Item #: SCP-3147

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3147 is too be kept in locked wooden box at all times and is not to come into contact with any person under any circumstance. Should SCP-3147 be found missing, a containment breach is to be announced and MTF Unit Zulu-9 "Boys of Berlin" are to patrol all nearby synagogues, mosques and any other places of worship (besides Christian Churches).

Description: SCP-3147 is a strip of blood stained red cloth measuring 15cm x 7cm. It's origins are unknown but have been theorised (see ammendum SCP-3147-A).

If a person is come into contact with SCP-3147 their mental state detorates rapidly. Subjects exposed to SCP-3147 (henceforth referred to as SCP-3147-1) begins to express anti-semitic views. As exposure to SCP-3147 increases SCP-3147-1's views become now extreme, eventually turning into views found in Nazi Ideology. Once this stage takes place SCP-3147-1 will attack any person labelled as 'undisireable' according to Nazi Ideology.

Ammendum SCP-3147-A: It is theorised that due to the effects of SCP-3147, that it is a fragment of flag from Nazi Germany.