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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a locked container with three timed consecutive reinforced doors barring the exit. A one-way window is provided to observe SCP-XXXX. A separate room accessed through a different door is provided to control the light levels and the sedative gas emmision into SCP-XXXX's containment room. This room contains the one-way window, and also contains standard firearms, and a telephone to contact other areas of Site 17 in the event of a containment breach or other outside threat.

SCP-XXXX's containment room may only be entered via a physical letter of consent from no fewer than two (2) level-four (4) researchers. Only three trained personnel may enter SCP's XXXX's containment room at a time, and must be wearing approved protection equipment, including one (1) standard issue gas mask, one (1) full suit of protective armor. In the event of a containment breach, sector seven (7) of Site 17 will be closed off via airlock door system, and the SCP-XXXX wing flooded with sedative gas.

Until SCP-XXXX is considered sedated, no attempt to retrieve personnel from sector seven will be made.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large, bipedal, avian creature 5.02 meters in height. Instead of a beak, SCP XXXX posses a flat, humanoid face with small, slanted, black eyes, alongside a wide, thin, mouth filled with a random assortment of incisors and molars. SCP-XXXX posses no beak, and no other facial structures normal to avian life, however, all other aspects of its body are of a typical flightless bird, including short, flightless wings, a round body, and strong and powerful legs. Despite its almost exaggerated size, it moves with great agility, as seen during its initial capture. It has also proven to be extremely hostile, attacking any living thing within it's sight. SCP-XXXX is extremely resistant to damage, especially in the face, legs, and torso. Explosives seem to be somewhat effective at slowing SCP-XXXX down, but so far, concentrated fire at the eyes and mouth have proven most effective at slowing it.

SCP-XXXX is entirely carnivorous, and shows no interest in plant matter when presented with it. SCP-XXXX consumes food in a vicious manner, tearing it apart with it's teeth and stripping off flesh with it's legs. SCP-XXXX does not seem to care if it's prey is live or not. It is still shown to stomp on and screech at it's food be it alive or dead. The reason for this is unknown.

SCP-XXXX, while awake, remains in two main states. One is a persistent state of agitation that takes about five (5) hours to subside after initial activation. When not presented with food or a target of attack, SCP-XXXX will stand completely motionless. SCP-XXXX also has no other holes in which to breathe through other than its mouth, therefore it has been determined that SCP-XXXX stops breathing entirely during this period of time.

An accurate depiction of SCP-XXXX's internal biology has yet to be obtained, due to its aggressive nature, and the limited effectiveness of the sedative gases. Research is ongoing into new sedatives that will effectively render SCP-XXXX harmless. All efforts so far have been unsuccessful, resulting in █ casualties.

SCP-XXXX has not been show capable of communication other than grunts and screeches. It has no discernible intelligence other than the knowledge of how to effectively kill it's prey.

Addendum 1: On 7/28/2███, SCP-XXXX, during a breach of containment, showed signs of communication. After being sedated, it was brought to a containment room and an interview was attempted. The following document contains the results of said interview.

Document XXXX-01 - Interview 01

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. Hanly

Foreword: After its containment breach on 7/28/2███, SCP-XXXX began to speak in what is presumed to be an early dialect of English. Interview attempted approximately 30 minutes after re-containment. Interview done in a similar containment room to the first, however the one-way window originally used was replaced with a thick, impact resistant standard window.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Hanly: SCP-XXXX, please state something about yourself. Your name, anything, really. We heard you speak. Have you been hiding it from us?

SCP-XXXX makes quiet grunting noises, but gives no audible response, though its facial expression changes into an almost aggravated state.
Dr. Hanly: SCP-XXXX, please cooperate. We are authorized to use force, as we did earlier.

SCP-XXXX: (Translated) You do not comprehend that which you view upon…? And yet, you continue to allow me continued existence?

Dr. Hanly: No, we do not necessarily comprehend that which we view. We didn't think you were capable of speech.
SCP-XXXX: I have restrained myself. However I now see that this organization is worthy of knowing my origins, as they may be quite beneficial to your operations.
The research team has fallen entirely silent, unable to think straight.
Dr. Hanly: Please, Elaborate.
SCP-XXXX: You must be interested in my origins, considering that when you captured me I had been roaming the [Data Expunged]. I am, however, of this world. Created by this feeble species that now rules it. For a purpose, too. There was one of your kind who existed nearly ███ cycles ago. This human tampered with things no one should tamper with. The occult. Demonic worship. Cannibalism. Murder. Massacre. Rape. This particular human who stitched me together in that place, far, far below the graves, farther below that even, had gone entirely mad. The monstrosities he created are some of which you have already met. Oh, the monstrosities. Eventually, the human could not contain the horrors what he had created, and they broke free. They terrorized the world. And they birthed more horrors. But as the cycles of the sun and moon continued, their numbers dwindled, and most were never to be seen again. But he, the one who stitched my very essence together, he still lives. Even I don't know where. But he still to this day, I fear, creates more like me, using the poor, poor humans of this world as fuel, and sustenance, and "parts". The poor humans. My poor family, torn to pieces, and stuck in this lump of flesh with me. Forced to eat our own kind for the rest of eternity!!!
<End Log>

Suddenly, three more faces manifest on SCP-XXXX's body. All four faces release piercing screams of varying volumes, and proceed to crash through the window, attacking Dr. Hanly and the research team. Sedatives were once again used, but SCP-XXXX was not fully sedated for ██ hours, causing a mass security breach of Site 17. SCP-XXXX consumed approximately ███ humans during its second contaiment breach, and was only subdued due to its inability to move after eating.

Closing Statement: SCP-XXXX was re-contained and all information garnered from the interview was archived. Researchers █████ and ██████████ identified ██ other sentient SCP's to know of this being described by SCP-XXXX. On 10/25/2███, SCP-XXXX entered a state of unbroken sleep, and its body solidified into an unidentifiable material that has been resistant to all forms of damage.

Addendum 2: SCP-XXXX has been classified as dead as of 4/2/2███. SCP-XXXX's body broke apart and splintered, much like stone. The interior of it's body apparently held no contents other than four malformed bodies, one of which is a man, another a woman, and two young children, one male and one female. All testing with SCP-XXXX has been discontinued.