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Hey, Yanma. Here's the file I was telling you about. Don't worry about that first 'restricted' bit. We get full access, one of the few perks to our project. Just put in your own creds, it'll be fine.


Item #: SCP-2487

Object Class: Neutralized1

Special Containment Procedures: Site-2487 has been established around SCP-2487. Personnel at this site are to monitor seismic activity in the area. Should SCP-2487 reactivate, MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") and [REDACTED] are to be immediately deployed to contain the anomaly. MTF Nu-7 is to halt the advancement of SCP-2487-A, while [REDACTED] is to enter and close SCP-2487-1.

Description: SCP-2487 is a deep, linear fissure in ████████, Wales. The crevasse currently measures 4km in length, is 430m at its widest point, and has a depth of approximately 54m near its Southern end (where SCP-2467-A was previously located)2 It manifested after a brief period of otherwise mundane seismic activity on 07/18/2017.

SCP-2487 produced several hundred humanoid entities (SCP-2487-A) per hour from the deepest point of the fissure, beginning several hours after its initial manifestation.3 SCP-2487 grew to its current size during its active period, during a prolonged engagement between Foundation forces and SCP-2487-A.

SCP-2487-A were humanoids of of variable age and gender. SCP-2487-A emerged from SCP-2487 either nude, or dressed in clothing consistent with serfs of the High Medieval Period. Their heads were engorged, and filled with an unidentifiable liquid that eliminated any matter it came into contact with. Heads of the instances would easily rupture and explode.

The instances were belligerent and hostile, and neither cooperated nor communicated with one another. Notably; upon exiting SCP-2487, instances would invariably travel due North.

History: Initial containment was achieved shortly after SCP-2487's manifestation. A containment team had already been dispatched to the location, due to the fissure's appearance being consistent with the pattern of SCP-████. 12 research personnel were killed once SCP-2487-A first emerged. Containment Liaison Lucius ████ contacted nearby Site-657, which deployed its personal security detachment. MTF Nu-7 arrived several hours later, and led the defensive against SCP-2487-A.

The construction of a holding site around the fissure was repeatedly compromised during the first several days of containment, as instances intentionally ruptured their heads through blunt force in order to bypass physical obstructions. After several weeks of engagement, it was noted that there was a predictable lull in SCP-2487-A's emergence.

Ground troops engaging SCP-2487-A noted a pattern in their appearance during each surge in activity, namely, the first several dozen were noticed to be identical during each emergence.

It was decided by the Site Directors' Executive Committee of the Whole4, that neutralization should be attempted during a lull in activity. [REDACTED]

+Enter Credentials
syncID: Yanmirsk
Password: *********

- Access Granted. Welcome, Captain Hughes.

Let me save you a bit of research and get you up to speed: The Samsara troopers are… well they're cyborg half-gods salvaged from a defunct Prometheus Labs project. They're mainly deployed into hostile environments where the expected survival rate is basically nil. They're a little strange, but otherwise loyal assets.

Neutralization log.

Members of MTF Tau-5 ("Samsara") entered SCP-2487 at 14:52 on 5/9/2018.

Exploration Team: MTF Tau-5 ("Samsara")

Overwatch: Captain Hughes

Team Members- Sergeant Irantu (Lead), Corporal Munru, Specialist Nanku, Specialist Onru

<Begin Log>

[Video feed begins with Samsara standing outside SCP-2487].

OW: Mic check, team.

SGT Irantu: It is functioning, yes.

CPL Munru: Check.

SPC Nanku: Check.

SPC Onru: Check.

OW: Alright, team. You need to get inside the fissure. Relay your findings back to base.

Munru: Exactly how long…until the dash A's return?

OW: You have just under ten minutes.

Irantu: That leaves little time for us to waste.

OW: Excellent. Break a leg out there, team!

Onru: Is that an…order?

OW: I—

Munru: I volunteer Nanku. All in favor?

Nanku: It is meant to be encouraging. She is wishing us luck.

Irantu: Focus, team! On my mark.

[The team jumps into fissure. Upon reaching the bottom, they travel for approximately 10 meters prior to vanishing.]

