SeptemberJackal's Sandbox

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-3XXX is a grey shower-head manufactured by [REDACTED]. SCP-3XXX is noted to have signs of "wear and tear" commonly found by usage, such as hard water calcification and discoloring. SCP-3XXX will fit in a cubic box with minimum dimensions of 23 cm x 8.3 cm x 7 cm. SCP-3XXX's cord is approximately 1.45m (145 cm) in length and an external diameter of 1.4 cm. The water flowing out of SCP-3XXX, hereby referred to as SCP-3XXX-1, through testing has shown that it is identical to normal shower water.

SCP-3XXX and SCP-3XXX-1 have the unique property of modulating the vocal chords of a subject so when the subject attempts to sing, it produces dopamine release and a positive reaction in anyone present, including the subject. People who have heard the subject singing report that "It was the most beautiful thing I have heard", etc. (quote taken from D-XXXX, present in testing of SCP). Three conditions need to be achieved for SCP-3XXX to take effect:

  1. Subject must be the one to activate the water flow through SCP-3XXX (achieved by turning on the shower)
  2. Subject must be the first surface contacted by SCP-3XXX-1 (ie. "directly under" the shower)
  3. Subject must be in contact with SCP-3XXX-1 to take effect; otherwise subject's vocals will remain the same.

When a subject affected by SCP-3XXX-1 starts to sing, testing has shown that the minimum the subject needs to know the title of a song. If the title is knows and the subject attempts to sing that song, the subject will sing perfectly the earliest recorded version of the song unless an author is specified. Further insight of how SCP-3XXX knows this will be explored. Any song sung by the subject needs to have some form of vocals, else SCP-3XXX will not take effect. It is also worth noting that the vocal integrity of the subject is irrelevant to SCP-3XXX. Mute subjects have been affected by SCP-3XXX. When a song is being performed, SCP-3XXX will, by methods unknown, reduce the volume of the SCP-3XXX-1 hitting the shower floor. See Addendums and Expirement Logs for further information.

SCP-3XXX was discovered by Field Agent [REDACTED] on ██/██/200█ when a local singing legend [REDACTED] died several days before. Upon [that thingy where they get your belongings]

Addendum 01: