• The U.S. Embassy attack in Cuba

Roughly 22 Americans in a U.S. embassy in Cuba were attacked by what some claim to be is a "sonic weapon". Basically, a bunch of the people in the embassy started going deaf, as well as developing "brain abnormalities" that damaged their hearing, vision, balance and memory.

  • The Dyatlov Pass incident

Nine experienced ski-hikers perish in extraordinary circumstances. 6 died of hypothermia, and 3 died from internal injuries. They cut their way out of their tent in a panic in the middle of the night, dressed only in their pajamas. The three who experienced internal injuries had no external wounds, as if they experienced extreme pressure. A physician stated that the internal damage was comparable to a car crash. Some of their clothes were also radioactive, and their skin was a "deep brown tan". 50km south, another group of hikers reported seeing strange orange spheres in the sky.

  • 1947 BSAA Avro Lancastrian Star Dust accident

The Star Dust, a Lancaster plane, crashes in the Andes. The last morse code message sent by Star Dust was "ETA SANTIAGO 17.45 HRS STENDEC". The radio operator didn't understand what "STENDEC" meant, and asked for it to be repeated, which Star Dust repeated twice more. To this day, the meaning of "STENDEC" is unknown. Two other aircraft in the BSAA's fleet also disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean within two years of each other.