Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the impossibility of containment and effective tracking of SCP-XXXX entities any media to report them are to be given the false claim that they do not exist, that they are weather balloons, light phenomena, experimental military aircraft, and any other suitable explanation for the footage or images in question. Foundation satellites and Foundation imaging and recording equipment are to continue to be upgraded to obtain clear and precise pictures and scans of SCP-XXXX entities.

Description: SCP-XXXX are a species of amorphous non-hostile flying entities. They are able to levitate and fly
through the Earth's atmosphere, usually at altitudes between 1.5 and 50,000 kilometers. They move at speeds between 50 and 460 km/h for approximately 5 to 80 minutes. Entities will then displace and remanifest an undetereminate amount of time later. They will sometimes maintain a straight trajectory, a curved trajectory, stay stationary, or they will circle in the air; those that have been observed to travel in groups or so happen to meet one another have been seen to perform these movements in unison.

Radar scans would ping an SCP-XXXX's location, but SCP-XXXX will appear as the aerial vehicle the scans are searching for; making said vehicles appear to fly slower or faster than there normal makes and models or at heights such vehicles can't be in. During events where an SCP-XXXX appear on military radar, an investigation would normally occur. In most cases when vehicles near SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX will displace. In cases in which it was ordered to be fired upon, SCP-XXXX will stagger at it's current altitude but it's trajectory will stay constant. Roughly 10-30 seconds later SCP-XXXX will displace. When collisions occur, SCP-XXXX will completely vanish alongside said vehicle. These vehicles may reappear in the same area where it disappeared days to weeks later with the passenger(s) aboard deceased or missing. An SCP-XXXX entity does not change course or trajectory when such events occur and it is to be advised that all military aircraft avoid SCP-XXXX and Foundation agents embedded in Air Traffic Control Centers near frequent SCP-XXXX hotspots to lead airplanes away from SCP-XXXX as best they can.

SCP-XXXX entities are known to "rest" in quiet and low populated areas (10 to 40 people per square mile) for 6 to 9 hours at a time. At this point it will assume a form based on the subconscious thoughts of those in it's mile long radius. It will give off a low "humming" sound similar to that of cooling fans on computer devices. This sound has no effect on people and the hum instantly ceases when entering it's one meter radius, in which it will release deadly heat (enough to cause 3rd burns) and instense radiation (enough to cause radiation poisoning).

At a distance of 2 kilometers when SCP-XXXX is seen, it will take the form of a nearly solid conscious collective of what those who are seeing it believe it is. It usually takes the form of "flying saucers", alien spacecraft and, in some areas where religious persons reside, a typical depiction of an angel, a typical depiction of God, other gods, religious figures, or as a bright light. In events like this all witnesses are to receive amnestics and media coverage is to be blocked. SCP-XXXX entities do not seem to prefer mass sightings of itself and will fly away from the view of such persons or displace again.

It can be tested upon in this resting period but any efforts to contain it are impossible because once it is done "resting" it will disappear or fly away. It is also difficult to conduct any tests because of the deadly radiation SCP-XXXX gives off that burns all matter in a one meter radius. SCP-XXXX will hover about twelve inches above the ground and assume a form about the size of an average human being or a medium sized tank.

It will also excrete a clear gelatinous substance, SCP-XXXX-1, that's made of elements not currently found on the Periodic Table of Elements or anywhere in the Foundation database. Experiments with SCP-XXXX-a found no other properties or effects than being gelatinous and harmful to humans if consumed or to have contacted the skin. It does not carry over any SCP-XXXX properties. Every SCP-XXXX resting spot that is discovered are to be scrubbed clean.

Because of this behavior SCP-XXXX entities are spotted by humans on a semi-regular basis, but because of their anomalous effects on human perception (which extends to any and all recording devices) most people will claim that an entity is an unidentified flying object (UFO), which is the popular belief of what people believe they are. Currently there are so much as ██ SCP-XXXX entities on Earth with no known manifestation points, SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX-2-, regularly manifest and demanifest instances, increasing and decreasing SCP-XXXX entity population (see Addendum XXXX-1).

Even though such pictures are almost to never clear such pictures of SCP-XXXX are all but impossible and any recording and imaging software to catch it (cameras, phones, satellite images) will be of no use because SCP-XXXX has a "blur" effect that effects such devices recording applications.

Discovery Log: SCP-XXXX has been on Foundation radar since ██/██/██57 when frequent sightings over the U.S. were cross referenced with sighting on other sides of the world. The Foundation decided to look into this and found that in all instances the item would move at it's usual pace and appear to morph in flight. Because of impossible containment, random displacement intervals, and the already popular belief of UFO's, the Foundation decided to leave SCP-XXXX alone, continue to study it, and continue to find ways it can be tracked and eventually contained.