SCP-2203 - The Angel - Devil Hybrid
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Description: SCP-2203 is a humanoid with wings, other features are unremarkable claims to have lived a thousand years. It has over 100(and counting) anomalous properties.

One of them is transforming into different "modes". Here are a few of them:

  • World Destroyer - Powerful enough to destroy dimensions and planets
  • Weaponizer - Has the ability to materialize any gun from imagination
  • Point Blank - Has the abilty to create swords from SCP-727
  • Supporter - Heals any ally and casts a a "spell" which improves allies status'
  • Tank - can absorb insane amounts of damage and inflict insane levels of suppression

The "modes" carry a special weapon made from earth-based metals to [DATA EXPUNGED]. These "modes" also are destructive in nature. They have been proven effective in destroying SCP's. These "modes" are termed from SCP-2203-A and so on. SCP-2203 has the ability to also travel to one dimension or planet to another, this has led to further understanding and research of other dimensions and planets and current SCP's contained by the foundation. Other uses of SCP-2203 are classified and is only accessed by level 3 2203/05 personnel .SCP-XXXX to SCP-XXXX are known as its "servants" and are loyal to do its bidding from fetching glass of water to [REDACTED]. SCP-XXXX and SCP-682 are its "Pets" and are friendly when approached with non-hostile intents. SCP-2203,SCP-682,SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX to SCP-XXXX are included in MTF-Alpha-10("Half-Servants") and is used for a variety of tasks from destroying SCP's to [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-2203 has been awarded to an abundance of Medal of Honors from "Most Handsome SCP" to "Most Useful Asset"

Recovery Details: SCP-2203 was discovered on 03/05/2019 on the campus of P████ C███████ S█████ in M█████, Philippines after a report of a "giant demonic male Ovis Aries" was seen engaging in combat with an "angel". When MTF-Pi-1("City Slickers") arrived on the location, SCP-2203 was finished already with the threat and continued to eliminate SCP-019-02 related threats that was holding captive a schoolgirl named M████ B██████ A██████ A███. O5 command gave a stand-by order to watch its anomalous properties during its combat. After the combat the O5 command gave a capture-at-all-costs command but was hindered due to appeareance of SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX to SCP-XXXX and escaped with high casualties to MTF-Pi-1. This led to a global search for the entity. On 04/23/2019, SCP-2203 appeared at Site-19 proceeded to lead a jailbreak on SCP-682. When Site Security arrived SCP-2203 was petting SCP-682, SCP-682 was very calm. As of ██/██/████ SCP-682 is classified as safe.

Interview 2203-01

Interviewer: Dr. Rights

Foreword: Unlike most Keter class SCP's, SCP-2203 can be communicated so, we would like to try to ascertain its purpose and existence.

<Begin Log, 0900 hours>

Dr. Rights: Hello SCP-2203.

SCP-2203: Sup doctor, anyway I told you to call me Jason.

Dr. Right: Fine, hello Jason.

SCP-2203: Sup doc.

Dr. Rights: I'm just going to ask a few questions is that okay?

SCP-2203: Sure doc.

Dr. Rights: Since when was the start of your existence?

SCP-2203: I already told you, when Saint [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] made love to each other.

Dr. Rights: What is your purpose?

SCP-2203: To serve God, the Almighty Father and protect humanity from perceived threats

Dr. Rights: Okay, that's for today SCP-2203

SCP-2203: I will ignore you next time you don't call me by name, I am not intolerant.

<End Log, 0900 hours and 2 minutes>

Closing Statement: Seems like SCP-2203 has been a Thaumiel Class SCP from the beginning. Request for class change from Keter to Thaumiel. - Dr. Rights

Addendum 01: Keter to Thaumiel class change denied. It hasn't proven that it doesn't have hostile intents. -O5 - ██

Incident 2203-01
- On ██/██/████ SCP-399 broke containment due to a faulty equipment during maintainance and caused a site-wide containment breach. Due to the amount of SCP's that broke containment, O5 Command was forced to evacuate all personnel and activate the on-site nuclear warhead, but the on-site warhead was malfunctioning. SCP-2203 also broke containment and used a weapon that appeared to look like SCP-█████ to destroy SCP-399 and recapture and contain all escaped SCP's. As of ██/██/████ SCP-399 is destroyed.

Addendum 02: In the light of Incident 2203-01, SCP-2203 has prevented a XK-class scenario. Request to change Keter to Thaumiel class change. -Dr. Rights

Addendum 03: Keter to Thaumiel class change approved. -O5 - ██

Test Log 2203-05
Test 21 - ██/██/████

Subject: SCP-2203 and SCP-610
Procedure: SCP-2203 introduced to SCP-610. SCP-2203 was commanded to eliminate or reduce hostility. SCP-2203 transformed into [DATA EXPUNGED] "mode".
Results: SCP-2203 was treated by SCP-610 as it's controller
Analysis: SCP-2203's [DATA EXPUNGED] "mode" has the ability to control undead SCP's

Test 22 - ██/██/████

Subject: SCP-2203 and SCP-106
Procedure: SCP-2203 introduced to SCP-106. SCP-2203 commanded to destroy SCP-106. SCP-2203 transformed into Soulscare "mode".
Results: SCP-106 induced in a high leveled [DATA EXPUNGED] state which rendered SCP-106 non-existent
Analysis: SCP-2203's Soulscare "mode" has the power to scare any organism non-existent.

Test 23 - ██/██/████

Subject: SCP-2203 and SCP-035
Procedure: SCP-2203 introduced to SCP-035. SCP-2203 commanded to destroy SCP-035. SCP-2203 transformed into Whisperer "mode"
Results: after transforming, SCP-2203 said to SCP-035 "Meet your maker". After saying the sentence SCP-035 immediately dissappeared.
Analysis: SCP-2203's Whisperer "mode" seems to be the source of SCP-035's power

Test 24 - ██/██/████

Subject: SCP-2203 and SCP-058
Procedure: SCP-2203 introduced to SCP-058. SCP-2203 commanded to destroy SCP-058. SCP-2203 transformed into Darkheart "mode"
Results: SCP-2203 absorbed SCP-058, before returning to its normal state SCP-2203 exclaimed "This is the part of me that I once lost"
Analysis: Seems like SCP-058 was a part of SCP-2203's Darkheart "mode"

Test 25 - ██/██/████

Subject: SCP-2203 and SCP-354
Procedure: SCP-2203 was introduced to SCP-354. SCP-2203 commanded to destroy SCP-354.
Results: SCP-2203 politely said "It cannot be destroyed it's the gateway of ancient hell, but It can be sealed". Then SCP-2203 touched SCP-354. SCP-354's pool became blue.
Analysis: SCP-2203 has the power to "seal" any gateway

Addendum 04: On ██/██/████ SCP-2203,SCP-XXXX and SCP-682 went missing. In SCP-2203's cell was note: