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Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-#### is to be kept in a secure container with access limited to Level 3 personnel or above when not in use. Testing or dismantling the item for maintenance, research, or security purposes requires a RR-7J4 request form signed by the Division Security head and countersigned by Level 5 or better Administration personnel. Connecting SCP-#### to Corridor 8-A requires a Work Order RD-775A form signed by the overseeing Level 3 technician. Recordings must be made of all security network traffic when the item is in use and turned in to the Division Security head at the end of the procedure. All forms must be kept with the dissembler/connector team during the procedure and must be turned in to Division Security no less than six hours after authorization.

Description: SCP-#### is a standard LJ-2239-DX security camera used at SCP facilities from ██-██-19██ to ██-██-20██. Under most circumstances, the camera functions within the specified parameters of all LJ-2239-DX items, but when connected to the security framework in Corridor 8-A in SCP Facility [REDACTED], the security system will display a future SCP Containment Breach within the facility.

All video and audio displayed in the security system is timestamped, giving an exact date and time as to when the Containment Breach will occur. The cause of the breach is never recorded (the security system will display only the time period after the breach has taken place) and the length of the recording varies wildly, only ending when either the Containment Breach is resolved (with the the breaching item returned to containment, destroyed, or escaping from SCP Facility [REDACTED]), the camera is disconnected from the network, or the deactivation of the security network during the Containment Breach. As of ██-██-20██, no pattern has been discerned regarding when or which SCP will be involved in a Containment Breach; there is no known order relating to date (some recorded Breaches may be months or even years in the future, while others are mere hours), SCP number, or SCP classification.

Only the security network in SCP Facility [REDACTED] is displayed on the monitors and only sound and video captured by the security network is recorded; attempts to connect the security network of SCP Facility [REDACTED] to a larger network consisting of all SCP Facilities have failed been worked around via the construction of the Global SCP Monitoring Facility in SCP Facility [REDACTED] (see attached GSCPMF Proposal).

The object appears stock and unaltered and can be disassembled, reassembled, and have parts changed without any apparent change in behavior.


Analysis of the radio chatter and security camera images provided by SCP-#### typically provide more than enough information to identify the cause of the breach, making it an invaluable diagnostic and recovery tool for the SCP Foundation. To date, SCP-#### has been instrumental in preventing thirty-seven (37) Containment Breaches from all classifications, and dramatically reducing the losses involved in seventeen (17).