sedative - draft 1 ( title will be "broken metal" )

Item # : SCP-3980


SCP-3980 Post-Containment

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3980 is to be contained on Site ██ in a standard fireproof containment safe unlock-able via numeric keypad. The code for the keypad is [REDACTED]. Containment safe must be routinely inspected. Any faults discovered on the containment safe must be repaired and or replaced with a new safe. All Level 2 and above personnel are to have access to SCP-3980 only with permission from the current Senior Researcher responsible for SCP-3980.

Description: SCP-3980 is a piece of unrefined iron approximately the size of an average male hand. SCP-3980 was discovered near the ██████ Mountain Region in Nepal, August of 20██ by Field Agent Samoa. SCP-3980's anomalous properties consist of giving any sentient being within 10m of SCP-3980, almost instantaneous proficiency in anything said sentient being is attempting to accomplish. Subjects exposed to SCP-3980's anomalous properties will accomplish their tasks with incredible amounts of haste and precision whilst being fairly efficient in doing so. The anomalous properties of SCP-3980 were documented by a villager which was in possession of SCP-3980. It was noted by the villager that " This metal is ( very, mostly ) [ incomprehensible ]. " Agent Samoa contacted local foundation officials and SCP-3980 was contained and transferred to Site ██ in surprising haste and efficiency. The villager in possession of SCP-3980 was given Class A Amnesiacs and was allowed to live. No other civilians have seen or have realized SCP-3980 or it's anomalous properties. View Extraction Logs and Testing Logs.


Further experimentation on SCP-3980 have been halted due to [REDACTED].