SCP-3913 - Full Throttle Command

Item #: SCP-3913

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3913 and all SCP-3913-X-n are to be held in seperate standard containment cells for humanoids. Since an on-site incident (see report 3913-B-2) the noise protection of SCP-3913's cell must achieve STC 50+ (Sound Transmission Class 50 or higher).

Due to high interest in ongoing research, contact with SCP-3913 is unavoidable. However, these rules are to be observed:

Direct interactive contact to SCP-3913 is not advised. SCP-3913 may communicate via a One-Word-Terminal (see below, liaison utilities, OWT) with randomly rotated alternated staff only. A minimum requirement of five (5) active Communication Approved Personnel (CAP) must be registered with the OWT to allow communication. Approvable personnel must succesfully pass SCP-3913-A certification and must be of clearence level 4 or higher.
Eye contact with SCP-3913 is to be avoided by all means; dermal contact is not permitted until further research has been conducted (see below, liaison utilities, EDIs).
Sound and image recordings (still and video) of SCP-3913 are prohibited.
If unavoidable, SCP-3913 may be contacted by pre-selected (see below, selection criteria) Contact Personnel (CP), designated and numbered SCP-3913-C-n, where n is a sequential number. Contact personnel are reclassified immediately post-contact as SCP-3913-X-n, retaining their assigned sequential number.
Containment cells for SCP-3913-X-n has to be spatially close due to SCP-3913's nature.
All SCP-3913-X-n are to be contained and considered inherently and highly violent. The individuals may be terminated or kept on site for further research.

One termination chamber is to be held operative at all times.

An annual review and auditing day has been established and adhered to since the day of detainment of SCP-3913. On that day all containment procedures, the subject's status and research status are to be reviewed; the annual date is the 30th of April.

Liaison Utilities (EDIs, OWT)

Contact Personnel (CP) Selection Criteria

Entity SCP-3913 has been detained in an international effort on April 30th, 19██ in ██████, ███████. It is being held under special containment at its current site since 19██.

SCP-3913 appears to observers as a humanoid 'elderly' male of non-descript age; it is generally considered to be of good will and mostly appears good-natured and in several cases humorous and in most cases as slightly weak or at least "out of shape".
It easily persuades individuals to help it in various tasks. Descriptions paint a picture of a slightly overstrained or faintly helpless individual.

Tasks may range from simple provisioning runs to long term missions (see Task Assignment Studies).

Individuals, tasked by SCP-3913, (further called Task Bearers, or TBs), tend to exceedingly overestimate the importance and range of their assignments.

As far as research shows, tasks can be carried over visual and audible stimuli. It also carries over analogue and electronic recordings. Once a TB self-assigns/accepts the task or recognises it as a task (which results in self-assignment), it is safe for others to access the recordings without being tasked. Several studies regarding multiple simultanous assignment and copying of unassigned tasks have been planned but are currently postponed until further notice.

Addendum, March 30th, 19██:
All research on SCP-3913 has been declared too dangerous and expensive and has been postponed until further notice.

Addendum, March 30th, 20██:
Due to the progress in virtual reality technologies, resuming of research has been suggested. The project lead is currently calling for suggestions. If interested, you may contact █████.██████@research.scp.███ . Please add your detailled proposal and budgetary plans. All research projects must be fully (cross-)financed to be considered!

Incident Reports

Report SCP-3913-B-2

Report SCP-3913-B-3

Task Assignment Studies

TAS SCP-3913-D-1 through SCP-3913-D-5 [deleted]

TAS SCP-3913-D-6

TAS SCP-3913-D-6 is a predictability study.

TAS SCP-3913-D-7 through SCP-3913-D-12 [deleted]

TAS SCP-3913-D-13

TAS SCP-3913-D-13 is a feasability study.

TAS SCP-3913-D-13 [in planning phase]

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