The troopers' feeds continued to transmit, though they weren't able to receive communications from command.

Exploration Log-XXXX

[POV from Munru's head-cam: The squad is standing within a wooded area, enclosed in an iridescent, translucent dome.5 A column6 of the material making up said dome is rising from the center of the area. Beyond the dome, a static dimensional tear can be seen stretching across the sky, appearing to be several-hundred kilometers in length, the interior of said tear is pitch-black. Munru turns, revealing the absence of an exit.]

Nanku: Well, that's odd.

Irantu: Strange. Looks… like a giant bubble.

Nanku: Do you think we can pop it?

Onru: Let's see.

[Onru approaches the dome, extends a hand and inserts her index finger. From her POV, the outside of the dome is visible, which is topologically similar to its inside.]

Onru: Nope. Tickles though.

[Onru withdraws her hand, which spurts a jet of blood. Her finger is absent.]

Onru: Oh. I… enjoyed that finger.

Munru: It appears as if we are stuck. Overwatch, do you copy? [pause] Captain Hughes, do you read me?

Onru: Are we on our own?

Irantu: Seems so. At any rate, we need to get moving. We'll need to get closer to the source of the disruption if we're to—

[A loud moaning can be heard. An instance of SCP-XXXX-A is crawling on the ground towards the team. Its body below the waist is missing. Nanku fires upon it, killing the instance and causing a small portion of the terrain around it to be eliminated.]

Munru: I don't see any… more.

Onru: Uh. Problem.

[From Onru's cam: The column at the area's center illuminates. A flash of light emanates from it, and expands to fill the area. The light passes over the team, momentarily reducing visibility.]]

Irantu: [Rubbing his eyes.] Everyone alright?

Onru: Look! I got… my finger back!

Nanku: Wow. You actually sounded pretty… happy. Try to smile, or grin next time. That's usually what happy… people do.

Onru: Oh, thanks! [Furrows her brow and grimaces] Like this?

Irantu: No. You need to move the corners of your mouth up more. It can be tricky, but-

Munru: Hey! What happened to the body?

[Munru approaches the spot where the SCP-XXXX-A instance was terminated. The item's remains are absent, and the ground is intact.]
Onru: Everything reset?

Nanku: Ooo! A time-loop. That's a first.

Munru: Then they're not being generated.

Onru: Then we're in here with all of them, now.

[From Irantu's cam: Movement can be seen in the distance.]

Irantu: Weapons ready.

[Squad draws their firearms.]

Munru: Ready to kick ass and… take names?

Nanku: I don't think these things have names, only designations. Those are too informal.

Munru: No. It's a just a thing to say. You told me on our last deployment.

[Dozens of SCP-XXXX-A rapidly close in. Samsara engages with a perfect degree of accuracy; instances are incapable of coming within 40 meters of the team.]

Onru: She died on our last… deployment. [Irantu can be heard muttering 'Fucking pipes.' in the background.] I don't… think she had the chance to write it down.

Nanku: I'll have to remember that for… well, we probably aren't going to live through this, are we?

[The approaching force increases in number, forming a dense crowd.]

Irantu: I would think not, but we aren't going to accomplish… anything like this. Get ready to move. We'll punch right up the middle.

Onru: Agreed. The remaining squads can handle… the leftovers as they emerge in baseline.

Irantu: No. I want you to stay here. Take out… as many as possible before they get Earth-side. The rest of you, on me.

[From Onru's cam: Irantu charges the instances, followed by Nanku and Munru. The team alternates between sprinting and firing upon the instances before disappearing from view in the woods. The remainder of Onru's feed consists of her engaging the encroaching instances.

Onru manages to dispatch over a hundred instances with her primary firearm, 57 with a service pistol, and several thousand upon deploying her 5.56mm rotary auto-canon. Due the destruction of most of her body to deploy said weapon, Onru was rendered immobile, and is overtaken upon the expenditure of available ammunition.]

[From Nanku's cam: Instances of SCP-XXXX-A seem to ignore the squad, and continue past them towards the point of entry; Onru can be heard engaging the instances in the distance.

