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All information in this article has been proven to be true through the use of testing, as well as the use of several interviews. All other supposed information regarding SCP-3089 is to be disregarded.

~O5 Council

Item #: SCP-3089

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3089-A is to be kept in a steel safe that is lined with soundproofing. Said safe should be equipped with a microphone, an mp3 player, and a security camera. All three devices are to be remotely connected to a computer in the containment cell's corresponding control room. The recorded audio is then to be distorted and played back to SCP-3089-A using the mp3 player in the safe.

Failure to comply to any steps in this process will result in the manifestation of SCP-3089-C, which will immediately locate and cause mental distress in all instances of SCP-3089-B. The same distorted mp3 files are then to be played back to all instances of SCP-3089-B, as this will release these instances from the spatial anomaly of SCP-3089-C. SCP-3089-C will demanifest shortly after.

Description: SCP-3089-A is a greek terracotta sculpture with similar dimensions to that of an average human head. SCP-3089-A emits songs of the vaporwave genre at seemingly random intervals. The volume of a song will gradually increase until ten human beings have heard and interpreted it. Said humans would then be classified as SCP-3089-B-1 through SCP-3089-B-10. Once all instances of SCP-3089-B have heard the song, SCP-3089-C will materialize and proceed to cause mental distress in each instance. SCP-3089-A's song will cease shortly after.

SCP-3089-C is an amalgamate of several species of fish, mammals, plants, reptiles, insects, and fungi. SCP-3089-C is sentient, and is an adept biped. It takes great pleasure in causing mental distress in instances of SCP-3089-B, via exploitation of known insecurities and mental instability found in said instance. SCP-3089-C is undetectable by all but other instances of SCP-3089-B. SCP-3089-C itself has a subjective existence; it exists only in its victim's mind and is undetectable by others.

SCP-3089-C first shrouds instances of SCP-3089-B in a spatial anomaly that prevents others from seeing instances of SCP-3089-B show any irregular behaviors that deviate from their everyday routine. The instance is seen acting regularly outside the spatial anomaly, but is suffering heavily inside of the spatial anomaly. Only instances of SCP-3089-B are able to detect other instances, as all instances reside in the same spatial anomaly. Occasionally, SCP-3089-C will utilize a temporal anomaly to permanently lock an instance of SCP-3089-B in their deepest regret, although this doesn't occur in all instances. SCP-3089-B instances will not be able to interact with or change anything in their past during this period.

SCP-3089-C will only cease harassing an instance of SCP-3089-B once said instance has either become mentally unstable beyond recovery, or has experienced a heavily distorted version of a song from SCP-3089-A. If the latter is true, the instance will leave without any signs of mental trauma.

Addendum-3089-1: Dr. Smith has volunteered to become an instance of SCP-3089-B for research purposes. He was given a notepad and a pen to record the information above, as all previous instances of SCP-3089-B have failed to retain any information regarding SCP-3089-C.