Senior Staff (History Essay)

The senior staff, as we know it, haven't always been our glorious overlords. Many have joined, with varying decrees of success. We have a few, such as Bright, Clef, Kain and Gears, who've stuck to the site through tough times. Others either lost the passion, drive or ability to work on the wiki.

We really didn't have anything like "senior staff" before the Wikidot wiki started. However, there were notable users within the community. Bihjan in particular is an interesting case. He was never made into senior staff in official capacity, with the closest references I can find referring to him as a "founding member." However, he did have membership on 05 command and as far as I can tell was a de-facto member of staff. For the purpose of this essay, I will refer to him as being in a nebulous state.

When The Administrator launched the Wikidot site, there weren't any pre-existing staff members to choose from. Most of the EditThis stuff had been done by a semi-anonymous group of users, with few consistent screen names or attributable writers. It is therefore remarkable that we were able to get a few truly capable administrators.

The initial selection of staff was The Administrator as master admin, Kain, FritzWillie and Gears as admins, with far2, Lt. Masipag and Kraito as moderators. Their primary qualifications were being people who had written a lot on the old wiki. far2 may have been selected for his photoshop works, as he had provided many pictures in the SCP Series. Masipag hadn't written much, but one of her works(Telekill) was highly influential in the Series.

The Administrator

The Administrator was the man who started the Wikidot wiki. The first Master Admin, he is one of the most enigmatic figures in wiki history. Research has shown that he was a hunter, residing in the state of Texas.

Although currently seen as a lackadaisical manager, he must still be given credit for his work in establishing the wiki's basis. He built the initial pages, such as the series page, assigned the moderators and administrators and worked diligently to bring folks in from EditThis. This is what established the WikiDot wiki as the de-facto home of the SCP series, and not just another option for the creepypasta series. He contributed several articles that continue to bring acclaim today, such as the coat of many arms and the Living Room. My personal favorite thing on the wiki was made by him.

Mankind in its present state has been around for a quarter of a million years, yet only the last 4,000 have been of any significance. So, what did we do for nearly 250,000 years? We huddled in caves and around small fires, fearful of the things that we didn't understand. It was more than explaining why the sun came up, it was the mystery of enormous birds with heads of men, and rocks that came to life. So we called them 'gods' and 'demons,' and begged them to spare us and prayed for salvation.

In time, their numbers dwindled and our numbers rose. The world began to make more sense when there were less things to fear. Yet, the unexplained can never truly go away, as if the universe demands the absurd and impossible.

Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. No one else will protect us, we must stand up for ourselves.

While the rest of mankind dwell in the light, we must stand in the darkness to combat it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane, normal world.

We secure. We contain. We protect.
- A word from "The Administrator"

Unfortunately, after his initial activities he became a scarce figure, only posting on the wiki every few months. His activity became more and more infrequent, going from posting on the forums every couple days… to every couple of weeks…. maybe once a month…. with any posts or activity from his account eventually shriveling up and drying away, never to be seen again.

His status as Master Admin was dropped when a new feature for Wikidot( the bar at the top of the page which you see in the sandbox) was implemented. SCP users saw it as an ugly blotch on the wiki, and attempted to contact The Administrator to remove it, since only he could. When he didn't reply for several weeks, wiki staff members contacted Wikidot, who enacted the transfer to Gears. He was apparently heard from after this event, but is now long gone.

As an interesting footnote, he has the oldest members page on the wiki.


Kraito has a rather ignoble reputation in our history. He's either ignored or disregarded, since he disappeared shorty after the series was moved to Wikidot. He was given mod pants because of his numerous contributions to the series. However, over the years these contributions faded away. Eventually his personnel file was deleted, relegating him to the dustbin of history.

Lt Masipag(Known as "Unite 3-012" on the EditThis wiki)

Masipag was made into a moderator at around the same time as Kraito and far2, she was the first female member of senior staff. Unlike Kraito, Masipag stuck around for awhile and contributed to the moderation of the wiki. She contributed many of the important pages that still affect canon in major ways, including the groups of interest page, telekill alloy, and moving articles over from the old wiki.

She was also involved in two very important decisions that are still affecting the wiki today. When the SCP Series was first moved over from Wikidot, we had conflict over what to call the organization that controlled these objects. Some thought that it'd be better to leave it ambiguous, while others wished to shape canon by creating an organization. The name went through different proposals before the name "Foundation" was settled upon.

