Item #: SCP-2287

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All knowledge of the nature of SCP-001 is to be restricted to members of O5 command exclusively. Under no circumstances is any information regarding the anomaly to be discussed, processed, understood, or comprehended by any being outside of the O5 command.

Description: SCP-2287 is essentially a self-ensuring anti-meme. The anomaly manifests itself as the knowledge of the knowledge of the lack of knowledge distribution in relation to any idea, regardless of how it is communicated. Upon forming an understanding of the anomalous nature of lack of crucial information, the entity will begin consuming and redacting information beginning at the starting point where the individual realized the anomaly before spreading outward, this eventually resulting in the elimination of all previously known ideas, and by expected extension, the knowledge of the anomaly itself.

For reasons currently unexplained, the anomaly specifically avoids affecting individuals who have crossed the proper channels and regulations to become members of the O5 council. It is also known that a specific lack of concurrent and active thought concerning SCP-2287 and its affect by all members of the O5 council will lead to the reversal of the normal affect. Considering the fact that quick knowledge distribution of the anomaly to the entire population of Earth is neigh impossible, it is agreed that the reversal affect could lead to a ZY Time and Reality Paradox Scenario, the cause being the endless back and forth of information distribution, consumption, and redaction.