The team heads deeper into the anomaly. Munru fires upon an SCP-XXXX-A as it runs past SGT Irantu. The instance's head bursts; with the fluid eliminating the upper half of Irantu's body, and eating through to the bone on several areas across Munru's face and chest.]

Munru: Oh, no.

Nanku: Accidents happen. The two of us are enough to handle this.

Munru: Not him. My warding implant…[He motions towards a hole in the center of his forehead, approximately 2 cm in diameter and deep enough to expose the bone. He digs his finger into the hole and feels around inside.]] …it seems to have been compromised.

Nanku: Are you good to continue?

[Munru nods.]

[The pair continue North for several minutes. As the stampede of SCP-XXXX-A thickens, the pair dodge in-between them - avoiding physical contact - and eventually come across a clearing. A motte-and-bailey style castle can be seen in the distance.

The iridescent column is emanating from the castle keep atop the motte, and seems to be flowing upwards, supporting the dome over the area. While the structure itself appears to have been recently-constructed, there are sections of the curtain wall that are collapsed. The immediate area surrounding the walls show portions consistent with SCP-XXXX-A discharge.]

Munru: Do you feel that?

Nanku: Yea. My Argus Three is picking up some heavy EVE emanating from within that castle. Type-Black; Locked.

Munru: Definitely a god. Or something like it, at least.

Nanku: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Munru: That would mean there was a mistake in our uploading. You're not… you're not me in there, are you?

Nanku: [sighs] Not literally. I mean, I'm thinking we go in there and blow everything to hell.

CPL Munru: Ah. Then, yes. Let us do exactly that.

[The pair make their way inside through a collapsed portion of wall. The houses and other structures within the bailey are consistent with those of the time period. Areas are eroded in a similar manner, suggesting a presence of SCP-XXXX-A within. No signs of life are present.]

Nanku: Looks like it's a straight-shot.

Munru: Stop.

Nanku: What is the matter?

Munru: Not me… I didn't — [At this point, several voices can be heard emanating from Munru; speaking in unison with him.] This is our price — to live, to die, to live again.

[Nanku approaches Munru slowly.]

Nanku: You OK?

Munru: [Multiple voices. Munru's body language suggests panic; his hand can be seen trembling as he reaches for his sidearm.] Sixty-seven. A dead man walks on broken grass through the fields of7]//—

[From Nanku's cam: Nanku lashes out at Munru. Her fist crashes through Munru's mouth and exits out the back of his head. She withdraws her hand, and Munru falls to the ground, dead. A surge of azure light rises from his corpse, and swiftly travels towards the castle keep. It passes through the wall and out of sight.]
Nanku: You're not… getting out of this so easily.

[Nanku crouches low towards the ground - the sound of her Ambulatory Peripatetic Enhancement can be heard to chime.

Nanku explodes forwards across the bailey, up the motte, and crashes trough the wall of the keep; leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. The keep itself consists of a single large room sectioned off into several smaller rooms for the occupant. The iridescent column can be seen to originate from somewhere below ground level, several meters in front of Nanku.

She walks forward, where a dirty straw mat lay across the ground. Nanku brushes it aside with her foot, revealing a trap-door. Upon its opening, a shaft can be seen to extend down into the motte -terminating several meters into the Earth. Nanku foregoes the present ladder, and jumps down the shaft.

The chamber Nanku lands in is a small, narrow dungeon, lined with stone. There is a single path that runs opposite the ladder - at the end of which is a robed figure. The entity (tentatively designated SCP-XXXX-B) is cast in silhouette against the iridescent column, and is hunched over, facing away from Nanku.]//

Nanku: Are you a god?
[SCP-XXXX-B moves to stand. An ornate, wooden chest ca be seen lying on the ground behind it. It is located inside what appears to be the base of the iridescent column. The entity turns to face Nanku, as SCP-XXXX-B speaks, several dozen vocalizations come from the entity, echoing its dialogue.]

SCP-XXXX-B: Early Modern English. The distant future. You do not belong here.