SCP-001 was another turning point, if a comparatively minor one. The spot of SCP-001 was left open by the Administrator, to see what would happen. Masipag locked the page up, and in the debate that followed claimed that she didn't think we ought to have any 001 proposals at all. Today we have something like ten 001 proposals, so she was on the money here. If there'd been only one 001 proposal, we would've never seem some of the wiki's better pieces.

Masipag re-appeared briefly on July 6th, 2010, shortly after her moderation powers had been revoked for inactivity. She stuck around for a few days, made two posts, then vanished into the ether again. She may or may not be lurking, but that cannot be confirmed at this time.


One of the earliest Mods, far2 was responsible for transferring a healthy number of articles to the new wiki, with a current count of the articles he worked on being 52. Interestingly, he didn't begin writing entries of his own until July of 2008, when he posted SCP-235, which later was transferred into a tale. He also contributed a great deal to wikidot coding of things, creating things like the format for scp's having threat classification pictures and the threat level module. He also created a great deal of photoshopped images for various articles, including Josie the Half-Cat and the Star Eyed Chid.

However, far2's most long lasting and arguably most important contribution to the wiki, was the creation of the SCP "log." In October of 2009. a forum post was made to propose the creation of an SCP Foundation logo. Several entries were made, and were met with mediocre reception. However, as it was winding down and being forgotten, far2 made a post that would influence the wiki for years to come:

That's not the original logo I did up. The original is below, I just ran it through Photoshop's photocopy filter.
I used that symbol to make it look like the 'shield' or badge used by law-enforcement agencies, and also because the arrows indicate moving inward - containing the threats.
- far2

The image(sadly no longer available) was the original iteration of the SCP logo. While countless additional iterations and versions have been created and altered over the years, the basic image of three arrows and a shield has remained intact.

far2 also contributed to defending the wiki against HAGGAR attack of 2008. HAGGAR had created a great deal of troll threads on the wiki, which far2 deleted as they were created. At the time he was commended by other members of staff for his actions, which may have led to his administrative promotion. When the HAGGAR attack occured, he was deleting threads as quickly as possible, knocking them down as they came up.

Due to personal life issues, far2 left the wiki in late 2008/early 2009. His departure occured after a long period of absentee administration, where he may pop up, throw a useful module, then disappear into the ether once again. He was silent and believed to be long gone from this time until mid-2011, when he reappeared for Gears' "Electronic Shadows" project. far2 posted in the discussion thread, offering to assist with the management of the project. Afterwards he once again disappeared, until being contacted by this author in late 2012. He briefly posted and even made a tale, which unfortunately did not succeed here1. As of this time, he has not resurfaced but is believed to be lurking.

His username is a colloquialism of "Far too drunk for this", for when he was picking his username his usual name had been taken, and he thus decided he was "far too drunk" for the task.

Ekzhentric Lohner

Lohner was one of the earliest "promoted" members of staff, meaning that


What can be said about Kondraki? A guy who was there when we built the wiki after we were booted from EditThis, or someone who brought the wiki down with his propagation of the Wacky Hijinx Era? Did he bring the wiki much needed recognition and personality, or did he send it into a tailspin from which it took years to recover? What we can say is that he was definitely a massively influential contributor, with his writings still bringing new readers to the wiki today.

DrKondraki joined the wiki on October 18th, 2008.



Fishmonger(Also known as "I Am a Potato")


Sabitsuki was a member of senior staff briefly, with an unfortunately undocumented tenure. During the research for this essay, very few posts made by Sabitsuki were found, with the ones that were located and subsequently identified consisting primarily of chat snippets or replies to people referring to her. She seems to have been promoted primarily for her likability and affability in IRC as well as in the SCP RP's.

Three tales and one SCP article created by her still exist, with a high quality of writing(one of her stories has been featured on the front page of the wiki). Still, despite the lack of quantity, the quality of these works shows that Sabitsuki did indeed have a talent for writing.

In August of 2011, when Pooryoric called her out for claiming she had created artwork belonging to a different artist. She confessed, then subsequently deleted her account. It was agreed that she would be immediately removed from senior staff, the first time a staff member was removed for reasons not relating directly to the wiki. Due to the fact that she had committed plagiarism, it was decided that her being staff would have set a poor example.

The reactions displayed by members of senior staff varied. Some were extremely angry that someone would plagiarize work like that, while others sympathized with her and advocated for leniency. The eventual decision was that she would be allowed into the wiki, while being watched to ensure no further instances of this behavior occurred.

Sabitsuki left the community permanently shortly after her demotion.