCP-592 - Assume this designation refers to a deceased SCP as it was listed as a humanoid SCP stored at Bio-Research Area-12
SCP-827 - A 'Soup Bowl' able to rapidly grow samples of tissues placed in it
SCP-939 (partial) - Dismembered pieces of SCP-939-101 in cold storage (endothermic self-replicating pack-based predators) (KETER)
SCP-1105 (partial) - Backup spore samples of hive mind mobile fungus (SAFE) - rest transferred to an unknown site
SCP-1116 (partial) - Remains of 1116-7 in cold storage - cateleptic humanoids capable of accessing wireless networks (EUCLID)

SCP-042 - A horse with what appear to be the remains of wings. Lethargic and suicidal (SAFE)
SCP-181 - A supernaturally lucky man who drains the fortune from his immediate environment (SAFE)
SCP-182 - Passive telepath, continued exposure to which will result in a mental breakdown (EUCLID) - in a facility in Greenland
SCP-811 - Swamp-dwelling female creature with degenerative mucus; brought in for X-rays - inconclusive (EUCLID)

SCP-1542 - Sentient toxic humanoid incorporating medical identification (EUCLID)

Site-██ - An ecological containment unit for SCP-1010, the 'Green Man':
SCP-1010 - leafy humanoid capable of accelerating growth in non-plant species and impregnating human beings or either sex (SAFE)
SCP Processing Facility 21 (Iceland):
SCP-619: Pair of jeans that originally replenished the same amount of money in its pockets. Most recently other items have begun to appear (SAFE)
Zackenburg (Greenland):
SCP-1968: Torus containing neutronium which deforms when handled; spectulated to alter the whole universe, leaving only the user unaffected (KETER)

Unknown sites:
SCP-207 - Crate containing Coca-Cola; offers increase in motor, reaction and psychological functions but after 38 hours causes death from organ failure (SAFE)
SCP-300 - A perfume reflecting idyllic scenes of Victoriana: possible telepathic or memory-affecting qualities (SAFE)
SCP-521: British postbox; posts made with it induce suicide in the sender and the original letter is replaced in transit with a death certificate (EUCLID)
SCP-023 - Eyeless canine entity responsible for the deaths of hundreds of personnel since '94 (EUCLID, BEING CONSIDERED FOR KETER)
SCP-635 - 13th century manuscripts from a ruined Irish monastery apparently bearing programming language and which induces a compulsion to build self-replicating robots (EUCLID)
SCP-1105 - Hive mind mobile fungus (SAFE)

On-site containment:
SCP-022 - A morgue that redirects corpses from other morgues and animates them. The hospital has been closed and turned into a small facility (EUCLID)
SCP-291 - Small building containing a coffin that can dissemble and reassemble living beings (SAFE/EUCLID)
SCP-349 - Cemetary near Bath, England - generates graves of those who supposedly gained immortality with spiteful or vindictive epitaphs (SAFE)
SCP-358 - Abandoned trauma center - seems haunted and causes rapid dehydration and heat exhaustion (EUCLID)
SCP-642 - Springs which induce diploid fertilisation (lethal to men) and abort pregnancies respectively (EUCLID)
SCP-722 - Terrestrial serpent coiled throughout caverns in Greenland; sleeping (waking up as Greenland melts) but skin secretes a potent toxin (KETER)
SCP-723 - Ruined church in a sparsely populated location - ascent of the staircase causes rapid ageing and decay, which doesn't bother the victim (SAFE)
SCP-1017 - Unexplained 'ghost trains' operating on the London Underground; run without a driver and can become dangerous if the absence is noticed (EUCLID)
SCP-1211 - Ruined castle in Ireland that induces grandiose delusions and eventually kills all males over the age of 35 who enter (EUCLID)
Site-1251-██ - Mobile containment unit designed to track and secure SCP-1251, a anomaly in the road network that relocates once a month (EUCLID)
SCP-1678 - An inverted subterranean mirror image of the City of London inhabited by automatons - (EUCLID)
SCP-1777 - Specter which manifests to visitors of Arran Island, Scotland. Appears to be neutralised after handing its sword to Bernard Scrivens (SAFE/NEUTRALISED)
SCP-1878 - An anomalous 'milkround' which delivers an irradiated milklike substance (EUCLID)

Groups of interest:
Marshal, Carter and Dark Ltd is based in London and is considered a major Group of Interest.

