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Item #: SCP-2090

Object Class: Euclid

Threat level: Black

Special Containment Procedures: Scp-2090 is to be held in a two room (2) cell reinforced with lead, limestone and [DATA CENSORED]. Subject allowed to freely roam the facility on his own will, but under the surveillance of Alpha Squad-007 and attached tracking device that will not be removed at any circumstances. Subject is disallowed any contact with the surface, and is not allowed to go outside or escape from the facility.

Description: SCP-2090 appears to be a pale european male, born on (██/ █/ 1999, was born and raised in [DATA EXPUNGED]. 165 cms, (5.5”) tall and 60 Kg (132 lbs), scruffed dark brown hair and hazel nut eyes. Subject has almost the identical symbol as On-site links engraved on his forehead. When asked about it, he responded that he believes that its a mark of someone named Eric, believed to be the ultimate SCP, further investigation of the symbols and this unknown SCP are underway. SCP may have the knowledge to unlock every secret in the universe, he chooses to be just a normal teenager. He does not require any delivery of food or water, he says he can teleport proper nutrients right to him. When asked about the secrets to life and the universe he replies “That’s for the universe to know and you to find out”.

SCP-2090 has shown that he can use more than 10% of his brain, but 200% of his brain. Subject can manipulate a man, change, make, and control matter, read minds, craft any form of technology, answer any equation, [DATA EXPUNGED], etc. When asked about how he can use 200% of his brain, he explained that on date of (6,██,20██)he woke up with a stabbing headache and a note taped to his face. Subject said the words were written in blood of [DATA EXPUNGED] Subject voluntarily suggests that he could talk to other SCP’s and ask them questions on why their like this or how did how get like this. Approved by Dr. ██████ and 05-█

SCP-2090 interviews:

Interview-1: On-site links
<Begin Log:
SCP-2090: walks into room.
SCP-2090: Hello, 173.
Scp- 173:(silence)
[SCP-173 moved to where 2090 was, but he vanished just as everyone blinked.]
Dr. ██████ where did go?
The next second passed and SCP-2090 was on standing top of SCP-173 head.
SCP-2090: Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention, I can move faster than the speed of light.
[SCP-2090 crouched down and placed his hand on top of SCP-173 head.]
(Silence for 5 min.)
The next second passed and SCP-173 was found back in its corner and SCP-2090 was gone.
Prof. ███:Now where is he?
SCP-2090: Behind you
All were surprised to find him out of the holding bin and in the booth.
SCP-2090: This statue… all it knows that it creator was named “Eric” and kill those in its way of finding him.
Dr. ██████ My god…
End Log

Interview-2 On-site links
<Begin Log:
SCP-2090 walks into room.
SCP-2090: Hello Cain.
SCP-073: Hello.
SCP-2090: I am known as Scp-2090
(SCP-073 calm look changes to surprised.)
SCP-2090: Something wrong, Cain?
SCP-073: Your forehead… you have…
SCP-2090: yep…
(sound of chair being pulled back)
SCP-2090: same deal as you…
SCP-073: So… do you get a look at this… Eric?
(SCP-2090 puases.)
SCP-2090: No… but we’re going to find that monster.
(Moment silence)
SCP-073:Well… I can already tell this is going to be a grand friendship.
SCP-2090:** Indeed.
End Log
Appears that both subjects have had an encounter with “Eric”, also appear to to become friends, unusual for SCP’s to get along with each other (exception, of course for On-site links )

Interview-3 SCP-682 [Approved]
<Begin Log:
(Door unlocks)
SCP-2090 walks into the cell
(Door securely locked behind)
SCP-2090 observing SCP-682, Subject coks his head.
SCP-2090: Um… 682? Hello? I come to talk.
(Subject walks closer to SCP-682 and crouches in front of it.)
SCP-2090 places his hand on SCP-682 forehead.
SCP-682: (Incomprehensible)
SCP-2090: Aha, there you are now I just want to ask you- WOAH!
(sudden noises of carnage and claws being shared on concrete)
SCP-2090: I… just… want to… talk!
SCP-682: Disgusting creature!
SCP-2090: looks whos talking, Lizard breath!
(Roars of anger suddenly screams out)
(Sound barrier abruptly breaking followed with a revolting shattering sound, and a thud)
Dr. (Frank, FULL BLOCK): D-did he j-just…?!
SCP- 2090 had punched SCP-682 unconscious.
(a loud roaring of cheering from nowhere started up inside of the cell)
Unknown Man on the speaker: Ladies and Gentlemen, SCP-682 has been hit with a TKO punch! We have the new champ of the SCP-Foundation!
Dr.(Orval, FULL BLOCK): What the…?
End Log
SCP-2090 has shown us that he can increase the cells in his muscles 800 times normal human strength, and shown that he can create sound, as well as matter after he “knocked out” SCP-682. Further research is required. SCP-2090 said SCP-682’s mind was warped when met Eric. Further research is needed on “Eric”. SCP-682 replied after he regain consciousness, that 2090 can go [DATA CENSORED] and [DATA CENSORED], and go [DATA CENSORED] die in a [DATA CENSORED] and bury what's left in a [DATA CENSORED] .

Interview-4 On-site links
<Begin Log:
SCP-2090: Again, why do I have to wear this bloody thing on my face?
Officer (Tony, FULL BLOCK): Just trust us.
SCP-2090: Sure trust the people that are imprisoning freaks of nature, that's comfortin-AAgghh!
(guard shoves into holding cell and shuts it)
SCP-2090: (mumbles)… Brute… *aham*… SCP-096? I… oof!
(SCP-096 paces into SCP-2090 without taking notice)
SCP-2090: Oh… Bugger this…
(SCP-2090 removes viser from face and see SCP-096)
SCP-096: [Wailing and babbling]
SCP-2090: ah, bloody he…
[SCP-096 crying and screaming]
Dr.██████: Oh, sh*t! get him out of there, NOW!
(wailing abruptly stops]
Dr. ███: Wait… the wailing… it stopped.
Dr. Hut: Sirs, you might want to take a look at this… my god…
(sounds of walking)
Dr. ██████ is he…
Dr. Hut: Yep. The two are hugging. Looks like SCP-096 is calming down for once.
SCP-2090 appears to have reasoned with SCP-096 to calm down and trust him. SCP-2090 explains that all SCP-096 ever wanted was a shoulder to cry on, but due a horrific past, a shattered mind, and meeting Eric, he couldn’t trust anyone who even looked at him. When asked about what his horrible past was, he replied, a living hell. SCP-2090 is one of the very few that survived SCP-096 carnage and walk away.