(Work In Progress SCP) "Alastar"

Item #: SCP-3004

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3004 is to be contained in a 5x5x5 meter cell, made entirely of concrete. Should it enter it’s “BloodLust” stage, the entire building must immediately go on full lockdown. If attacked by SCP-3004, all personnel are permitted to shoot on sight, killing SCP-3004 if necessary.

Description: SCP-3004 is a quadruped creature, with a genetic structure most similar to the Norwegian Forest Cat. standing about 4” tall at shoulder height, and 8” from the tip of the object’s nose to the tip of the object’s tail. It’s tail it tipped off with a large bladelike structure resembling a scythe. The “scythe” is covered in serrated spines, the tips of which are only a single molecule wide. The object’s head resembles that of a cat or fox, however, it’s ears are much larger proportionally compared to the rest of the head. Most of SCP-3004’s body is covered in a thick, black overcoat of fur, although there is a silky, glossy, purple undercoat as well. There are several odd, bright blue markings on SCP-3004’s face, resembling stripes of some sort. Their purpose, if there is one, is unknown. The object’s eyes are also fairly large for such a creature, and are able to see only the color spectrum visible to humans. Large wings, covered in black feathers, spread from the object’s back, with a span of fourteen(14) feet.

Addendum: SCP-3004 has two stages: Docile, and BloodLust. During it’s Docile stage, SCP-3004 is extremely passive, oftentimes friendly, and will only attack personnel if significantly or purposefully harmed. (i.e. slashed with a knife, shot at, etc.). During the Docile stage, SCP-3004 is also sentient, capable of interacting with personnel, and maintaining lengthy, meaningful conversations.

SCP-3004 will enter it’s BloodLust stage only during what it refers to as a Blood Moon. it is currently unknown whether or not it is referring to a lunar eclipse, however, all occurrences of it’s BloodLust stage have been during a lunar eclipse. When it enters it’s BloodLust stage, SCP-3004 will back into a corner of it’s cell, retreating as far from the door as possible. The object will begin emitting an extraordinarily high-pitched screech-like sound, at the very top of the human hearing spectrum. The screech has been known to shatter glass, and cause extreme damage to any living organisms able to hear it, including internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, and in some extreme cases, shattering of bones. Massive talons will eject from it’s rear paws, measuring up to one(1) meter in length. The edges of said talons are also one(1) molecule wide, and will cause extreme damage to anything that touches them. Large, plated, reptilian scales will emerge from beneath it´s skin, covering SCP-3004’s fur completely. The scales are made of an unknown metal, far harder than titanium. A second set of eyes will emerge, located behind the first. The second set is mismatched, and the right eye can see in the infrared spectrum, while the left eye can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Both eyes of the second set are able to move independently of each other, and often do so. A “mane” of spines, which are made of the same unknown metal as it’s scales, will burst from SCP-3004’s neck. The purpose of these spines is currently unknown. SCP-3004 is to be considered a Keter-class object for the duration of the BloodLust stage, as it will behave with extreme aggression, and attack anything that it sees moving. If there is a barrier between SCP-3004 and a living organism, it will repeatedly attack the barrier until the barrier is broken, then target the aforementioned organism.

It’s anomalies are only active during SCP-3004’s BloodLust stage, as well. After the object’s transformation has taken place, SCP-3004 will exhale a dark red gas, comprised mostly of water vapor, as well as an unknown chemical. The unknown chemical has proven to be extremely deadly, and has been known to cause hallucinations, internal bleeding, extreme psychological damage, and in the worst cases, insanity or death to humans. It is unknown why humans specifically are the main target of SCP-3004’s BloodLust stage. There is no discrimination of targets between race, gender, nationality, etc.

For the duration of the day prior to the eclipse, SCP-3004 will act frightened, warning all personnel to flee. It seems to know what happens during it’s Bloodlust stage, and claims to have no control whatsoever over it’s body during it’s BloodLust stage. The object will always weep uncontrollably the day after the event, claiming to mourn for those it has killed.


Date: ██/█/████
Interviewed: SCP-3004 (Docile stage)
Interviewer: dr.██████

SCP-3004 paces the cell, until dr.██████ arrives in the cell, at which point SCP-3004 pauses, looking at dr.██████ curiously.

<interview begins>

Dr.██████: hello, SCP-3004.

SCP-3004: (looks up at dr.██████, it’s curiosity more intense.) hhhellyo? Hhhellyo?(untillegible, assumed to be “hello”. All speech from SCP-3004 seems slurred, as if it has trouble speaking human languages.) whhhhoo isss you?

Dr.██████: I am dr.██████.

SCP-3004: hhhrm? [SCP-3004 tilts it’s head in what appears to be confusion]

Interview 1 (continued):
Dr.██████: I have a couple of questions that I’ve been assigned to ask you today. Shall I begin?

SCP-3004: iiii… itsss…. Ooookayyy…

Dr.██████: where did you come from?

SCP-3004: III…. III donnnnt knnnowwww… jusssst.. The forrrresssst…. Mayyyybe… donnnt knnnowwww….

Dr.██████: [writes on his notepad for a moment] do you have a name?

SCP-3004: Alasssstarrrr. Issss… nnnname….
Dr.██████: [more writing on notepad] who gave you your name?

SCP-3004: thhhhe… thhhhe whhhitecoatssss…

Dr.██████: the whitecoats? Can you elaborate?

SCP-3004: thhhhe… whhhhitecoatsss… thhhhey look liiiike… liiiike… hhhuman. Withhhh bi, whhhhite coat thhhat hhhhassss mannny nnneedlessss annnd pennnnsss…. [SCP-3004 appears to shudder after naming the “whitecoats”] thhhhey… thhhhe ffffirsssst onesssss I ssssee…. Whhhhen waaake up….

Dr.██████: [finishing notes] thank you, SCP-3004. We-[dr.██████ is interrupted by SCP-3004]

SCP-3004: whhho… isssss… Sssss….Ceeee….Peeee… tree thhhhousssin fffor?

Dr.██████: that is you. You are SCP-3004.

SCP-3004: rrrrrr?

<dr.██████ leaves, as interview ends.>

<SCP-3004 curls into a circle near the rear corner of it’s cell, falling into a sleep-like state.>

Interview 2:
Date: ██/██/████
Interviewed: SCP-3004 (Docile stage)
Interviewer: ███████

<a lunar eclipse is scheduled to occur tonight. SCP-3004 is pressed against the right-rear corner of it’s cell, appearring frightened.>

< ███████ enters the cell>

SCP-3004: nyuuu(untillegible: no? nya?) pleasssse. Go. leavvvvve. Runnnnn. Nnnnnyuuut…. Ssssafe hhhhhhere…. Nnnnnnighhhhtmarrre…. Hhhhappennnn… sssssoonnnnn….
<SCP-3004 persistentantly begs for ███████ to leave, not stopping until the interview is canceled, and ███████ has left the cell.