Past SCPs/events/minor items:
SCP-405 - An outbreak occured in Wales
SCP-460 - Has appeared in Liverpool and Ireland
SCP-1425 - A reality-weakening 'self-help' book produced by the Fifth Church. Sector-25 was heavily infiltrated by Fifthist cultists, who represented the situation
in Britain as under control, when in fact it was degenerating rapidly, causing an 'existential shift' in London during a royal parade that nearly breached Foundation secrecy. Prince Harry is the subject of the only 1425 event since Operation Stargazer (a massive effort to purge the book).

Log of Extranormal Events
A Welsh village was found abandoned with the population comatose in a nearby field. Amnesiacs and payoffs used to evacuate the area. No reoccurance.

Log of Anomalous Items
England: Gravity-defying slinky toy, metal gauntlet that does not conduct heat
Scotland: Ikea-brand wall clock which disappeared and reappeared once a second (disappeared permanently), vine charcoal which writes anomalous messages
Wales: Wedding invitation that changes every six hours
Ireland: A spear similar to the Gae Bolg (tends to home in on its thrower, though) (incinerated)
CLX-1337-A - A wooden cup bearing the inscription 'Joseph of Arimathea' with 'GALAH' on the base in pre-Norman British script (incinerated)
EXC-410 - A 5th century sword bearing the legend 'caledfwlch' (disposed of)

Protagonists of note:
Dr Aeish
Dr Driesch - Up-and-coming mover and shaker associated with SCP-158
Dr Edison
Kain Pathos Crow - One of the Foundation's chief librarians. Currently a dog.
Agent Gursh - Known for being bested by a chair (SCP-040-1)
Dr Rolfus - Unpleasant researcher currently assigned to SCP-1447
Professor Skali Sharpnose - Participant in the Great Researcher Prank War using SCP-294
'Swampless Thing' - Nickname for the slovenly, chain-smoking, but efficient Chief Storeman of Sector-25. Often roped into containment duties.
Dr Epiphany "Piff" Trebuchet - Level 2 Researcher and Animal Enrichment Specialist (works with biological Euclid-class)
Dr. David Van Scoy - Researcher with SCP-619
Agent ████████ - originally in charge of SCP-1552 and reassigned to SCP-1251 after a major incident. Subsequently had a nervous breakdown and was taken off active duty.

SCP-028 revealed [EXPUNGED] structures in the earth below Greenland - almost certainly SCP-722
The Foundation has a 'Greater London' recon force.


  • SCP-030 was recovered by the Greater London task force and is stored at Site-62, but this does not seem to be UK-based as it is host to SCP-004, which mentions a 'Sheriff', SCP-573, found in Louisiana and SCP-108 (found in the nose of an African-American woman). Conclusion - SCP-030 was transferred to an American facility.
  • SCP-1156, a speaking cockney horse under the belief other horses can speak. Clearly found in Britain given the interview, but stated to be stored at Site-73, which is overtly stated on the Secure Facilities Location page as being in Tibet. Possibly the Secure Outdoor Testing Facility is in Britain or 1156 was transferred to Tibet due to that site's superior equestrian knowledge.
  • SCP-1867, a talking slug who believes himself to be Victorian explorer "Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood". Clearly associated with England and gives an English addresss, but is established as being at the same facility as 682 and Publius, the latter of whom is placed at Site-19 (and it's inconceivable 682 would be anywhere else). Site-19 is unambiguously in America.