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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Revised, view Addendum for details. SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a 5 m X 5 m X 5 m chamber made of 2.5 cm thick cement with an air tight sealed door and two armed guards positioned outside its chambers at all times. Cameras are mounted inside the chamber for observational purposes. Security clearance level 2 is needed to access the subject’s chamber.

Description: The subject stands 2.5 meters tall and is hunched over, estimated to be 3 meters while standing straight, and its entire body is made of jelly like substance that is transparent. Its body appears to be narrow and it has long limbs. Its head is small in comparison to its body and is spherical in shape. It has no mouth, nose, ears, eye lids, or hair and its eyes are a black tint and cover most of its head.

Addendum XXXX-1: Discovery and Recovery. The Foundation was first notified about SCP-XXXX after a police station in █████, Mississippi received a series of phone calls and reports. People were reporting that family and friends have been disappearing while others were claiming seeing a tall clear person walking around. Agent ███ and Agent █████ were sent to investigate and apprehend the subject. After █ days, Agent ███ and Agent █████ had captured and contained the subject in a reinforced plexiglass container and placed it in the back of a truck, disguised as a moving truck, with an armed guard to keep an eye on it. All witnesses to the subject were administered amnestics and told they’ve been seeing hallucinations because of the heat and that they should go back home and rest properly. People with missing family and friends were told that their loved ones were murdered and the culprit responsible for the death of all the victims and is now facing jail and is awaiting execution. SCPXXXX was sent to sector 19 and on arrival the armed guard that was keeping an eye on the subject was found [DATA EXPUNDGED], the subject was still in its container.

Addendum XXXX-2: Containment Revisions. The subject was originally to be kept in a standard 5 m X 5 m x 5 m reinforced plexiglass cell with a reinforced steel door and cameras mounted in the cell to observe the subject. But after two incidents, SCP-XXXX was changed from its original cell to its current chamber.

Incident 1: Containment Breach
Assistant ███ was cleaning up after an experiment with SCP-XXXX while Doctor ██████ was finishing a report on the experiment. While cleaning up and putting away various tools, Assistant ███ realized he started to feel uneasy and that he felt a shiver going down his spine. He pushed aside the feelings and continued his work. After a few minutes had passed, Assistant ███ dropped a tool and after bending down to pick it up he realized there was a shadow overlapping his. He then turned around and found the subject standing near him, staring at him. He called the Doctor and an armed guard for help and they returned the subject back into its cell. After review of footage, it was noted that SCP-XXXX was in his cell and staring at Assistant ███. Four minutes had passed and the subject walked over to the door while still staring at Assistant ███, the subject then bent down and proceeded to push its head against the bottom of the door before its head and body began to push through a crease at the bottom of the door resulting in a containment breach. The subject then walked over and stood behind Assistant ███ and continued to stare at him. The subject stared at the Assistant for 6 minutes before he found the subject. A guard was immediately positioned at SCP-XXXX’s cell to keep an eye on him at all times. The door was soon replaced with a door that has an air tight seal.

Incident 2: Faculty Safety Issue.

Doctor ██████ was interviewing SCP-XXXX to find out more about it. After the interview, Doctor ██████ left the cell while finishing a report on the interview. When he finished he realized the guard keeping an eye on the subject was staring at SCP-XXXX’s face and had a look like he was lost. The subject was staring back.

Doctor:Is everything ok, ████?

Guard: -Guard looks at the Doctor- Hmm, ah. Yes, everything is fine sir. Kind of felt weird for a bit there.
Doctor: Are you sure? Maybe you should go and get a psychological evaluation done. We have no idea what this subject actually does and it might be good to make sure it hasn’t done anything mental to you. I’m going to be getting myself checked up soon as well.
Guard: -Nods and returns to looking at the subject’s face- Yes sir….Sir is it cold in here?
Doctor: No its no…what’s happening to your fingers?
The guard proceeded to look at his hands and started shaking. His fingers appeared to be turning into dust and float through the plexiglass cell straight into SCP-XXXX’s eyes. The doctor hurried over to the guard then pulled him out of the room and close the door behind them, the guard’s hands kept turning into dust and floating towards SCP-XXXX. By the time they got outside the room, the guard’s arms have turned into dust and floated through the door. Doctor ██████ dragged the guard to the infirmary, along the way another guard helped him. After reaching the infirmary, a medical team tried stopping the process of the guard turning into dust. The rate of the guard’s body turning to dust has sped up and spread to the rest of his body. Last part of him that turned into dust was his head. Nothing was able to save the guard’s life. It’s currently unknown how SCP-XXXX turned the guard into dust and it seems that the process isn’t stoppable as of right now. The subject was transferred to another containment cell for safety issues by order of Doctor ██████.

[Interview and test logs coming soon]