Shard of doctoring

the beast that lurks

I have recently become fascinated with the SCP I am currently monitoring, its behaviour is irritable and seems to hate direct light, what SCP am I talking about? I will answer all.

SCP 3795’s mannerisms
As I have said, this beast is a irritable one and can be easily aggravated just by feeding, since it’s containment it has taken to hiding in the corner of its containment unit and only performing actions at the time of its feeding, it seems to blend into the darkness, however I am unsure if this is just my lack of sleep.

I have regrettably only ever seen glimpses of this monster, and cannot give a full description, however I have seen a tail lash out if I get too close to the glass and when it needs to get it’s meal it extends a long tendril that envelops the meat and drags it over to the corner of the containment unit, where a fluid seems to seep out, as if the monster liquidises it’s prey.

The containment unit was a dark room, however I have convinced the engineers at my facility to install lights, so a partial amount of the containment unit is lit. The doors, however are not locked, as there is no fear that the creature would escape, as it seems to hate the light and avoid it at all costs.

I have recently brought in a test subject-a goat-to see how it would react to living prey, however, to my surprise, the goat came out unscathed, from this I have determined that SCP 3795 is a scavenger, rather than a hunter. I have also planned on illuminating the containment unit fully, however I am certain that it will kill the damned thing.