[Nanku removes her left hand, priming a Heissan-Neuman Olympian-Class Ravager embedded in her arm. A distinctive, high-pitched whir is emitted by the weapon as it charges. Nanku aims it at the entities head.8 ]

Nanku: You have precisely… five seconds to answer my question before—

SCP-XXXX-B: We are called [SCP-XXXX-3 emits a piercing screech, followed by a gurgle]. The closest analogue in your tongue is 'Many'. You may call us that if it suits you.

Nanku: I'm…fully dressed, thanks.

SCP-XXXX-B: [SCP-XXXX-4 pauses for a moment, before continuing] Your weapon will be ineffectual, regardless. There is but one threat to our kind, and indeed, existence itself. For you see, there is this grand and—

[Nanku fires upon the instance, a bright flash illuminates the area. The entity is alight with green fire; hundreds of voices can be heard screaming in unison within the entity, whose remains writhe - scattered across the ground and walls of the chamber. Nanku looks down at the remains of her arm - most of the weapon had also been destroyed in the blast, and is leaking negatively-charged thaumatic fluid.

The remains of SCP-XXXX-B begin to seep towards one another. They collect on the floor of the chamber, and begin to take on a humanoid shape, and stands. Nanku draws her pistol.]

SCP-XXXX-B: You cannot begin to comprehe—

[Nanku shoots it in the head with her pistol point-blank. Chunks and particles of the entity splatter onto the wall behind it as it collapses. It begins to reform again, slowly rises to stand.]

SCP-XXXX-B: The grand force of chaos, Akapht! You must—

[Nanku fires upon it again, to similar effect. The entity has trouble getting off the ground, and rises to a knee. Its body-language suggests pleading.]

SCP-XXXX-B: [The entity's tertiary voices no longer speak in unison, and discordantly stutter.] Y-y-y-y-y-ou must not kill Ak—

[Nanku sighs, and shoots the entity in the face again. It falls to the ground, and no longer seems capable of repairing the damage to its head.]


[It is interrupted by another round from Nanku's pistol. It thrashes on the ground; its tertiary voices constantly repeat 'Decoy!' in a desperate manner.]

[Nanku fires upon the entity. After a brief period of consideration, she fires upon it a second time, pauses, then proceeds to empty the clip into its body. The entity doesn't move, nor does it speak, and it appears to be lifeless. Nanku approaches the body, and kicks it square in the chest.]

Nanku:This is cause for celebration.**

[Nanku presses a depression on the flesh behind her ear and an audio file begins to play - the 'Victory Fanfare' from the video-game series Final Fantasy, developed by Square-Enix. Nanku proceeds to set-up her Existential-Disruption Field Generator, and activates the device. Feed cuts out immediately upon doing so.]

Afterword: SCP-XXXX effectively neutralized. 0 casualties resulting from the final escaping SCP-XXXX-A instances.


Chernokov radiation

Resonant Timelike Oscillation Generator
shaggydredlocks: You want a transdimensional destabilizing oscillation generator
Scranton-Eamon Existential Disruption Field Generator

Item Number: 3098. You can always change it later, right?

Object Class: Hell if I know.

Special Containment Pr l\e/ ocedures: It was a normal day. I don't recall interacting with anything or anyone odd or of note. No incidents or direct interaction with anomalies for the last six months.

Last thing I remember, I was on my way to work. Around 05:00.

Then I was here. No rhyme or reason. No XcXaXu trigger that I'm aware of. No recommended action. I'll come back to this.

Description: It's dark. Outdoors. There's some stars providing illumination, but I don't recognize a few of these constellations.


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Period: ED IIIa
50,000-10,000 pop.


daily life



  • Lives in Lagash
  • Lagash-disputes with Elamites to the East, Kish to the north.
  • Ningirsu-god of hunting and war. Patron of Lagash
  • Sharur-Ninurta's mace. "smasher of thousands"
  • Conquer Umma.
  • Mesilim (lugal) of Kish
  • Enmebaragesi (lugal) of Lagash



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Special Containment Procedures: