Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a circular corridor at least three hundred meters long carved in solid bedrock, and located at least twenty meters below the surface. The section of said corridor should be an equilateral triangle with sides ten meters long, and pointing down. The internal surface of the corridor will be covered in at least fifteen centimeters of polished stainless steel. LED-based illumination systems and audio/video monitoring devices should be installed on the ceiling.

SCP-XXXX will be placed into the tunnel while into its dormant state. Insertion should be done through a vertical shaft ten meters in diameter, using a suitably powerful crane to ensure a slow descent and a gentle landing. The shaft will then be filled with concrete and sealed.

Access to the tunnel will only be possible by two vertical shafts, placed at diametrically opposite points of the tunnel and closed by remotely controlled airlocks placed on the ceiling of the tunnel itself. Said shafts and airlocks will be no larger than one meter in diameter. No personnel of Class B or above is allowed into the tunnel under any circumstances. Class C personnel is only allowed to enter the tunnel with written authorization given by Level 4 personnel or above.

A group of one to four Class D personnel is to be sent into the tunnel and sealed in at random intervals between two and five weeks. Group size should be randomly determined. The whole group is to use the airlock most distant from the position of SCP-XXXX at the moment of insertion. Each member of the group is to be dressed and equipped exactly as described in Addendum 001.

SCP-XXXX is to be kept under constant remote surveillance by no less than three personnel. Any variation in behavior or appearance is to be immediately reported to Site Security. Any attempt at ‘digging’ or otherwise damaging the tunnel will trigger Tannhauser protocol.


In its dormant state, SCP-XXXX is a silver metal tetrahedron with an edge length of 7.86 meters and a weight of approximately two hundred tons. The surface of SCP-XXXX is perfectly smooth and warm to the touch. Attempts of obtaining a sample of SCP-XXXX for detailed analysis have been unsuccessful in the past and are now forbidden (see Experiment Log). While in this state, SCP-XXXX has been observed to produce an irregular low-volume clicking sound.

It its awakened state, SCP-XXXX is a silver metal construct, consisting of a main tetrahedral body (which size and weight are identical to dormant state), three to nine talon-like ‘legs’ protruding from the center of the faces and a variable number of highly mobile thin appendances measuring up to eleven meters in length, ending in sharp spikes. Legs and appendances are composed of large numbers of smaller tetrahedrons directly connected to each other, all of which seem to be composed of the same alloy that makes up the main body.

Notes on behavior:
While in awakened state, SCP-XXXX has been observed to attack and try to kill any living thing that crosses its path or attempts to perform any kind of hostile action towards it (including attacking it with improvised weapons, running towards it, firing upon it, [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]). SCP-XXXX’s preferred method of attack is dismemberment; analysis of video records of [DATA EXPUNGED] indicates that its appendances are capable of killing a man of average build this way in under █ seconds. When surrounded or presented with a large number of targets, SCP-XXXX usually opts for faster forms of attack, like puncturing the torso or trampling his targets.

During [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-XXXX has also been observed capturing Class D personnel alive and securing it to its upper face. This was followed by extremely fast and precise ███████████ of the subjects and subsequent ‘storing’ of the resulting organic matter and fluids inside SCP-XXXX’s body.

Addendum 1: Containment Breach XXXX – 01 - 15/11/2008

Addendum 2: Interview XXXX – I - 16/11/2008